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The Redland Company Inc.: A Family Business Built on “Can Do” Attitude

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The Redland Company Inc. is a site work contractor headquartered in Homestead, Fla., with proven expertise throughout Florida, primarily operating from Orlando to Key West, and extending to both coasts. A family-owned business that was founded in 1957 by road contractor Charlie Munz, the company has been run since 1971 by his son Charles “Pinky” Munz, the current president and owner.

Today, “Pinky” Munz is joined in the family business by his own son, Chad, who is the general superintendent and vice president of The Redland Company. And the Munz family leads by example, being the first in and last out, promoting an unpretentious, prideful atmosphere where jeans and work boots are an appropriate “business suit.” Operating with a roll-up-your-sleeves, organized, honest attitude, The Redland Company has been delivering reliability throughout infrastructure development projects for almost 55 years.

A Loyal Staff and a Technological Edge

The company, which employs over 200 workers, has made a name for itself in the heavy site development industry as a business that self-performs just about all of its work. This dedication to self-performance provides greater control for The Redland Company over the highway construction, bridge work, commercial site preparation and water/sewer projects on which it is a team player. Construction capabilities include survey, layout, erosion control, clearing, grubbing, drainage, water, sewage construction and beyond. And the company’s 200 workers, or problem solvers as they are best called, are tested and held to the level of quality that clients have come to expect from the company; this level is easy to maintain, however, as the majority of The Redland Company’s loyal staff has been with the business for at least 10 years.

In addition to the distinction of self-performing most of its own work, The Redland Company owns its own fleet of heavy-duty construction equipment (in excess of 100 units), allowing it to evolve with the changing industry landscape. The fact that the company is freed from the necessities of hiring many subcontractors, or renting site work equipment, allows it to work with greater efficiency and pass on savings to its clients.

A portion of the company’s equipment also features an investment in GPS devices, allowing teams to work with unprecedented precision, particularly when completing underwater maneuvers while doing site work on roads bordered by water. While the expense of the GPS devices may be a major reason that many other site contractors have not made this investment, the company has reaped rewards from use of the technology, which has delivered cost-savings to customers in terms of time, energy and accuracy.

A Diversified Client Base/

Through the years, The Redland Company has built a reputation of integrity and value engineering, and this has assured the company is on the shortlist of bidders of a diversified client base, ranging from the Florida Department of Transportation to local municipalities to residential communities and commercial clients. The company’s commercial work has included, for example, several site improvement projects for southern Florida shopping centers featuring Publix Supermarkets as the primary retail anchor, and site work for a Lowes Home Improvement store in Homestead. The Redland Company has also performed site improvement work for medical, energy and emergency response facilities. In the last few years, the company has done less residential work, but has remained financially successful due to the diversity of its clients.

Among The Redland Company’s recent projects is its work on the Rickenbacker Causeway, which connects Miami to Key Biscayne, Fla., and is surrounded by the waters of Biscayne Bay on each side. The company has recently wrapped up a public project involving expanding parking areas, bike paths and beaches to avoid land erosion.

The Redland Company has also recently completed work on the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) in Miami, Fla., for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Other projects include site work for Florida Power & Light’s Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant, the Homestead Motor Speedway, the Chapman School of Business at Florida International University and the South Florida Evaluation & Treatment Center. The Redland Company is currently part of a team involved with the initial phase of construction of a one-mile bridge rerouting traffic in the Everglades as part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan.

Underlying all of The Redland Company’s detail-oriented work is its commitment to core values, including honesty, integrity, hard work, strong organizational skills and pride in one’s work. The company enjoys taking on time-sensitive projects, as that is when the team performs at its best, and everyone in the organization is proud of the fact that it has never had to pay “liquidated damages” on any project. In fact, the company has been awarded bonuses for early completion.

Because the company, as a site work contractor, often comprises the first team of people working on a project, its efficiency often moves the entire job ahead of schedule. And, understanding that time is money, The Redland Company properly assesses each project, caring greatly about being given the opportunity to offer the project owner alternate approaches in order to find the most cost- and time-efficient means to completion.

Led by the professional and ethical vision of “Pinky” Munz, and armed with the talent and skills of a highly loyal team of flexible employees, The Redland Company Inc. is poised to continue its successful central role in the site work industry throughout southern Florida.

Published on: March 13, 2013

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