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On the Fast Track to Growth in Support of Senior Living Centers

Regent Construction Group (RCG) has been one step ahead of the rapidly expanding senior living market in Texas and throughout the south-central U.S. since 2010. With a team offering cutting-edge, full-service general contracting, RCG has made its mark.

“With an aging population, renovations of older facilities have become a stronger part of the market in an effort to compete,” reveals Darl Chapman, co-founder of RCG. “In addition to helping our customers keep pace with modern standards and recent designs entering the industry, our renovations include supplying amenities, such as theater rooms, country stores, fitness centers and barber shops, ensuring that our clients have the latest and greatest while still maintaining their price point.”

Chapman and co-founders Bob White and Monty Johnson, who together bring more than 60 years of combined experience to the young company, founded RCG in 2010 out of a desire to improve the lifestyle of the area’s aging community. “When we took on this particular mindset, we saw it as a specific opportunity to help seniors and the physically disabled,” shares White.

“Our background is in development, design-build and acquisitions,” adds Chapman. “We left a previous firm, because we felt we had more to provide owners and developers in this industry, not only by providing quality facilities and custom amenities, but also by helping them stay within budget and navigate the difficult state code process.”

Developing Cost-saving Solutions

While RCG delivers the experience of a seasoned contractor in the residential and commercial sectors, including multifamily units, office buildings, industrial, retail and mid-rise apartments, the company is best known for its signature senior living centers, which has been its primary focus for the last decade.

“From independent living to assisted-living, skilled nursing care and memory care; we focus on anything in the senior market,” notes Chapman. “Memory care facilities for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia are a hot topic. Memory care was always tied to assisted-living, but now we see more and more stand-alone facilities.”

Based in Fort Worth, Texas, RCG mainly supports developers and ground-up construction projects within the region; however, other parts of the country are not out of reach. “With all of the people coming into this area, we’re very busy right here, but we have also done projects elsewhere, including North Carolina, Ohio and Tennessee,” details Chapman. “We are willing to travel to other parts of the country.”

From renovations to new construction, RCG works in close collaboration with developers from an early point in a project’s life span to deliver the latest and greatest with an affordable price tag.

“We explain to owners what their competitors will be doing and what designs to implement to keep pace in the market,” explains Chapman. “We also develop a good price point to have a profitable building. Architects and engineering firms typically design something more related to the hospital world, which can inflate cost $10 to $20 more per-square-foot. The senior market is very different due to state codes and regulations.”

Designing and building anything to code presents a challenge for any construction company; however, the rules and regulations for skilled nursing and assisted-living facilities are an entirely different game. It is evident; the veteran contractors knew what they were getting into when they founded RCG in 2010. “That’s what we thrive on: helping owners and developers get their projects up to code in the most cost-effective manner,” adds Chapman.

Well-connected Within the Industry

In Texas, getting nearly any type of senior living facility up to code can be quite a process, because all buildings must be designed and constructed to pass a variety of inspections and receive an initial Texas Department of Aging Disabilities inspection (TDADS) after the city issues a certificate of occupancy.

“When we started out in 1987 in the senior market, we were just beginning to build a network with these local agencies,” explains Chapman. “Over the last four years, RCG has completed more and more successful projects, expanding these relationships with local agencies, and has gained even more respect, which benefits the licensing process. You can have a beautiful building and move the office staff in, but a resident senior cannot step foot in the building without state approval.”

Building up to code has earned RCG not only the trust of state agencies, but also numerous repeat clients. “We just settled on our sixth building for one of our clients, and another larger commercial contractor has asked us to partner with them on a $40 million joint venture in Dallas,” reveals Chapman. “The project consists of four buildings; we will build two, while the other commercial contractor will do the other two.”

RCG has recently broke ground on an Alzheimer’s facility in Cypress, Texas, in addition to several other projects. “Several months ago we commenced the Lake West Assisted Living Center in Dallas, as well as an 80,000-square-foot, 107-unit memory care and assisted-living facility in McKinney, Texas,” cites Chapman.

And there’s no slowing down, according to Chapman, who says RCG is looking to nearly quadruple the company’s revenue since 2010. “We started small, but by building better facilities and relationships, we’ve grown substantially in a short period of time,” Chapman says. “We’re now up to 15 employees and will double that by this summer.” Founded out of the desire to deliver more in senior living, Regent Construction Group continues to grow into a specialized niche, offering trusted general contracting and cost-saving solutions.

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