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In 1978 Harold Shumate began an HVAC company, Shumate Mechanical LLC, in a 3,000-square foot office in Stone Mountain, Ga. Setting a good example of hard work, Harold often performed service work while making sales. With the support of its employees, the company grew quickly and in 1984 moved into a new, 20,000-square foot building in Tucker, Ga. However, Shumate quickly required more space, so five years later the company moved its commercial division and administration department into a separate 20,000-square foot building next door.

Continuing on the same growth trajectory, the company required expansion in its commercial division to include a greater infrastructure for commercial and industrial projects throughout Metro Atlanta, Georgia and the Southeast. This force included engineers, technicians, sheet metal mechanics, pipe fitters and insulators.

By 1997 the company’s success from its exceptional customer service and on-time delivery made it apparent Shumate was ready for a new headquarters. In 1998 the company moved into a brand new, 85,000-square foot building to house its hundreds of employees and vehicles. This building, in Duluth, Ga., currently plays headquarters to 400 employees and 200 company vehicles. And, as Shumate changed over the years, so grew the company’s management. Harold passed the company to his two daughters. Both co-owners, Sandy Shumate currently serves as the company’s president and leads the residential division, while Lisa Shumate acts as vice president and head of commercial business.

Growing through Success

The company is currently licensed in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, Tennessee and Texas. To serve these areas, the company’s main office in Georgia also relies on its satellite offices in North Carolina, Florida and Savannah. Altogether, the company has annual revenue of $80 million.

To support all of the company’s high standards in its numerous locations, the company hatched a sister company, Alliance Supply & Piping, to handle state-of-the-art ductwork fabrication from its office in Lavonia, Ga. Through this sister company, Shumate is able to provide quick response and low prices for its projects.

Beyond the usual air conditioning, heating and HVAC installation services, Shumate is known for its specialization in design-build and geothermal technology. The company offers installation, replacement and service to its clients in the home, business and industrial sectors. Since its foundation, the company has completed more than 250,000 HVAC unit installations.

The company has experience installing all major brands of equipment and backs all of its work with a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Shumate’s comfort advisors help clients design and create HVAC systems to fit any home, building or facility. All of its installers are North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certified, and are thus quite capable and provide high-quality service. Once installation is complete, Shumate performs professional inspections to ensure the equipment is working to its optimal level, and offers 24-hour service in both the commercial and residential markets. To date the company has installed hundreds of thousands of HVAC units.

Shumate prides itself on open and honest communication with its clients. The company promises that living and working environments are healthy, safe and environmentally friendly.

Unmatched Service

Even with its specializations and 30 years in the industry, Shumate noticed the changes in the economy. “With the economy the way it is, you have to be flexible and go after the markets that are most viable, both in residential and commercial,” says Sandy.

Shumate’s residential and commercial divisions are the real breadwinners for the company. As part of its residential services, Shumate offers seasonal and preventive maintenance, as well as energy-efficient designs and products that enhance the indoor air quality of a building or home. Through these products, Shumate can lower heating and cooling bills and make air healthier to breathe.

The company guarantees residential service to its customers within 24 hours. They are available day and night all 365 days of the year. To maintain trust with its clients, Shumate uses flat-rate pricing. That way, clients are never hit with a surprise or extra fee. Additionally, Shumate continues to support its work through preventive maintenance checkups twice a year, before major season changes. They promise a solution for “when it’s too hot to wait … call Shumate.”

On the commercial side of the company, Shumate’s services include construction, system design, installation, service, maintenance, equipment replacement, building automation and process piping. Shumate is the company of choice for many commercial projects based on its understanding of the importance of project schedules and budgets. The company is able to staff, bond and insure projects in excess of $10 million.

To support timely service, Shumate nurtures both in-house expertise and partnerships with subcontractors. “Depending on the volume in our office, we may use some subs, but most of the commercial work is done by employees, and all the residential work is completed in-house,” Lisa explains.

And the company pursues dependable vendors to supply Shumate with its equipment for each commercial job. “We are loyal to our vendors; price does have an impact, but service is most important to us,” Lisa shares.

Some of Shumate’s recent projects include “several of the largest homes in Atlanta and also new construction projects,” says Sandy. “Service and quality are paramount to completing our projects to our customers’ satisfaction.”

Continued work in the residential sector certainly attests to Shumate’s skill in the industry, especially during the recession. Looking toward the future of the economy’s stability, Sandy believes “on the residential side it might not ever be the same, but it has actually made us better for the years to come.”

Since the economy may not be the key to future success for Shumate, Sandy and Lisa are looking to other opportunities to grow. “Green is an issue, so we’ve changed some of our fleet to accommodate that, and geothermal is also getting big,” Lisa shares. At its base the company is extremely knowledgeable and capable in tankless water heaters, critical insulation, programmable thermostats and more methods for conservation.

With the Shumate sisters’ eyes for future opportunities and the company’s long history of success and growth in the region, Shumate Mechanical exemplifies the professional expertise and positive family-run attitude the company will need to continue improving environmental quality and energy efficiency to its ever-increasing clientele.

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