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Strybuc Industries: Manufacturing and Distributing Premium Window and Door Hardware

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The Pierangeli Group Inc. acquired Strybuc Industries in 1982 from founder Bob Strybuc, and the Pennsylvania-based company has been serving customers nationwide for over 30 years. Strybuc Industries continues to grow and expand the company’s operations. Rinaldo J. Pierangeli, president of Strybuc Industries, and James F. Murphy, vice president of the company, are leading the team with confidence.

Strybuc Industries manufactures and distributes window and door hardware from the company’s headquarters in Sharon Hill, Pa., and a second location in Hialeah, Fla. Strybuc Industries boasts a well-respected national geographic footprint, as the company serves thousands of customers across the country. The company is proud to be considered a true wholesale distributor, and therefore the team follows the channels of distribution. The team will refer end users – such as hotels and motels, apartments, condominiums, housing authorities and homeowners – to Strybuc Industries’ dealers and retailers.

Paul Pierangeli, director of marketing for Strybuc Industries, has been promoting the company for over a decade, and also has experience in another sector of the maintenance supply industry. “I worked at, and was part owner, of a national plumbing distribution company,” says Paul. Paul’s 31 years of experience has helped him to build an understanding of the maintenance supply chain, enhancing Strybuc Industries’ capabilities.

Lasting Impressions

Strybuc Industries enjoys an outstanding reputation for order fulfillment within 24 hours at a 98.7-percent fill rate. “As with most companies in the window and door industry, our relationships are a top priority on both the customer and vendor ends,” explains Paul. “We are in the relationship business. Our employees are the key element for our company maintaining its growth. Strybuc has a dedicated, loyal, hard-working and motivated staff.”

The team at Strybuc Industries agrees, as the company has been working with most of the same suppliers for years. It is evident that the leadership at Strybuc Industries is focused on longevity in these partnerships. Whether working with materials and part suppliers, or dealers and retailers, Strybuc Industries believes that integrity and honest relationships are keys to keeping the supply chain uninterrupted.

In addition to the importance of relationships, Strybuc Industries acknowledges the vitality of what the company delivers. The company distributes quality products and services, using state-of-the-art technology and top-of-the-line equipment to produce each product. Strybuc Industries has established a large machine shop for the manufacturing and fabricating of the company’s block and tackle window balances, custom jamb liners, custom KD patio doors and other parts. The company also utilizes a CNC machine, various lathes, as well as a presses and die casting machine, which enable Strybuc Industries to keep a vast amount of items readily available that have been discounted by the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) manufactures over time.

Pristine service and products have ensured Strybuc Industries continued prosperity. And, as the business grows, the team is continually researching new products to offer end users a heightened safety factor.

“We have new products that show major potential in our industry; these include safety items for windows and multipoint systems for doors,” notes Paul. “We’ve added a complete line of Window Opening Control Devices [WOCD] that helps protect against potential falls by children through open windows. The Angel Vent Locks, designed for both single- and double-hung and sliding windows, as well as Truth’s SafeGard limiting device for casement windows.”

A Variety of Mergers

As the economy turns the corner, Strybuc Industries has been strategically acquiring similar businesses to incorporate within the company. “One of our biggest challenges has been incorporating these companies under the Strybuc umbrella,” says Paul. “And, as we grow, space is becoming a commodity, so to streamline such transitions we have turned to technological solutions to organize the business, adding efficiency and cutting costs.”

While acquisitions are never easy, Paul and the team welcome the process of integrating new businesses. “It has been really interesting getting to know the people of these companies,” says Paul. According to Paul, the team has more acquisitions planned for the future as part of the company’s growth plan. “We’re also looking into launching an online commerce portal for our customers,” he notes.

It is evident that Strybuc Industries is always looking for new ways to improve the company. Though the company’s depth and breadth of quality parts already sets Strybuc Industries ahead of the competition, the team will not rest on its laurels. After 30 years of being in the repair parts business, the company has thousands of exclusive products that can only be purchased through Strybuc Industries or the company’s dealers. Such exclusivity ensures Strybuc Industries a unique position, providing window manufacturers an avenue to refer customers to a company that can supply the necessary parts to keep windows and doors operable.

In order to deliver on the company’s promise, Strybuc Industries carries over 85,000 parts in stock for windows and doors. In addition, the company has provided 100,000 more nonstock parts, leading the wholesale window and door hardware distribution industry.

“We’re the national stocking distributor for nearly every OEM provider of hardware to the window and door fabricators,” details Paul. Paul then states that Bob initially had a special relationship with Caldwell Manufacturing Co., and that Strybuc Industries continues with his philosophy today in order to develop these unique vendor relationships. “With the help and guidance of Bob over the years, Strybuc Industries now enjoys many of these special and/or unique vendor relationships,” continues Paul.

Strong leadership over the years allows Strybuc Industries to continue growing, promoting other high-quality products, such as multipoint locking systems for doors, to broaden its capabilities and expand the company’s geographic reach. The business remains focused on quality, selection and safety above all else. Strybuc Industries will continue to provide secure, durable hardware for manufacturers and dealers for a wide range of windows and doors.

Published on: April 1, 2013

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