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MHS Legacy Group Inc.: Building Great People Who Generate Great Products and Services

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MHS Legacy Group Inc. (MHS Legacy) is a diversified national holding company committed to creating a legacy through people-focused leadership and disciplined operational strategies. With a rich history dating back to 1985, the St. Louis success story recognizes the importance in supporting and inspiring all involved. According to MHS Legacy’s website, the holding company’s purpose is to lead, guide and educate its team members. MHS Legacy achieves its goal of building great people who generate great products and services through infusing the company’s mission within all six subsidiaries.

RSS Roofing Services & Solutions LLC (RSS), Spec-Rite Designs LLC (Spec-Rite Designs), ISS Insulation Services & Solutions LLC (ISS), StructSure Scaffold LLC (StructSure Scaffold), IWR Building Systems LLC (IWR) and Ci Metal Fabrication LLC (Ci Metal) comprise MHS Legacy’s subsidiary companies. Combined, the subsidiaries are able to provide a broad spectrum of services for the commercial and industrial industries, including commercial and industrial roofing and sheet metal, as well as custom interior furnishings, custom metal fabrication, industrial scaffolding, mechanical insulating contracting and industrial walls and roofs.

“MHS Legacy is proud to say that all of our subsidiary companies believe in hard work, tradition, efficiency, being environmentally friendly and a fundamental belief in our employees,” says Walt Hatfield, president and CEO of MHS Legacy. “We believe you can only achieve best-of-class-performance when the individual genuinely volunteers their heart and mind to their role as a result of engaging their natural abilities and passions.”

Proudly noted on the parent company’s website, MHS Legacy guides each subsidiary through a trust management process, which allows the company to cut through layers of bureaucracy to create a common goal. By unleashing MHS Legacy’s subsidiaries, each member is better able to focus individual attention toward the customer and their needs.

Subsidiaries with a Purpose

MHS Legacy truly believes in its people’s ability to accomplish “unbelievable things.” MHS Legacy implements educational tools, providing a platform for conversation, engagement, authenticity, transparency and above all, trust. “We know we cannot make an individual passionate about work,” MHS Legacy’s website states, “we can offer them an environment of trust and appreciation.”

Each subsidiary is proud to embrace MHS Legacy’s positive mindset in addition to providing high-quality products and services to their respective client base. In order for MHS Legacy to share its wealth of knowledge and genuine precision, the holding company maintains the ability to satisfy a wide market range.

MHS Legacy’s RSS specializes in the challenging projects others shy away from. The RSS team has proven itself a leader in the roofing industry, while upholding its commitment to integrity, reliability and excellent service. The RSS team’s capabilities include the installation of roofing projects for industrial plants, schools, churches, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers and banks, to name a few; RSS is ready to tackle any challenge.

Continuing the holding company’s trend of industry-leading subsidiaries, Spec-Rite Designs is a global distributor, manufacturer and designer of phenolic furnishings. Leading the industry since 1995, Spec-Rite Designs is comprised of experienced estimators, engineers, designers and fabricators who offer both standard and customized options that exceed the criteria of architects and designers around the world. Spec-Rite Designs’ precise CNC technology and digital imaging allow for matchless design customization.

Because insulation plays an integral role in the efficiency, fire safety and environmental impact of commercial facilities, MHS Legacy maintains the importance of its ISS team. ISS understands the significance of its role within MHS Legacy’s umbrella, and therefore provides turnkey insulation, fireproofing and sheet metal lagging services for clients worldwide while endorsing its reputation for providing projects on time and on budget, no matter the size or scope.

StructSure Scaffold was founded in the early ’80s to provide additional support to MHS Legacy’s insulation company, ISS. Continual requests from clients to erect scaffold led StructSure Scaffold to embark on its own endeavor, priding itself on the clear advantage of “one call solutions.” StructSure Scaffold is proud to note that by eliminating layers of overhead, the team is able to focus on assisting plant contractors work through scheduled outages with the highest level of productivity utilizing its “one call” mantra. StructSure Scaffold works to ensure safety, efficiency and technical expertise, which is only enhanced through the company’s membership with the Scaffold Industry Association.

Sustainable leadership has guided IWR since the mid-1940s, which MHS Legacy is proud to enhance. Now priding itself on its ranking as one of the United States’ longest-standing specialty contractors, IWR’s goal is to remain a true partner through a project’s entire construction process by adhering to its three core principles: offer knowledgeable solutions, be accessible and build relationships. IWR’s website affirms the company’s encouragement of innovation and professionalism within all facets of the organization. Additionally, IWR’s utilization of its affiliate companies enables the team to provide a wide range of specialty contracting services for a building, from the outside, in.

Concluding MHS Legacy’s array of successful subsidiaries is Louisiana-based Ci Metal, which has been providing custom-built products to the industrial market for over 40 years. Yet another nationally recognized leader on MHS Legacy’s roster, Ci Metal provides extensive experience working with the power generation, pulp and paper, chemical, as well as automotive industries. The Ci Metal team works with metals utilizing state-of-the-art equipment while also meeting precise specifications in presswork, power forming, welding, cutting, as well as shearing. Ci Metal’s aim to meet – or rather, exceed – customers’ needs is what has achieved the company its status as a national leader of custom industrial metal fabrication.

“We believe that client satisfaction is paramount to our longevity,” says Hatfield. “Whether it is our roofing team repairing roofs or our special project division working to clean up after natural disasters, the Spec-Rite Designs team bringing innovation and ground-breaking design to phenolic fabrication or the IWR team utilizing revolutionary products for exterior wall enclosures, we let nothing stand in the way of ensuring we achieve client satisfaction on every project we perform.”

Beyond the Fence

Though a collection of the nation’s best, MHS Legacy and its subsidiaries are anything but self-interested. The collective MHS Legacy team is committed to building and thriving as a healthy business by improving the quality of life and enhancing the communities in which the companies serve, individually and communally. In order to fulfill this objective, MHS Legacy supports organizations and programs that foster community growth by helping youth and families alike. The company’s active volunteer participation, as well as financial contributions, supports the communities’ organizations.

Additionally, MHS Legacy is committed to offering solutions that make a difference in the companies’ footprint-reduction goals. Promoting environment and sustainability awareness at all levels, the united team shapes and forms product offerings to the highest level. “Together,” MHS Legacy’s website reads, “we can grow the company and help our communities meet their needs while reducing our overall environmental impact.”

The company’s website also outlines MHS Legacy’s 2016 sustainability goals, which are aimed toward minimizing the impact of daily operations and services on the environment. MHS Legacy’s goals include: optimizing waste management strategies to promote waste reduction and expand MHS Legacy’s reduce-reuse-recycle program; promoting energy efficiency in daily operations; ensuring each member of the organization is aware of the environmental impacts of the respective work activities; and considering the environment and economic aspects during the selection of MHS Legacy’s products.

“We awake everyday admiring and thanking God for His marvelous creation of the Earth we inhabit,” Hatfield expresses on the company’s website. “Our honor to Him is to respect it and cherish it while challenging ourselves to protect it from irresponsible acts of the human being.”

In MHS Legacy’s 117th year of success, Hatfield foresees constant, steady growth. “This could potentially have been our best year ever,” he says of 2012. “We have become laser-focused on operational excellence by holding everyone accountable to a world-class standard of service that results in a better-than-average net profit for our operations.” With Hatfield at the helm, MHS Legacy Group Inc. will continue to endorse it’s multitude of talent through leading, guiding and educating.

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Published on: June 29, 2013

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