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Greylock Roofing Company Inc.

Covering customers in New England

Ian McLauchlan, now general manager of Greylock Roofing Company Inc. (Greylock), a Massachusetts-based full-service commercial and residential roofer, says there are three key components to successful business: high-quality workmanship, high-quality products and exceptional customer service.

“Above all else at Greylock, we try to meet our customers’ needs, to go that extra mile to make sure they’re satisfied and happy,” McLauchlan says. “If we have to absorb the cost of doing something extra to make the customer happy, then we will. It’s all about customer service. Quick response time to emails, phone calls and request for bids sets us apart from our competition.”

This level of customer service and satisfaction has been setting Greylock apart from other roofing contractors in New England for nearly 23 years. The firm is a go-to contractor for property managers, developers, architects, engineers and property owners.

New England-based business

Based in Woburn, Mass., Greylock installs and replaces TPO, EPDM, BUR, PVC, slate, cedar shake, shingle, metal and copper roofs and also offers inspection and maintenance programs, as well as 24-hour emergency repair service. “If it goes above your head, we do it,” ensures McLauchlan.

The company dates back to 1991 when Chris Knollmeyer, president and owner of Greylock, first opened the doors of Knollmeyer Building Corp. “Greylock evolved as a specialty contracting company out of Knollmeyer Building Corp.,” explains McLauchlan. “The two firms are now separate entities but remain sister companies.”

Greylock now operates throughout New England, from New Hampshire to Connecticut and beyond, employing anywhere from 25 to 50 professionals, roofers and sheetmetal men. “We cover all of New England, but Massachusetts is our mainstay,” says McLauchlan.

Greylock delivers the full scope in commercial flat roofs, as well as institutional projects. “We’re across the board in the commercial sector,” details McLauchlan. “Greylock has done everything from a high security research lab for MIT to large-scale shopping malls.”

In-house delivery and top-notch suppliers

McLauchlan says Greylock prides itself on in-house capabilities. “We try to minimalize the use of subcontractors for quality control purposes,” he shares. “With Knollmeyer Building Corp. as our sister company, we can turn to them for specialty masonry work and other trades. This relationship gives us good access to other services that essentially are still in-house.”

A range of in-house service translates to a huge scope of work for Greylock. “We just completed a 22-story residential skyscraper in Cambridge, Mass.,” reveals McLauchlan. “This roof consisted of white PVC Sarnafil membranes. Its eco-friendly and highly reflective; being white, it doesn’t add to the urban heat island effect as much as a traditional black roof.”

The company specializes in roofing projects that include other trades. Greylock, with the help of Knollmeyer Building Corp., can aggressively bid multi trade projects that most other roofers may decline to even bid.

The project involved a total removal of the existing roof membrane and replacing insulation with a taper system that meets smart codes. Greylock works closely with big-name suppliers and manufacturers, such as Sarnafil.

Sarnafil has been using its proven formula for membrane production for years, ensuring roof systems will successfully perform. Sarnafil promises its membranes are vapor permeable, dimensionally stable while highly flexible, high mechanical strength and weather and UV resistant.

The Sarnafil G Membrane is a thermoplastic PVC roof membrane used in adhered systems. Formulated for long-term, direct exposure to the elements, this membrane is fiberglass reinforced, offering exceptional dimensional stability and a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

By fully encapsulating the fiberglass reinforcement, there is no risk of delamination or water wicking. As well, a unique lacquer coating is applied to the top of the membrane, adding a self-cleaning feature that resists staining from airborne dirt and pollutants. “Durability wise, Sarnafil is the Cadillac of roofs,” says McLauchlan.

The company also utilizes Carlisle, Firestone, Versico, GAF and many other major vendors. “We’re performing a massive 210,000-square-foot roof in Connecticut using a Firestone roof system,” adds McLauchlan.

Greylock has been busy in the Greater Boston area, as well, doing historical jobs surrounding the famous Beacon Hill area and HUD-redevelopment projects in Dorchester and Roxbury. However, one of the company’s most notable achievements is its work at the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, Mass. “This is where all of the produce comes in and is distributed for all of New England’s major retailers,” says McLauchlan. “We performed acres of reroofing, 330,000 square feet, installing Sarnifil PVC. This project won a worldwide award from Sarnafil in 2003.”

While Greylock is already using some of the industry’s most innovative manufactures, McLauchlan says he wants to continue to push the envelope by doing more solar rooftop installations. “I recently took a class at Penn State to learn more about the technology,” he reveals. “The solar market is hot right now in Massachusetts.” Greylock is now one of seven companies with Roof Integrated Solar Energy certification through the NRCA.

Innovation is a driving factor, but at the end of the day McLauchlan says it’s about seeing a smile on a customer’s face. “Every day it’s a different challenge – it’s not a normal grind, but we truly believe in helping people here at Greylock.” Greylock Roofing Company Inc. continues to go above and beyond, putting a roof overhead while delivering peace of mind.

Published on: November 7, 2014

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