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Heidler Roofing Services Inc.

Going Above and Beyond Typical Roofing Expertise

Heidler Roofing Services Inc. (HRS) started out as a three-man band in the garage of founder Joseph Heidler Sr. in 1959. HRS has since grown by leaps and bounds, emerging as one of the most trusted roofing contractors in the Mid-Atlantic region.

“We offer commercial, residential and specialty roofing service; name any kind of roofing and we can handle it,” assures Paul Green, business development manager for HRS. “We started out with three employees and we now have about 125, serving a five state area.”

From Small Startup to Industry Leader

HRS started small, as Heidler worked to achieve growth and recognition one roof at a time, demonstrating tireless commitment to quality, service and safety. Over the years, HRS’ team of estimators, mechanics, tradesmen, craftsmen and managers have enjoyed the privilege of completing an array of high-profile projects, from the Thurgood Marshall International Airport to the Baltimore Basilica and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

“The stuff our crews can handle is truly amazing,” details Green. “You won’t catch me up in the air at 300 feet, but you will see some of the guys in our commercial and specialty division. HRS finished a church steeple in Baltimore, reforming the structure with brand new cooper. Let’s just say there aren’t a lot of people out there who can do this kind of work; there’s maybe three or four companies like us in all five states we serve.”

While HRS is based in York, Penn., the company has an additional location in Hagerstown, Md., allowing the team to serve large markets in Baltimore and Washington., D.C. “We work throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Delaware,” notes Green. “Most of our commercial and specialty work are in the Pennsylvania and Maryland areas, but we run about six reroofing crews and seven repair crews with more than 25 trucks throughout the region.”

Restoring a Historical Landmark

HRS’ skilled and wide-ranging workforce enables the company to tackle a broad range of commercial and residential contracts well beyond the capabilities of a typical roofing contractor, including cooper roof restorations on historical buildings and challenging custom architectural metalwork.

“We do standard service repairs, preventative maintenance programs, new roofs, periodic inspections and reroofing, all in-house,” reveals Green. “But we’re especially keen on our specialty and commercial divisions, which tackle challenging historical renovations, complex architectural work and large reroofing projects.”

A prime example of HRS’ exceptional talent is displayed in the company’s contribution to the famous Baltimore Basilica. “This was one of our most difficult jobs,” shares Green. “It covered every single type of roof and encompassed all three of our specialties. Every division worked to make this project happen.”

The restoration of the Baltimore Basilica began in 1998, when project architect John. G. Waite Associates engaged the Basilica of the Assumption Historic Trust to prepare a historic structure report for the building and grounds. The result was a detailed plan for the restoration of the first great metropolitan cathedral in the U.S., from the dome to the base of the foundation piers with historic documentation dating back to Thomas Jefferson.

The 30-month long construction schedule began in 2004, once solutions to address the restoration of the building while accommodating the requirements of a fully functioning cathedral were finally set. The project included the complete revitalization of the Baltimore Basilica’s exterior with portions of the existing roof encapsulated to replicate original appearance. The large-scale job also included 24 skylights in the building’s main dome. HRS’s crew utilized authentic materials and craftsmanship to preserve and restore the character of the Baltimore Basilica while providing state-of-the-art, modern improvements.

“We have also completed sizable projects at the Pace Resource Building and the farmers market in York, Penn.,” notes Green. “But with every job we do, we have the highest focus on safety, especially when more often than not; work is done hundreds of feet in the air.”

HRS employs a full-time safety director, a position that according to Green, is few and far between with most roofers. The company’s commitment to a strong safety culture earned HRS the Associated Builders and Contractors Inc.’s Gold Achievement STEP Award for spring 2013.

Green says HRS’s success all traces back to one major factor: a solid team. “Ronald Bolton, our president and CEO, says our people are one of HRS’s best qualities,” Green adds. “We truly have a great workforce; it’s what has kept us going strong for more than 54 years and why people know our name.”

After pulling through recent economic setbacks, HRS continues to rely on talented craftsmanship and the ability to pull off uniquely complex projects such as the Baltimore Basilica. “Our specialty division is growing and that’s where our focus is for the next few years,” says Green. Heidler Roofing Services Inc. goes above and beyond – even at 300 feet – to deliver an exceptional range of roofing services.

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