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J. David Beam founded J.D. Beam Inc. (Beam) in 1979 as a small private contractor performing small private renovation and public-bid new construction projects. Upon founding Beam, David’s goal was to build a construction company with a focus on customers.

Glenn Kistler, current owner and president of J.D. Beam, upholds Beam’s original objective while serving a growing number of private commercial clients. Based in Raleigh, N.C., Beam’s work is concentrated in the Research Triangle Park region, between Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, N.C. While the team mostly works within roughly 30 miles of its home office, the company is also licensed in South Carolina and Virginia.

As the business has grown over the years, so have the team’s capabilities. The staff of 30 regularly completes large, complex projects in a number of sectors. Supplying start-to-finish services, Beam is involved every step of the way.

“We do preliminary planning, design and often support our clients in the site-selection process,” Kistler notes. “We are a commercial general contractor. In recent years, we have done a lot of work with developers that expect a high level of service and involvement from beginning to end.” With strong technical capabilities, the company has carved out a niche in the market. Beam enjoys long relationships with customers and benefits largely from repeat business.

Highly Qualified Contractors

Kistler has been in the construction industry since the age of 16. “It’s the only thing I have ever done,” he explains. “I have an engineering degree from North Carolina State.” Many of his employees share similar levels of expertise. Years of experience allow the Beam team to focus on the important factors of business. The crew offers innovative, turnkey solutions to clients, prioritizing quality of work and relationships.

“If the project is not successful for our client, then it is not successful for us, either,” Kistler explains. “It is more important that we meet our clients’ goals. If they need to meet a certain date, we meet a certain date. If they have a client they need to accommodate, we have to help them accommodate those clients. When you work with repeat clients, you are only as good as your last job. Their needs become our needs.”

Clients can trust that a project turned over to the Beam staff is in good hands. “What sets us apart from other contractors is our knowledge of the development process,” Kistler explains. “The company is 33 years old and the average length of service for our employees is greater than 25 years. This is a very stable company; our people have been here a long time. We are experienced in what we do and our people are not new to the game.” For years, the crew has been applying its experience to a number of large projects around the region.

Unique Projects

“Underway, we have the new Hyatt Place in Durham, which is the ninth hotel we have built for this client,” Kistler elaborates. “We are the general contractor on the project, which is roughly a $13 million project. The complete building will boast seven stories and 164 rooms. We will be finishing up in May 2014.”

The company’s other endeavors include a growing industrial project. “A local developer purchased the raw land and we built on it,” says Kistler. “So far we have done several million square feet of warehouse space. The developer has kept on going with the project. We are fortunate to have some good clients like that who have kept us on their team.”

That is not all that the company has in store, though. “We have just completed the grading phase of a five-story office building on the North Carolina State Centennial Campus,” Kistler continues. “This is a $22 million project and we expect to be complete in December 2014. We have built five office buildings on the campus, collectively called the Venture Center. NC State University is one of the first in the country to start relationships with developers building on state-owned land. The school leased the land to a local developer that built and leased it out to tenants. These new spaces are for corporations and startups that have ongoing relationships with the university, whether it is with university staff or students or both parties performing development research together. All of the companies involved must have a reason and approval from the school to be on the campus. It has now happened in several other places, but as far as I know, they were one of the first to grant those ground lease contracts, bringing in private money to help development on the campus.”

Since the recession, the market remains a bit stale in the region, much like other areas of the country. Nonetheless, Kistler and his team are working harder than ever to aggressively pursue projects while maintaining partnerships with long-term customers.

“We have been working with a greater number of people,” Kistler elaborates. “We are willing to take on smaller and more complicated projects. That is about all we can do. We are contractors, so we won’t give up and start flipping burgers.” With persistence and expertise, J.D. Beam Inc. continues to expand a market reach to new clients in North Carolina and beyond.

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Published on: November 20, 2013

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