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Lencioni Construction Company Inc.

High-quality Luxury Homes for Over 30 Years

The nine counties that make up the San Francisco Bay Area are renowned throughout the United States for their affluence. The region includes the five most prosperous counties in California and has two of the 25 wealthiest counties in the United States by per capita income. The individuals who live in those counties have the financial clout to demand the highest in quality, and when building a home in Northern California many turn to Gary Lencioni, owner and founder of Lencioni Construction Company Inc. (Lencioni Construction).

Lencioni founded his Redwood, Calif.-based residential construction company in 1975, and it has thrived over the years. The company he built from scratch now employs over 40 personnel and has annual sales figures that rival those of some of his larger competitors. One of the key reasons Lencioni Construction has prospered is because Lencioni, who runs the company with his son Chad, has learned to strategically keep his company at size that allows for a direct customer-oriented approach.

“I found that I was not happy unless I could be on the jobsite and stay closer in touch with the jobs and my clients,” Lencioni has been quoted as saying. “I got into this business because I love building quality homes; I started by remodeling homes I lived in. I was just not happy when I had to spend all my time being a business manager, so we cut back to the level we are at now. Now I can have an on-site with the client and the architect at least once a week on each project. I have a business degree and I can manage, but I’m happiest being hands-on and in touch.”

Outstanding Customer Service Key to Success

Lencioni recognizes his company’s commitment to personalized service is reinforced by Lencioni Construction’s highly trained roster of loyal project managers, superintendents and field carpenters (most of whom average over 15 years experience with the company). When a potential client contacts Lencioni Construction the company assembles a team of professionals based on compatible skills and chemistry, and these participants provide a consistent point of contact to guide the client throughout the process – from preconstruction and design to project completion. Lencioni Construction works closely with architects to value engineer a project – on average ranging from 4,000 to 20,000 square feet – that ensures clients realize their dream home with all feasible amenities at the most equitable price.

If during construction a change order is needed, Lencioni Construction crews will not implement the change until the project owner has been notified and allows them to proceed with a written approval. Transparency during the construction process is extremely important to Lencioni and is another factor in his company’s success. Lencioni Construction crews hold weekly meetings at each jobsite to ascertain a project’s progress vis-à-vis its scheduled completion date, and that information is emailed to all parties involved in the construction process, including the owner. Implementing cost-saving solutions and schedule control are of paramount importance to Lencioni Construction.

Eight to 10 Homes Per Year

Lencioni Construction maintains a comfortable schedule of eight to 10 custom luxury homes a year from Napa Valley to San Jose, allowing its crews apply the attention and expertise needed to create high-quality homes that are built to last. For trades that Lencioni Construction does not hold in-house, Lencioni has amassed a roster of trusted subcontractors that have proven to hold the same quality standards as those employed by Lencioni Construction. Unfamiliar subs that bid on Lencioni Construction projects are thoroughly vetted before the bid is accepted.

“We have even gone to the homes of people, knocked on their door and explained that the person that did their plumbing is bidding on our jobs,” Lencioni has been quoted as saying. “We asked if they have any complaints about their plumbing, or whatever the trade is. Nobody knows the problems in a home like the people that live there. We are proud of the fact that 75 percent of the homes we build are still being lived in by the client’s family 10 years later.”

LCC’s attention to detail and high-quality work has allowed it to grow a large roster of satisfied clients. Lencioni reveals that his company has an enviable repeat and referral percentage of over 85 percent. Lencioni also notes that the homes his company has built over the years have been featured in a number of leading magazines including Better Homes & Gardens and Architectural Digest. “Some of the homes we have built are simply stunning; the architects that we work with are of the highest caliber and they are responsible for some of the Bay Area’s most noteworthy homes,” he says.

Lencioni isn’t just creating luxury dreams homes though without a regard for the environment, however. His company has fully embraced green building and sustainable practices and incorporates them into a project whenever possible. A number of Lencioni’s clients live and work in Silicon Valley and they eagerly embrace emerging technology and energy-efficient touches that include solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling systems. This commitment to environmental stewardship and progressive building practices has earned the company such recognition as the Town of Atherton’s Green Building Award in 2007.

Thirty years in the industry is a long time for any residential building contractor, and in the past three decades the Lencioni family has built a company to admire. Crafting high-quality homes built with an eye for the client’s budget, delivered by trusted subcontractors with a thorough embrace of green building practices, has earned Lencioni Construction Company Inc. its rightful position as an industry leader in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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