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Rodenberg Diversified LLC

Combining old-school know-how with emerging technologies in pipeline construction and maintenance

Missouri-based Rodenberg Diversified (RD) has established a name in the civil and oil and natural gas construction industry by providing a quality product and service, while taking on projects that others refuse. Headquartered in Carrollton, Missouri, RD manages an accounting office in Independence, Missouri, and a satellite location in Cambridge, Ohio. “We provide all things pipeline including new construction, facility and fabrication work,” says Charles Rodenberg Jr., founder of RD. “We also specialize in maintenance work for major cross-country transporters.”

Rodenberg established RD in 2002 as a small local contractor and began expanding into major projects in 2011. “I’ve worked in the natural gas pipeline construction and maintenance industry for more than a quarter century, which sparked a genuine passion for this industry,” says Rodenberg. “I had the good fortune of learning from my father who started in the industry in the mid ‘50s.”

Rodenberg Diversified LLC

Specializing in natural gas pipeline construction and maintenance, with the experience to handle liquids business as well, RD possesses extensive transportation equipment, which provides flexibility to its project capabilities.

Diversity through expansion

In 2015 RD worked primarily in northern West Virginia. With safety and environmental concerns a top priority, the company has diversified its services and added a steel erection division that performs maintenance for power plant and station facilities.

In an oil-centric world, a trickle-down effect is present when it comes to projects associated with all aspects of the industry. “It’s safe to say that work begets work,” says Rodenberg. “There is a momentum that accompanies the work. There will be project C, which can’t happen until project B is completed, and project B doesn’t make financial sense until project A is finished.”

When measuring the success of a company, the bottom line tends to gauge the pulse for many business owners. He focuses as much on excellence in safety and quality, which translate into respect. “We perform and deliver while aiming to be fair to everyone we do with business with,” he explains. “I want people to be calling me three, five and even 10 years down the road.”

Earning respect remains the big picture for Rodenberg, rather than earning a quick buck. “There are a lot of people in this industry just looking to make some quick money,” he explains. “This is a relatively small industry. You attract the best by being the best.”

More of the same

With the constant evolution and implementation of technology in the construction industry, RD embraces innovative techniques that improve safety and efficiency. While many aspects of the industry continue to be completed by way of methods used for the past 50 years, skilled labor remains an area where RD continuously gains an edge. This is largely due to the company’s technical savviness, which allows RD to tackle projects that exist on tough terrain. “This is a very niche industry, which is one reason a lot of the technology has remained the same,” says Rodenberg. “We definitely keep our eyes open and talk to our peers in the industry. The cream also rises to the top.”

A critical aspect of excellent work is completing it safely for personnel, local citizens and the environment. “There is no need to take shortcuts and chances when you possess the knowledge to perform the work correctly,” says Rodenberg. “There is no shortcut to this knowledge; it can only be gained through field experience and only gained from others that have the proper knowledge themselves.”

As the company grows and gains new opportunities, RD is in the process of exploring new financing options and establishing fresh partnerships with strategic partners. “We have connections with the right companies and bid lists to grow things in a positive fashion,” says Rodenberg. “A lot of people are running around right now unsure of what’s going to happen with the oil industry, but things are beginning to look up since the contraction.”

With old-school know-how and an appreciation for the industry, environment and communities it works in, Rodenberg Diversified LLC has been built on knowledge and experience and will remain a leader in the field of pipeline construction and facility maintenance.

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