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The Micar Company

Custom Fabrication in the Mid West

The Micar Company has been family-owned and -operated since it was founded in 1987. Located in Decatur, Illinois, Micar is a premier industrial and commercial contractor specializing in custom sheet metal fabrication.

 Dan Cantrell, president of Micar, joined the business in 2004. Cantrell began working in the construction business when he was 18. Fresh out of school and in search of work, he took a job as a laborer with a construction company. “I was just a young kid who needed a job,” states Cantrell. “That was 30 years ago.”

 Over the years, Cantrell worked his way into leadership and owns Micar with three silent partners.

Micar works with more than 100 companies in the Midwest. Regular clients include Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and Caterpillar. Cantrell feels his company’s well-established niche along with very quick turn-around time sets his team apart from the competition. “We do a lot of in-house design as well as fabrication,” Cantrell explains. “If it’s steel, we can build it.”

Micar works with all types of steel, including stainless, carbon and galvanized. Not only is Micar capable of custom building anything steel, the company will also coat, paint and install the finished product for commercial or industrial applications. Some examples of custom work the company has done are grain elevator head sections and legs, stairways and platforms of all shapes and sizes, as well conveyor systems.

Measuring success

Cantrell takes pride in the company’s quick response time. “If a customer calls us we’re right there,” explains Cantrell. “I strive on the philosophy of being there immediately once you get that call. Our quality of work creates our repeat customers.”

Cantrell claims that Micar is fortunate to have a team of high quality employees. “I can honestly say that most of our workers enjoy doing what they do.” Cantrell elaborates. “Any of our employees that have two or more years experience with us are multi-crafted.” His associates offer experience and expertise, important assets.

Over the years, Cantrell has been involved in all aspects of the industry and performs many roles at Micar. While he runs the day-to-day operations, he is still a welder, iron worker and a fabricator. “I could be working out in the field hanging iron on a job site one weekk, and then could be in the fabrication shop the next week,” explains Cantrell. “We all have to pull together when we have a big project.”

A few years ago, Micar was operating with 150 employees. Cantrell has expressed that a tighter team atmosphere and management strategy yields quicker and more effective results. Currently the company has trimmed down to a staff of 45. “I prefer to work with a smaller group,” says Cantrell. “We create a tighter niche together, it’s easier to manage and the project sees a quicker turn-around time because of it.”

Other Services

When searching for daily motivation and inspiration, Cantrell claims that variety is a key aspect of the day-to-day operations at Micar. “We’re not really a mass producer of any one thing.” claims Cantrell. “It’s something different all the time.”

Iron work and pipe fitting are two of the many services provided by Cantrell and his team. The business offers drafting and design services, process piping fabrication and installation, and bridge restoration.

Commercial and industrial projects are completed quickly and with the highest quality standards. From the company’s headquarters in Illinois, Micar employees travel all over the country to handle commercial and industrial projects.

With the high cost of insurance in the workplace, every business addresses the importance and value of safety. The accident prevention program at Micar includes formal safety training, inspections, audits and formal reporting Safety goes far beyond simple compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements.

“The safety of all employees involved is essential to the successful completion of every project we undertake,” states Cantrell. The company’s safety record is a testament to the level of importance it places on maintaining a safe working environment. This attention to potential hazards, coupled with a reputation for quality work, creates lasting relationships with repeat customers.

Looking at the future, Cantrell is planning to continue to concentrate on the specialization of all types of welding and on the expansion of the custom sheet metal fabrication aspect of the business. As the team expands its capabilities, The Micar Company will continue to stand out as a leader in metal work throughout the Midwest.

Published on: July 10, 2015

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