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An Out-of-the-box Approach to Optimization through Diversified, Sustainable Service

Before founding Momentum, an integrated national design-build firm, in 2004 Jim Haack acquired many years of industry experience. “First, I received my bachelor’s of Fine Arts from Washington University,” recalls Haack, president and founder of Momentum. “Then I decided I wanted a more practical, real world approach to making things so I went on to earn my Masters in Architecture. I trained as an architect for over 12 years before establishing Momentum.”

Nearly a decade ago, Haack started the Seattle-based firm, steadily growing the company into a nationally recognized designer, consultant and leader in the green design field. “By combining our diversified talents, from planning and design to construction management, I sought to establish a company that had an open, transparent report from strategy to realization,” shares Haack “Our process is client-driven, backed by industry-leading experience.”

Today Momentum operates on a national level from main offices in Seattle and Pittsburg with a professional team of 20 individuals. “Although we’re a national company, we have the mentality and personal attention of a small business,” reveals Haack. “We’re very focused on hiring locally in each region, working with nonprofits, building sustainably and corporate responsibility.”

Responsible Building

From hiring local subcontractors to LEED certification, Momentum is dedicated to responsible practices. “We self perform our project and field management in-house,” says Haack. “But, when we need subcontractors we use local crews because we want the money to be spent in the community we’re working in.”

The company strives to create a better environment for clients, families and friends as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council. “Our project team members are all LEED Accredited professionals, but we don’t just adopt this philosophy only at work,” notes Haack. “We live this way in our daily lives. We take mindful steps to reduce our footprint, such as encouraging all employees to use the bus by paying monthly transit fees. A few employees bike to work every day as well.”

More often than not, Momentum is upholding environmental responsibility by building to LEED standards. “70 percent of our projects are LEED-certified,” details Haack. “Green building is no longer a fad. We’re starting to see local codes that are on par with LEED standards.”

Momentum works with a variety of small credit unions throughout the country. The company has several recent LEED Silver accredited projects, including the 3Rivers Federal Credit Union (FCU) West Jefferson Branch, 3Rivers FCU Dupont Branch, the 3Rivers FCU Harrison Square Branch in Fort Wayne, Ind., and many more in the works.

A Unique, Holistic Approach

The Momentum approach not only focuses on sustainable building, but also on a client’s company culture. “We offer our customers a unique opportunity to be involved in shaping the strategic direction of their facilities,” explains Haack. “We’ve developed a process that evaluates productivity from a long-term perspective, from space management to the way employees work with each other, because success is much more than a single building.”

Momentum’s suit of strategic services empowers financial institutions to make more research-based decisions. From a single credit union branch, to a full network, Momentum delivers optimization. The company provides site, market, network and branch growth analysis, identifying critical data to determine opportunities and ideal locations.

From location analysis to providing design solutions that improve the way clients communicate, collaborate and deliver products and services, Momentum offers full operations planning and support. Some of these services include, space usage, natural lighting, reduced office waste. Momentum steps in to assist in streamlining any operation, bringing it to its fullest potential.

Haack admits offering diversified support has allowed Momentum to survive during the recession. “Since the majority of our clients are credit unions, we weren’t affected too badly by the economy,” he says. “Credit unions invest locally, making them less susceptible to the recession on a national level. In 2008, we saw a slight reduction in business, but fortunately, we didn’t have to lay anyone off; we’ve actually grown every year since.”

Relying on repeat business and clients that trust Momentum’s unique approach has been another major factor. “Most of our business is 60 to 70 percent repeat customers,” shares Haack. “We work hard to maintain relationships by providing good quality work on time and thinking of our clients as partners. When we invest in each other -that’s what demonstrates loyalty.” Haack and his skilled team at Momentum continue to help businesses optimize their facilities, from a responsible, sustainable building to intricate ins and outs of an operation.

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