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Insulation Materials LLC

Since 2011, Insulation Materials LLC has been a nationwide supplier of thermal, moisture and sound-control products. Headquartered in East Peoria, Illinois, Insulation Materials works with a network of the industry’s best manufacturers to provide its customers with the most effective and innovative products available for the building envelope.

From a sustainability standpoint, Insulation Materials helps its customers to put buildings in place that lower heating and cooling costs. For a designer or engineer seeking to create the most energy-efficient solution possible, the building envelope is an important aspect. Insulation Materials offers numerous options for creating optimal performance. “Every project is different with its own unique challenges,” says Ryan McCoy, operations manager for Insulation Materials. “We get really specific when it comes to helping people choose which insulations and systems will be the best for their project.”

Insulation Materials LLC

Since the inception of Insulation Materials, the company has focused on providing products concerning thermal, moisture and sound control. Approximately 90 percent of Insulation Materials’ business is in the residential sector. On the commercial side, the company offers products related to Division 7, including air-sealing and spray-foam products. These products provide solutions to aspects that are often overlooked in structures.

“Many times the mass insulation including vapor and exterior air barriers will be accounted for, but designers will miss some penetrations or wall-ceiling junctures,” McCoy explains. “We have a line of spray foam products that help to seal off those areas to the point where the system is complete and achieving the airtight building envelope that is desired.”

For residential customers, Insulation Materials provides one of its flagship products, Weather Blanket Cellulose, which is a standard in the industry. “The nice thing about this brand is that it is very clean,” says McCoy. “A good, clean blend of cellulose installs easily by providing great coverage and less machine clogging.” Uses for Weather Blanket Cellulose include attic insulation and wall packing.

Property owner incentives

With home performance being a big issue in the residential market, Insulation Materials works with numerous utility companies to support incentive programs for homeowners to tighten up their homes and increase energy efficiency. This situation allows many of the company’s products to be used in retrofit applications. “There are a lot of utility-driven residential energy efficiency programs in place across the U.S.,” says McCoy. “Contractors are finding that this is a good avenue to expand their services. By obtaining certifications like BPI’s Building Analyst and Envelope Professional or USGBC’s LEED for Homes, they can diagnose home energy problems and use our products to fix them. After applying the utility or government funded incentives, the final cost to the homeowner is often very affordable.”

Insulation Materials has been able to overcome a well-known challenge in the industry — shipping such a bulky product. As a national company, Insulation Materials creates shipping solutions on a day-to-day basis in order to get the materials to jobsites all over the country. “Every project requires a different size, amount and thickness of material,” shares McCoy. “Factors include climate, moisture load and desired thermal resistance values.” Due to the numerous configurations that are incorporated into wall, ceiling and floor systems, Insulation Materials works to reduce product lead times and increase availability.

A green future

McCoy began his career with a parent company of Insulation Materials when he and a sales manager were presented the opportunity to spearhead the operation. Beginning with just the two of them, Insulation Materials now has a full-time staff of five.

As a relatively young company, Insulation Materials identifies new opportunities by tracking the amount of retrofit work throughout the country. With numerous weatherization investment programs provided by the local and national government and utility agencies, McCoy and his team maintain heavy involvement in identifying incentives for property owners.

As a member of the United States Green Building Council (USGBC), Insulation Materials benefits from the ability to remain in the loop of new methods to promote and support sustainability. “Green building is something that we strive to support and advocate for,” says McCoy. “Being a part of the conversation and remaining active in the sustainability community is something that really benefits what we do.”

Ultimately, Insulation Materials LLC’s intentions are to increase accessibility to a variety of building envelope components. With this service, homeowners, designers, engineers and contractors are able to remain confident in their ability to create a tight building envelope that will last many years.

Published on: September 13, 2016


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