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TFW Construction/Development, Inc.

Four Generations of Dedicated Family Service

TFW Construction/ Development, Inc. (TFW) is grounded in family ownership and honesty, because that’s the way it’s been for over four generations. When Ted Weeks III founded TFW in 1980 he continued a long line of family tradition, which now rests in the hands of the fourth generation; Ted III’s two sons, Ted Weeks IV and Jeff Weeks, are proud to carry on the family tradition.

“No one works harder or better than family,” says Jeff, fourth-generation COO of TFW. “One thing my father [Ted Weeks III] always told us is you’ve got to be fair. If you do right by your customers it will pay off.” According to Jeff, this has remained  the California-based commercial contractor and developer’s mantra nearly 32 years later.

A Family Legacy

“My grandfather, Ted Sr., established his own business named Ted. F. Weeks & Sons Construction in ThomTFW Construction/Development, Inc.aston, Conn.,” shares Ted III. “He and his 12 sons ran the company in the beginning, but things really started to take off after World War II when the sons returned from war.”

And the family tradition continued. “My father, Ted Weeks Jr., moved to California to start Ted Weeks Jr. Construction; when I founded TFW in 1980, my father actually came to work for me,” continues Ted III. “He stayed with TFW for over 25 years, working as a superintendent in the field and teaching my sons the ins-and-outs of the business.

Although TFW isn’t the same exact company Ted Sr. started in Connecticut, Ted III is proud to say the company stems from this longstanding family history and connection to the construction industry.

“We don’t really believe in titles or designations, officially  Ted IV is the president and Jeff is our COO, but we really all have equal duties,” explains Ted III. “I function more as an overseer now and my goal is to build client relations.”

Diversified in Construction & Development

Although the generation of Weeks’ in charge may have changed, the company’s commitment to honesty, integrity and family remains. TFW is based in Poway, Calif., and operates two locations serving the greater San Diego County area. “Our main focus is anything you can classify as a commercial or industrial building; we do lots of industrial, retail, apartments and Class A offices,” says Jeff. “Aside from building, we also have a development division and we apply a lot of this knowledge to our construction services.”

In addition to boasting generations of experience, TFW continually raises the bar. “We rise above the average general contractor, because we’re also a developer,” continues Ted III. “We work with the design team to develop a desirable product at the most cost-effective price. We have more practical experience in cost-effective building than most general contractors, because as a developer you have to watch costs if you want to be profitable.”

Jeff adds that knowledge in both fields sets TFW apart from others in the area that just focus on construction. “Our approach is pretty different from our competition,” he explains. “We’re much more cost conscious in certain respects, we know how to deal with local jurisdiction and we manage and work with the design team more effectively; this all stems from our background in development.”

In the construction arena, TFW relies on a trusted network of suppliers and subcontractors. “We subcontract 100 percent of our work and it goes well for us, because 90 percent of the companies we deal with are repeat subcontractors,” notes Jeff.

Honest Hard Work

The company’s reputation for honesty and integrity has earned TFW a noteworthy place in the San Diego new construction market. “With the onset of the economic downturn, there hasn’t been nearly as much ground-up construction in this area, but our reputation has always taken care of us,” admits Jeff. “Out of the ground-up projects that are out there, we’re doing a large share of them, because we have a lot of established contacts. It’s important to maintain these relationships but reach for new ones, as well.”

TFW recently wrapped up a commercial project at Pizza Port Brewery (Pizza Port), a local San Diego hot spot. “Pizza Port is a popular brewer here in San Diego,” shares Jeff. “They have three existing locations and this 37,000-square-foot one will be their fourth. We just finished construction about a month ago and they’re now up-and-running for business.”

The company is also nearing completion at the Green Dragon Tavern & Museum. “This spot is not only a restaurant, but also a tavern, museum with a banquet and event center,” reveals Jeff. “It’s modeled after the famous Green Dragon Tavern in Boston where the founding fathers supposedly met in secrete to discuss the revolution. The owner is actually a collector of historical documents and plans to put them on display at the venue.”

Aside from the restaurant scene, TFW is gearing up for the largest single venture YMCA in San Diego County. “We’ve already started the demolition of an existing parking garage, but the entire city block is going to be leveled and built back up,” details Jeff. “This will take about 12 months to buildand the recreation building will be  56,000 square feet with a three story parking garage, swimming pools, and indoor soccer arena once it’s completed.”  Currently TFW has over 400 thousand square feet of industrial buildings under construction in San Diego county.

No matter the project, TFW sticks to its reputation for honest, open book construction and client satisfaction through value engineering. “We’re an open book contractor; we share all of our numbers, every single in-and-out cost with our clients,” explains Jeff. We tell our clients up front want we want for a fee and we don’t charge extra on change orders. I am not aware of any other contractor in town that offers that. It all comes down to being fair with the people you deal with.

Even through the past couple of tough economic years, TFW refuses to cut corners. “We had to diversify and actually look for work, which is something we never had to do before, but we were diligent and followed through with leads,” says Jeff. “We had to think outside of the box, but our trusted reputation also helped us out, because it pays off to be straight forward with customers.”

For over three decades and four generations, TFW Construction Development Inc. has built a name that stands the test of time through honest, hard working family values.

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Published on: November 21, 2013


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