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Next Day Dumpsters: Offering Service-oriented Roll-off Dumpster Solutions

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Next Day Dumpsters (NDD) is a locally owned and operated dumpster rental service operating out of headquarters in Rockville, Md. NDD provides dumpster rental services to homeowners, contractors and businesses across Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington, D.C., with plans to expand around the country. “We work out of one main office and three lots around the area where we store our dumpsters,” says Matt Owings, owner and president of NDD. “We have four trucks that operate in and out of the lots, moving our rentals to and from job sites.”

NDD is also a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as other local building industry associations, only enhancing the team’s capabilities. In some aspects, NDD is not so different from larger waste receptacle rental outfits. The company provides delivery and removal of dumpsters for construction and clean-out projects of varying sizes.

“Our customers call us up and request however many dumpsters they need for a project,” says Owings. “We dispatch a truck and deliver it to the site, they fill it up, call us, and we pick it up and dispose of the waste.” The company provides next-day delivery, as long as the team receives the request by noon the day before. “Many times we can get it there the same day,” says Owings.

Working on a Smaller Scale

NDD specializes in small- to medium-sized projects. “That’s the nature of the beast,” says Owings. “With a larger company, they want projects where there are 50 to 60 dumpsters at a time. They set it up and then they’re done. With a smaller project where you only have one or two, the process is more involved.” NDD does not require customers to set up an account. “We take a credit card up front,” says Owings. The customer service end of the business is both simple and friendly, helping operations run more smoothly on site.

Most of NDD’s customers are smaller-scale contractors, homeowners or, as Owings says, weekend do-it-yourselfers. No matter what the project may be, the NDD team is happy to help. “They’re doing things like home renovations and roofing projects,” explains Owings. “On a smaller project, everything is more tightly managed. There’s more tracking and more assistance extended on our end. We want to talk to our customers and help them out, so it’s important that every day we offer the absolute best customer service.

The company’s services do run at a higher price rate than the larger competition, making customer service crucial to the business. “People love our service,” says Owings. “We’re helpful, we have clean trucks, and we deliver the next day as promised. While we are not the cheapest dumpster company, our prices are competitive.”

Sustained Growth

Owings’ company is growing steadily and he plans to continue expanding NDD’s geographic footprint. “We’ve been very fortunate,” he says. “We’ve developed a solid niche and, because of that, the recession hasn’t hit us as hard as other dumpster companies. We don’t rely entirely on the construction industry so we’ve managed to stay busy.” Both good customer and partner relationships keep referrals and repeat business coming in, in addition to new customers. “We recently celebrated reaching 5,000 customers,” says Owings, adding with a smile, “Actually we’re getting pretty close to 6,000 now.

“Through that our customer base is reaching out and we have a presence in places like Raleigh, Richmond and Denver,” continues Owings. “We want to get our dumpsters in other parts of the country. We don’t have any franchises yet, but that may be the direction we go in sometime down the road. We’re working on creating a national brand. What that looks like or how it operates is still in the infancy stages, but we have a good base.”

To help build a national presence, Owings is pushing some strategic marketing. “We have a very good online presence,” he says. “And people know our trucks.” Still, the difference comes down to service. While the company’s niche remains rentals for small-to medium-projects, many larger contractors seek NDD’s services on large sites because the communication is better.

The company’s strategic partnerships have allowed NDD to expand its service area quickly and, because of the volume, the team is able to offer competitive pricing. “That’s part of our business strategy,” explains Owings. “Those relationships are critical for us and help us to increase our capacity while still filling the needs of our customers.”

NDD’s connections to local and national networks have played a key role in development, as well. However, staying small has also helped the team provide top-of-the-line service. “Working locally means there’s less hassle and better service,” Owings reinforces. The sales team keeps terms and rates simple and clear, so customers have no surprises at the end of a project. Next Day Dumpster has constructed a solid niche in the construction services market, growing as a business and as a leader in quality customer service.

Published on: March 15, 2013

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