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Raising Standards Through Diversified Service
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Petrochem Insulation Inc. (Petrochem) has provided expert teams of insulators for all areas of industrial and commercial applications for almost 40 years. The California-based maintenance and construction firm services a broad range of clients, including refineries, wineries, power plants and food processors. In addition to insulation services, Petrochem offers an impressive range of diversified capabilities, including scaffolding, fireproofing, abatement, metal buildings, siding, roofing, painting and coatings.

Petrochem was founded in 1974 in Northern California, with the company’s first clients primarily being refineries and chemical plants, many of which remain clients to this day. The Arctic Slope Regional Corporation (ASRC), an Alaska Native corporation with annual revenues of approximately $2.6 billion, acquired Petrochem in 2009. ASRC’s subsidiary company, ASRC Energy Services, now functions as Petrochem’s direct corporate parent.

Petrochem’s association with ASRC has helped the company expand its capability to perform larger and more complex projects, as well as to invest in systems and processes that improve cost effectiveness and enhance both safety and quality. With the backing of ASRC, Petrochem has built its safety program into one that has gained national recognition.
In 2012 Petrochem had a 26-percent reduction in its Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR). Additionally, as an ASRC company Petrochem is a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), thus providing existing and future clients with the opportunity to fulfill their MBE goals by employing a proven nationwide contractor.

A Focus on Safety

Petrochem operates in complex and congested industrial work sites that require a unique concentration on safety. Such fast-moving work environments have prompted Petrochem to make safety not only a focus, but also a core part of company culture.

The team at Petrochem consistently goes above and beyond the standard safety requirements of the environments in which the firm works. Petrochem is often the leading example to other contractors for making safety a personal responsibility, impressing on employees the following mindset: “You see it, you own it.”

This mentality is not limited to field employees; rather, it begins in the executive offices. Bill Wright, CEO of Petrochem, was recently recognized in Safety & Health Magazine as a CEO Who Gets It. Bill was one of only eight CEOs selected for this annual honor. Petrochem’s executive-level commitment to make a safe work environment of paramount importance has successfully saturated every level of the company.

Superior Service

High quality ratings and services are due to Petrochem’s highly capable team. Brian Benson, vice president of marketing and business development for Petrochem, joined the team 18 years ago. “I was asked to join the company to help establish a nationwide marketing and business development program, as well as to develop the professional sales organization needed to expand Petrochem’s services to encompass scaffolding, metal buildings, paintings and coatings,” says Benson.

Petrochem provides maintenance and construction services to many of the country’s leading industrial and commercial companies. The company has the experience necessary to complete insulation and scaffolding projects of nearly any size and complexity anywhere in the country. The firm provides insulation for everything from high-temperature processes in petroleum refineries to moisture-resistant applications in refrigeration systems. Petrochem also installs scaffolding for daily maintenance and/or capital projects, and it offers cost-effective asbestos abatement services.

The craftsmen and craftswomen at Petrochem are all multitalented and trained in a variety of services. “Our people are trained in multiple skill areas,” explains Benson. “This allows us to bring in one crew that does it all. Part of what also sets us apart from our competitors is the longevity we have with our employees. The average tenure of Petrochem field employees is approximately five years, which is significantly higher than the industry average. This increases productivity and cuts labor costs for our customers.”

As Petrochem’s workload and project size have increased, the firm has expanded its use of qualified subcontractors and vendors. By sustaining long-term, trusted relationships with suppliers and vendors, Petrochem is able to pass on the best possible prices to clients; this further substantiates the value Petrochem brings to projects. “Relationships are an integral part of the business,” shares Benson. “This aspect is a significant part of what drives Petrochem, from both the vendor and client sides.”

As Petrochem rapidly approaches its 40-year anniversary, Benson foresees a bright future for the firm. “We’re anticipating growth and expansion, especially in our scaffolding and metal structures divisions,” Benson says. “Last year, the company exceeded its growth projections and achieved the best sales year in its history.”

Benson sees no signs of slowing down. “We will continue to grow by providing high-quality, high-value services to our existing clients, while introducing ourselves to new companies and showing them that our commitment to safety, quality and service is unrivaled.” Petrochem Insulation Inc. will continue to thrive off strong customer relations and the diversification of services.

Published on: April 25, 2013


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