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Nu-Recycling Technology Inc.

Innovative waste management and recycling for cleaner, greener cities

Nu-Recycling Technology Inc. is working to address the need for efficient trash and recycling sorting, composting systems and odor control in major cities and tight spaces. With roots in greater Chicagoland, Nu-Recycling has grown to serve global facilities as far away as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, by designing and installing innovative, long-lasting product lines for a cleaner, healthier environment.

With the pressure from state and local government authorities on facility owners to be more environmentally conscious, Nu-Recycling offers a low-cost, low-maintenance solution with the NuReTec (NRT) System for innovative waste management solutions.

Nu-Recycling Technology Inc.

One factor that sets Nu-Recycling apart from others in the business is the company’s recycling and odor control units, which are customized for individual site specs. “We’re the only ones in this industry who do custom recycling systems design; most of our competitors are off the shelf and if the product doesn’t fit, it doesn’t fit. We’ll custom design a system for nearly any type of building,” says YaVonne Weckel, vice president of engineering for Nu-Recycling and the founder’s daughter.

Nu-Recycling is especially equipped to suit high-and mid-rise facilities in tight urban areas that don’t allow for a lot of space. “Our unique systems greatly reduce the effort of sorting recyclables and transform high-rise buildings into efficient and effective recycling centers for all residents,” says YaVonne.

A quarter century later

Nu-Recycling was established by Howard Perrine 25 years ago. Today, YaVonne and her husband, Don Weckel, vice president of Nu-Recycling, help run the company. Nu-Recycling takes great pride in this family ownership and in the way it has built repeat business. “We have 10 employees and we work with some manufacturers and nationwide distributors,” says YaVonne. “We provide design assistance to architects, owners, contractors and land-based businesses to help meet their special requirements. My father started the business in 1991 and the very first unit he installed in Chicago is still in operation and has had zero complications — that itself speaks to the quality of our systems and their longevity.”

All-natural treatment and cleaning solutions

While the majority of Nu-Recycling’s work is related to trash compaction and recycling equipment, the business also has a large stake in all-natural odor control and trash shoot cleaning. “We offer odor control management for indoor and outdoor facilities, such as waste water treatment plants and landfills in greater Chicago and parts of Indiana and Wisconsin,” says YaVonne. “Everything we do is green related. Our organic odor control is done with the use of essential oils and plant extracts.”

Nu-Recycling also offers trash shoot cleaning as part of the NuReTec 8000 Probiotic line, using microbes that eat up the trash and then, themselves. Using the programmable Bio-Logic pump and specially formulated Bio-Logic Cleaner, the NRT8000 automatically dispenses just enough solution to coat the chute walls once a week with a good bacterial agent that rids the chute of organic buildup and significantly reduces odor. “All of this can be rinsed down the drain because it is 100 percent biodegradable,” says YaVonne.

LEEDing recycling systems

The NRT 3000 recycling line is one of Nu-Recycling’s most popular as it is one of the most versatile and efficient recycling systems by design and function. This line is available in both bi- and tri-sorter machinery.

These systems help facilities looking to attain various levels of LEED certification earn points. “Our systems help build LEED credits, first and foremost for the recycling component, but also for the low energy usage and longevity of the system,” explains YaVonne. “Our systems run on 24-volt DC power, which consumes little energy. Even through a power outage, the system can continue to run off battery DC power.”

Nu-Recycling’s systems earn energy and atmosphere credits by promoting better building energy performance, as well as materials and resources credits by encouraging sustainable building materials while reducing waste.

Growing in popularity and demand, Nu-Recycling’s units can now be found around the world from Qatar to Dubai. “We’re now shipping more units globally,” says YaVonne. “We installed 46 units at the Princess Nora Women’s College in Saudi Arabia and we’re also in the newest and largest Hospital in Chicago, the Northwest Outpatient Building.”

Colleges, universities and hospitality customers, such as restaurants, are also calling on Nu-Recycling to fill their waste management needs. “Composting is growing in the restaurant market; it’s even required on the West Coast to cut down on landfill waste,” says YaVonne. “We recently installed a unit right underneath a second-floor restaurant near their kitchen, which helps make day-to-day recycling and composting much easier.”

With a growing global population, innovative solutions to waste management are no longer an option, but a necessity, to ensure a healthy environment for generations to come. Nu-Recycling Technology Inc. is helping facilities of all shapes and sizes take a step in the right direction with low-cost, low-maintenance recycling and waste management solutions.

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