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Gorick Construction Co. Inc.

Whatever It Takes for Heavy Construction and Demolition

Gorick Construction Co. Inc. (Gorick Construction) is a New York-based heavy highway contractor that specializes in heavy earth-moving and demolition. Since 1945 Gorick Construction has worked on many diversified projects, including landfill and environmental construction, crushing and recycling material, excavating, heavy highway construction, site development and land clearing to name a few.

Most projects the team at Gorick Construction completes are within a 90-mile radius of its home base in Binghamton, though the company will travel as necessary for certain clients and projects. The team provides clients with complete and accurate estimates using computerized take off and 3-D modeling, in addition to providing value engineering alternatives on each project. The Gorick Construction team takes pride in completing projects in a timely, cost-effective manner, ensuring quality is never compromised and safety is always first.

Al Gorick, president of Gorick Construction since 1988, has a degree in civil environmental engineering from Clarkson University. According to Al, he has been involved in the family business since childhood.

The team’s extensive expertise doesn’t stop with Al. Gorick Construction boasts 45 highly trained employees and maintains a fleet of over 60 pieces of late-model heavy construction equipment. Specialized equipment, such as the company’s 85-foot ultra-high-reach demolition excavator and Trimble GPS machine-controlled equipment, ensures Gorick Construction is ready to fulfill its motto: “Whatever it takes.”

Each project Gorick Construction addresses varies from the last, due to the team’s wide range of diversity. According to Al, the use of Trimble machine-control GPS increases productivity, lowers labor cost, improves grading accuracy and eliminates high-cost material overruns in earth moving operations. The use of the company’s UHD demolition excavator allows the team to tackle even the trickiest demolition project with increased safety and efficiency. The company’s fleet includes three lowboys, as well as triaxle dumps and demolition trailers, which allows Gorick Construction to respond to all clients needs in a timely fashion.

Whatever It Takes

Gorick Construction remains a leader in the industry due to the team’s dedication to excellence and forward thinking. The company has received recognition for many projects through various organizations with which it is associated. Gorick Construction received Gold Safety Award from the NYS Chapter of the General Contractors of America (NYS AGC). To note, AGC is the lead association in the construction industry with the mission to promote skill, integrity and responsibility of its members.

The company has also received numerous Gold Safety Awards through its association with Northeastern Subcontractors Association (NESCA). NESCA represents over 500 eastern New York subcontractors, specialty contractors and material suppliers.

Such notable awards have stemmed from the fact that the company’s employees go above and beyond to safely complete projects. After meeting with clients, Gorick Construction’s staff dissects the project to determine the best approach. This ensures the company can provide each client the deserved value. The company is not only focused on completing the project quickly, but also doing it right the first time. Gorick Construction is an active member of the National Demolition Association (NDA), while Al is an acting director of the association and current chairman of the member services committee.

The team at Gorick Construction addresses the growing concern of environmentally friendly work in demolition operations, as well. The company uses crushing and screening equipment, as well as hydraulic shears, ho-rams, magnets and processors, to add value to projects. Masonry and concrete is crushed and screened for clients reuse on the project site, while scrap metal is segregated and recycled. Gorick Construction can produce up to a 95-percent materials recycling rate by weight through these processes. Concrete recycling reduces the waste stream, as well as the need for new aggregates, thus providing clients with a green alternative.

According to Al, the company recently transformed a construction and demolition debris landfill into a golf course. The golf course is an entity, currently operated by Gorick Construction. “This is a great reuse of land and reinforces our commitment of thinking to the future,” Al says.

Large-scale Focus

In addition, Gorick Construction has established a strong rapport with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT). The team has successfully completed multiple projects for the department, demonstrating the team’s diverse skill set.

Gorick Construction’s specialized equipment was used to provide rock slope stabilization and culvert repair and replacements in three New York counties: Broome, Chenango and Tioga. The company has also worked on many large-scale highway and box culvert projects in New York.

After tropical storms Lee and Irene rolled through the Northeast in 2011, historic flooding occurred in the Southern Tier of New York. Al reports that Gorick Construction was called to help with the emergency situation, and was happy to do so.

The historic flooding caused much damage to the Southern Tier. The company worked cooperatively with NYSDOT and Broome County for the following year to help repair damage, including building emergency and permanent infrastructure. Storm damages led to the closure of some major state and county highways, which Gorick Construction immediately responded to get those roads reopened. Al explains that once the emergency work was completed, Gorick Construction went back to work on permanent stabilization and culvert replacements. Al is proud that Gorick Construction was chosen by New York State to be part of the emergency response team for this natural disaster.

No Project is Too Big

NYSDOT is not the company’s only satisfied customer, as the team spreads its skill set through the region. Gorick Construction is willing to tackle any size project that comes along, allowing the company to remain competitive despite the current economy and increased competition. “It’s been a slow recovery,” says Al, However, it is evident that the team is poised for success for years to come.

Although the company’s work is partially seasonal, Al reports that the company continues to maintain a steady backlog of work. This backlog drives the company to be more efficient and creative on all projects from the smallest to the largest.

Al is confident that Gorick Construction will continue to diversify its modern fleet of equipment and increase creativity on each project. “In turn that will provide our customers the highest quality project for the best value and insure our success for years to come,” he says. Modernization includes updating the GPS system to Trimble’s latest machine-control technology, as well as the purchase of a Hitachi 85-foot ultra-high demolition excavator, which will increase safety and productivity in Gorick Construction’s operations.

The company continues to diversify through taking on new and different projects. Al cites the golf course project as an innovation that sets the company apart from others in the field. He also notes that he and the team continually look for the new and cutting-edge equipment to increase performance on the job. Gorick Construction Co. Inc. continues to focus on bidding heavy earth-moving, NYSDOT and various complex demolition projects, ensuring a long and bright future.

Published on: March 28, 2013


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