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Building Strong Foundations with Integrity
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MGB Construction Inc. (MGB) set out over 30 years ago with the goal of providing high-quality pavement construction services. Today MGB packs a triple punch by remaining a family-owned, employee-owned and woman-owned business, demonstrating a truly united team of professionals who take pride in each MGB success. Above all, MGB strives to do business with transparency, honesty and respect in the hopes of turning every customer into a lifelong client.

“We’re both a family-owned and employee-owned company, which we believe makes us a very loyal and quality-oriented operation,” asserts Emily Beach, CEO and majority owner of MGB. The company calls the city of Riverside, Calif., home, though the MGB team works with clients across the state. Roughly 15 professionals make up MGB’s core team. When work calls for extra manpower, the team reaches out to a network of contacts across the state to supply the kind of experienced labor that MGB employees take pride in providing.

Clients look to MGB’s experienced crews for the gamut of concrete, asphalt and striping services. The company provides concrete services for structural concrete, foundations, concrete slabs, stamped concrete, curbing, and water flow design services, which divert water away from forming standing pools on flat surfaces and toward storm drains and sewers. MGB also provides the gamut of asphalt grading and paving services including grinding, seal coating, overlays, patching and crack filling, as well as specialties like asphalt slurry coating. MGB provides slurry coating for all three aggregate sizes to rejuvenate asphalt paving that is suffering from hairline cracks or major surface loss.

MGB crews also provide clients with a one-stop shop for striping and pavement-related traffic control devices. MGB will install bollards to limit access and speed bumps to help enforce speed limits, and will take care of the necessary striping, signage and ramp installations to keep a facility or lot in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.

Building Solid Ground

The company focused primarily on private-sector work for its first decade, but the team is already taking steps to expand into the public sector as well. “MGB is currently in the process of pursuing certification as a Women’s Business, which will help supplement our private-sector work,” adds Beach. The certification helps MGB compete in the public sector, where projects often carry a minimum quota for minority-owned business enterprise (MBE) participation, which includes Women’s Business Enterprises (WBEs).

At the same time, MGB maintains the equipment and expertise necessary to both build and maintain structures and the team also channels its efforts toward pursuing projects with demanding schedules and extensive asphalt and concrete needs. Such projects provide MGB employees with an opportunity to really let their skills shine, as was the case when MGB landed a contract at California State University San Marcos (CSUSM). Richard and JoAn McMahan donated the funds necessary for the university to build a destination event complex in 2005 and MGB ultimately set itself apart from the competition to oversee all of the architectural and structural concrete required.

Ready for Anything

The finished result opened to the public in 2009 and provides the CSUSM campus with 3,200 square feet of space and a sprawling 2,600-square foot central courtyard set amongst the campus’ lush landscaped grounds. The center’s design includes a number of sustainable features, chief among which are the center’s concrete walls and porous paving materials. The concrete walls reduce thermal gain as temperatures rise and mitigate temperature extremes indoors, while porous pavement reduces runoff in the central courtyard. Crews were also challenged to complete the work without damaging relocating the existing cacti surrounding the building, which date back at least 20 years.

“The McMahan House was definitely one of the most interesting projects we have ever been a part of because it makes use of some really unique and beautiful architectural concrete techniques,” expands Beach. MGB lent its expertise to create a focus wall inside from concrete blocks, as well as to create sweeping archways at the entrances.

Closer to home, MGB contributed its concrete expertise to help build the new Bryant Park Fitness Center in Riverside, Calif., which opened in 2008. The $5.7 million fitness center addition provides the existing Arlanza Community Center with 11,500 extra square feet of space to host a variety of health and fitness programs from Zumba to boxing, as well as a fully loaded gym for individual training. The building itself makes use of several concrete and paving materials anchored by a round concrete entryway. “It really is a building for the community so it definitely ranks as one of our most interesting and memorable projects,” adds Beach.

In the next few years the MGB team hopes to contribute its expertise to more projects in the public sector, especially those with a direct benefit to the community. In doing so, MGB Construction Inc. solidifies its commitment to being the kind of company that inspires employees to go to work.

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