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Martin Laviero Contractors Inc.

Serving Central Connecticut for Generations

One of the forces that have consistently fueled the growth of the American economy since the country’s inception has been the family-owned business. Many industrious Americans have made the decision to go out on their own and have been successful enough to pass ownership of their companies to succeeding generations. Martin Laviero Contractors Inc. (MLC) is a perfect example of one such company that has provided a cornerstone for economic wellness in local communities and thus contributed to America as a whole. Currently run by cousins Gary and Greg Laviero – joined on staff by Laviero family members Dina, Dominic, Peter, Brian, Julia and Jason – MLC has been a mainstay throughout Connecticut for 70 years.

The company was founded by Martin Laviero in 1941 in Bristol, Conn., and initially operated as a mason contracting company. The company was then run by Morris and Richard Laviero, who together began to grow and diversify the business. MLC still offers masonry and masonry repair; however, the company has expanded its beneficial services over the years. The company currently offers its clients access to new concrete installations and repairs, asphalt paving and maintenance, foundation repairs, streetscape projects, trucking and flatbed moves, drainage, excavation and snow removal services.

“We’re more of a service company than a construction company per se,” adds Greg. “We depend a lot on our ongoing relationships with dozens of customers that continue to call on us when they need to get things done.” It is definitely a team effort to satisfy customers; and the proactive attitude extends from Greg and Gary to the men in the field and the office staff.

Relationships Key to Success

Whether working in a large industrial setting, at a single residence or throughout a municipality, MLC’s dedication proves how a company can continue to prosper from generation to generation.  

“Having a good relationship with our subcontractors is another reason why we continue to satisfy our customers,” says Gary. “Being in two places at once can sometimes be impossible, so having friends such as Modern Mechanical, R.R. Hiltbrand Construction, Lodovico Masonry and  J & J Paving, just to name a few, certainly takes some of the pressure off.”

Gary and Greg also work to establish long-term relationships with their clients as well. For example, ESPN, which is headquartered out of Bristol, has relied upon MLC for years for its large number of quick and efficient services. MLC has exclusively been ESPN’s snow removal contractor since the company started and also provides ESPN the manpower and equipment to handle all of their needs. “If they just need us to move some furniture for them, we’re happy to send a crew over to handle it,” says Gary.

Several towns in the central Connecticut region have utilized MLC for sidewalk and streetscape projects, which are nice work and keep the company visible. This in turn leads to other work.

Another long-term relationship that has been mutually beneficial to both the client and MLC is Central Connecticut State University (CCSU). “We’ve been working with CCSU for a long time,” continues Gary. “We’re the on-call contractor for concrete and paving, and a number of other services.”

Exciting New Venture

Although the bulk of the company’s work comes from municipal and state agencies, MLC works for private enterprises as well. And Greg and Gary are constantly incorporating enterprises that will benefit all clients. MLC also opened Concrete Raising of Connecticut LLC, a franchise of the popular concrete contracting chain Concrete Raising Corporation of America (CRC). Based out of Milwaukee, CRC has been raising, leveling and stabilizing settled concrete since the 1940s. Opening this subsidiary was an easy and natural fit as Greg and Gary have over 30 years of concrete construction experience between the two of them. MLC is proud to be associated with the one of the nation’s leading slabraising services.

The MLC formula for success is simple if you think about it. Take care of your customers; provide outstanding service; and encourage the flexibility to get anything done even if it’s not expressly written out in a contract. Continuing to succeed on the conscientious operating philosophies of Gary and Greg Laviero, Martin Laviero Contractors Inc. is a textbook example of the family-owned companies that have strengthened this nation’s core.

Published on: July 22, 2013

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