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Pinnacle Environmental Corporation: Delivering the Right Response

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Pinnacle Environmental Corporation (PEC) specializes in providing the appropriate response to all environmental challenges or emergencies in the Tri-State Area and beyond. For 15 years the Carlstadt, N.J.-based company has proven itself capable and ready to take on any assignment, offering precise, safety-conscious, cost-effective solutions on the smallest abatement project to major high-rise buildings or industrial sites. The company operates in New York State, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as nationally for valued clients.

When disaster strikes, society has established emergency agencies such as firemen, policemen, etc. in order to respond and contain the emergency. What is often overlooked is who deals with the office building after the fire has been put out, or the municipal building after the floodwaters have receded. These are the circumstances when PEC demonstrates its expertise by stepping in and dealing with the aftermath. PEC crews are available 24 hours every day, seven days a week and are expertly trained to effectively handle any environmental challenge that a business may face.

PEC was founded in 1997, and has grown to become one of the New York City region’s most respected environmental abatement and demolition firms. Drawing on a century of combined experience among the company’s principals and key personnel, PEC can handle any task or emergency, including asbestos abatement, lead remediation, water restoration, flood damage, drying, document retrieval and smoke damage.

Quick Response to Any Emergency

One of the reasons that the company’s clients have recognized PEC as a premier abatement and demolition firms is the rapidity with which PEC can respond to requests. The company establishes clear-cut, efficient lines of communication both within the organization and with clients. State-of-the-art management information systems enable expedited project schedules and for projects to stay within time and budget constraints, while addressing all issues with haste. For example, an emergency in NYC exemplifies a typical PEC response. Details, obtained from a press release on the company’s website, follow:

“A high‐rise building in New York was without power after water from a torrential rain storm leaked into the transformer room of the building. The initial leakage occurred in an underground Con Edison equipment vault adjacent to the building, causing water to flow into the conduits feeding the main electrical service room in the building’s basement level …

“While Con Edison personnel were inspecting the transformer room, the water in the room caused minor explosions that set off a fire. The N.Y. Fire Department was notified of a fire in the building at 9:26 p.m. For nearly five hours, 60 firemen battled the fire through smoke and elevated levels of carbon monoxide to bring the fire under control.

“As a result of the fire, power to all 52 floors of the building was lost and smoke damage caused the owner of the building to require all tenants to relocate. The two Con Edison workers were unharmed in the fire and the fire was contained in the transformer room. Further complications were created by the asbestos fireproofing in the transformer room, and immediate asbestos abatement was required.”

InStar Disaster & Restoration immediately hired PEC’s team of professionals to take over the remediation. PEC had employees on the site that same day and tripled the workforce the following day, assembling a team of 100 personnel working two 12-hour shifts. Within an additional two days, the company’s team had inflated to 500 personnel working around the clock. During the restoration process, PEC’s team also submitted emergency notifications to the NYC DEP and was subsequently permitted to perform asbestos abatement. With crews working 24/7 PEC’s team had the building completely restored and re-opened for operations in an impressive 16 days.

Repeat Business Key to Success

Customer service is taken very seriously at PEC. Paul O’Brien, founder and president of PEC, works relentlessly to build relationships with his clients. His efforts are evident through PEC’s significant number of repeat and referral clients, which makes up over 75 percent of the company’s pipeline. Household names such as Columbia University, the NYC Transit Authority and the New York Stock Exchange are all dedicated clients, as are dozens of city authorities, financiers, hospitality groups, educational institutions and other major corporate organizations. “I’m extremely grateful for the repeat business that we get. It speaks volumes when your client continuously asks you to rebid on new projects,” says O’Brien.

O’Brien reveals that PEC’s strong capabilities of establishing relationships has helped the company survive the economic downturn. “PEC has always done a mixture of public and private work, and in the public there’s a long prequalification process. PEC is familiar with this process and with the heads of the agencies that are conducting them, and that has definitely helped us throughout this recession. They know me and my firm, and know that we’re going to do the best job possible for them.”

PEC is assisted in providing its wealth of specialized services by a dedicated, decorated team. Senior operating managers and project managers, including Richie Doran, Kevin Moriarty, John Tancredi, Joe Patrick and Ray Kinsella are deeply experienced in the abatement industry, and assure that PEC is a premier 24/7 emergency response company. PEC is not only called upon when there’s an emergency situation to manage. The United Nations building in lower Manhattan has undergone its first major renovation since its construction over 60 years ago. PEC was tapped to construct an innovative scaffold that could encompass the length and breadth of the building.

In a region of the country that is crawling with outstanding competitors, PEC is a company of experienced environmental professionals and has become well known for adding value engineering to an already comprehensive services list. Pinnacle Environmental Corporation’s ability to rapidly respond and effectively deal with any environmental abatement will continue to bring success to both the company and the region.

Published on: March 10, 2013

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