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An impressive feat, 2013 marks almost 40 years in business for Homestead Paving Company (HPC). The Florida-based full-service contractor operates in the commercial market, performing concrete and paving services for airports, highways, military bases, hotels and some of the largest retailers in the U.S.

HPC was founded in 1974 by business partners Ken Morton Sr. and Domingo Gonzalez. “My father and Domingo started in the aerospace industry working with General Electric,” recalls Mike Rhodes, Ken Morton Sr.’s son and current president and owner of HPC. “He eventually left the industry and began doing construction jobs with his brother. I purchased HPC from my father in 2003, and his former partner in 2008.”

Rhodes, who’s been with HPC since 1999, brings a multitude of experience to the company after working in the nuclear power industry for 18 years. “My background has overlapped nicely between nuclear power and construction,” he details. “Working on commercial nuclear power plants requires a great deal of planning and project management, as well as careful attention to safety. I’ve integrated this experience into my role at HPC.”

Over the years, Rhodes has seen the family-owned and -operated business take off. “When I started we only had four crews and about 40 employees,” he shares. “We now have more than 120 dedicated individuals working for us. A constant that we are very proud of is the fact that we’ve had great success retaining personnel over the years.”

From foremen to superintendents and laborers to executives, the team at HPC has an average of 25 years of service. “We have at least four people who’ve been with the company for between 38 and 40 years,” says Rhodes. “This is the greatest contributing factor in maintaining consistent, quality workmanship.”

As the company has grown, so has HPC’s geographical footprint. Based in Naranja, Fla., the company serves the southern portion of the state. “We’ve expanded our market area from strictly Miami, Dade, Monroe and southern Broward counties to all of southern Florida, while upholding our commitment to quality,” explains Rhodes.

Concentrating on Commercial

“We’ll tackle any commercial project, from heavy highway to a Wal-Mart parking lot,” reveals Rhodes. “We also specialize in decorative concrete, and we’re really trying to grow that division of the business.” HPC has performed many high-profile concrete and paving jobs throughout southern Florida.

“The fact that we have always completed projects on time and right the first time has been one of the most important factors separating us from our competitors, along with our great reputation,” admits Rhodes. “We’re helping more and more commercial retailers realize the benefits of switching from asphalt to concrete.”

From Wal-Mart to IKEA, HPC is assisting the big-box stores in laying maintenance-free concrete. “The cost of concrete and asphalt are close, so it’s beneficial to make the change to concrete,” explains Rhodes. “Concrete is also a greener option, because it doesn’t release as much urban heat as traditional asphalt.”

HPC recently completed a $7 million concrete job at the Miami International Airport for Centurion Air Cargo. “This site consisted of more than 60,000 square yards of concrete,” details Rhodes. “Another major current project located in Miami is for the city’s Museum of Science. That project is mainly highly detailed, unique decorative concrete.”

The company is heavily involved in multiple military bases situated throughout the state. “After Hurricane Andrew, Homestead Air Force base was in need of major repairs,” shares Rhodes. “I actually sit on a military affairs committee, which helps integrate the community with the bases. We’re assisting in a large-scale expansion to re-build and redo the base in the aftermath of the storm.”

HPC is also set to unveil the company’s exciting Atlantis Project at the Kennedy Space Center in July 2013. “We’re pretty diverse in our range of services and applications,” says Rhodes. “In Delray, Fla., we recently converted about 650,000 square feet of asphalt to concrete and added 200,000 square feet of decorative concrete on a 50-acre retail project for the developer.”

The company relies on a trusted network of subcontractors to perform such a broad scope of projects. “Lasting relationships are a critical part of our business,” explains Rhodes. One of these trusted teams is HPC’s site work contractor, The Redland Company Inc. (Redland). Also a family-owned and -operated company, Redland assists HPC as one of the first hands on a job, making a long-standing connection even more significant.

Diversifying for the Long Haul

Rhodes admits HPC is looking to expand its operations while remaining committed to quality workmanship. “Moving forward, we intend to expand our decorative concrete initiatives,” he reveals. “We’re purchasing more equipment and tools to continually improve our ability to perform at a higher level, along with constant training for our personnel when it comes to high-end decorative projects.”

HPC has discovered that diversity is essential, especially in a sluggish economy. “The residential market in southern Florida completely dried up,” recalls Rhodes. “That’s one reason we’ve stuck to commercial work. Thanks to our reputation we’ve been able to maintain a steady backlog that’s carried us through the past few years.”

Rhodes remains focused on ensuring HPC’s longevity. “We’re seeing growth, but it’s a slow process,” he says. “When things started to get bad we supported each other, because we’re a family-oriented company with strong core personnel.” Homestead Paving Company continues to lead the commercial concrete market in southern Florida with a foundation of solid employees and a dedication to quality workmanship.

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Published on: July 2, 2013

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