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Precision Environments Inc.

Building custom-designed environments and clean rooms since 1989

Precision Environments Inc. has been designing, building and servicing controlled environments domestically and internationally since 1989. Located in West Chester, Ohio, Precision Environments creates turnkey solutions for its clients allowing them to efficiently conduct their daily business.

From concept through design, construction and certification, Precision Environments works interactively with each customer to develop a perfect solution for the operational expectations and budget. The company applies the proper mechanical technology for each project to provide environments which maximize operational results and meet the specifications required of the environment.

Designs and installations include structural, architectural, mechanical, electrical, computer control systems, process piping. Virtually any feature or system required for a turnkey design-build installation to the customers custom requirements.

Doug Cooper, president of Precision Environments, originally began in the sales department of a company called Control Solutions. “The owner of Control Solutions came to me and asked if I wanted to be in charge of creating a new division or continue what I was currently doing with the company,” explains Cooper. “I told him I’ll start the new division.”

Precision Environments began without a backlog of work. As the initial employee of the company division, Cooper was presented with the challenge of acquiring clients. Instead of relying on jobs awarded through a bidding process, Precision Environments took the approach of working directly with customers and better understanding their needs and requirements.

When Control Solutions was acquired by another company, Cooper and his Partner Mike Hall approached the parent company with an offer to purchase the Precision Environments division. “We felt that our business models did not match,” says Cooper. “We approached them about buying the division and they agreed.”

At the time Cooper and Hall purchased the division, employees of Precision Environments were faced with the option of staying with the current parent company or venturing out with Precision Environments as its own entity. With no knowledge of the level of success that Precision Environments would reach, every employee chose to stay with the company and follow the lead of Cooper and Hall.

“Our employees had faith that we would be successful and we have all worked toward that goal,” says Cooper. “They have seen the benefits of our success. Our employees are the biggest asset to this company, due to the nature of our business, so we take care of them. We’re a well-seasoned group of professionals who are addressing science-based projects all the time.” The average tenure for a Precision Environments employee is 17 years.

Metrology Labs

Precision Environments has become a major player in the design and construction of metrology labs. Applying the right technology to its clients’ specific laboratory design requirements, the company’s approach integrates their ISO/IEC 17025 accredited certification process and guarantees all metrology labs will meet all government or industry regulatory requirements and specified performance criteria.

With a unique offering, Precision Environments has constructed metrology labs all over the world. “We have a very diverse customer base,” says Cooper. The company’s catalog of satisfied customers includes the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Caterpillar, Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, NASA and the U.S. Armed Forces.

The metrology labs constructed by Precision Environments are designed and built to enhance measurement accuracy and reduce measurement uncertainty due to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which effect accuracy of highly sensitive measuring instrumentation and part pieces. Whether a high-accuracy standards metrology lab or an inspection enclosure, Precision Environments’ approach is custom tailored to the specific needs of each customer.


Precision Cleanrooms, a division of Precision Environments Inc., has been designing and building turnkey modular cleanroom environments since 1989. Looking to expand in adjacent markets, Precision Cleanrooms was established. With offices located in Cincinnati, Baltimore and Boston, Precision Cleanrooms’ services span the entire United States and Canada. The company’s experienced cleanroom construction team influences cleanroom designs through practical application, providing cost-effective design solutions, constructability, energy efficiency and serviceability.

The first step to implementing a high-performance cleanroom environment is planning and budgeting. Precision Cleanrooms’ engineers conduct site visits to understand requirements, identify contamination issues and review site locations for space utilization. The company’s engineers and project managers work interactively with clients to understand and identify the cleanroom needs by identifying process and personnel flow patterns through the production cleanroom suites.

“We see the cleanroom market holding the growth opportunities for the future of the company,” says Cooper, “Our expansion into the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device, other life science and specialized industrial markets is the key to the continued growth in the life of this company. This inspires us as employees to grow along with the company. It is truly an exciting time for the company, during this growth period.”

Cutting-edge technology

Working with global high-profile clients, Precision Environments and Precision Cleanrooms have been involved with state-of-the-art technology. The company has constructed labs which enable the use of cutting-edge technology by industry and governments.

Precision Environments has been involved in projects with Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a division of NASA. “We worked with JPL on a project which involved new generation antennas which will be deployed in outer space,” explains Cooper. “That project was conceived as a method to simulate zero gravity just like in outer space. The purpose was to examine how much vibration occurred with the deploying mechanism as it deploys the antenna in outer space.”

Precision Environments is often involved in highly-classified projects. “Sometimes we work on projects where we are not aware of what the final product is,” says Cooper. “We just know that we have to build to certain requirements.” Cooper says that the unknown, as well as the state-of-the-art technology is what he enjoys about his work. “It’s one of the reasons this business is so much fun,” says Cooper.

The professionals at Precision Environments take pride in the quality of service the company provides. “Everyone in this company is a very high achiever,” says Cooper, “The employees here are all very professional, they’re all great at what they do, and we work as a team to provide our customers with the results that they are looking for and more.”

Progressing into the future, Precision Environments Inc. will remain a leader in the industry of environmentally-controlled environments. The expansion into the cleanroom market with the Precision Cleanrooms division, brings continued growth and excitement to the company.  With 100 percent customer satisfaction as its top priority, Precision Environments Inc. will continue to establish partnerships, with their customers, while using and creating state-of-the-art technology to lead the industry forward.

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