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Critical Facilities Wired for Success

John Gaynor’s electrical expertise has taken him around the world in support of critical data centers essential to the operations of numerous Internet giants. “I just returned from a four-month long project in Australia,” reveals Gaynor, founder and president of Genelco Inc. (Genelco). “We traveled there for an American client expanding internationally who was finishing up construction on a sizable co-location [COLO] data center. Interestingly, another contingent of Genelco field agents was concurrently performing work in Mexico for this same client. Genelco is frequently involved in these types of mega data center projects.”

The Phoenix-based electrical and mechanical system commissioning, testing and BMS controls company is a hybrid in the unique commissioning industry. “We do have a contractor’s license, but we primarily perform electrical systems testing and data center commissioning,” explains Gaynor. “We also perform some smaller scale electrical work, such as adding electrical power panels and circuits. And we work with other electrical contractors, providing our specialty services.”

Going Global

The specialty-driven company is a result of Gaynor’s nearly 20 years of prior industry-related experience. After a decade in industrial manufacturing where Gaynor began his career in Boston in 1979, he entered the information technology and computer industry.

“I started working for a few larger computer companies in the early 1990s and shortly after decided I wanted to break out on my own,” he recalls. “I founded Genelco in 1995 and the company incorporated in 1997.”

Genelco’s main offices continue to reside in Phoenix, Ariz., however, Gaynor says the company is ever-increasing its national and international presence. “We are around 40 employees spread throughout the U.S.,” he notes. “The company’s dedicated staff allows Genelco to serve clients from Massachusetts to California, growing in a global economy that demands technology at the touch of a button.”

Gaynor goes on to note that the company’s services span from commissioning and testing, BMS controls installations, facilities management, consulting, preparing arc flash/coordination studies and infrared imagining, to the production of UL listed under floor power cables. “The demand for our services takes us across the country and to locations worldwide,” he says.

Genelco’s list of big-name clients continues to grow with the company’s capabilities. “About eight months ago we finished a large enterprise data center in California for a very well-known medical services provider, and we are excited for a contract with another client – a name almost everyone would recognize due to the popularity of social networking – that we recently acquired in Idaho,” Gaynor continues.

Electrical Surgeons

One of Genelco’s more complicated projects was thought to be nearly impossible. “A popular automobile manufacturer’s data center in Torrance, Calif., had the need to introduce a third UPS system into an operating tier 3 data center,” Gaynor explains. “They had exceeded the ability of the original UPS system. The new UPS-3 sat idle for several years, because integration without a facility outage, an interruption of the critical load, had been deemed impossible.”

However, the word impossible is not found in Genelco’s vocabulary. “When this client approached Genelco in search of a solution we devised a temporary configuration involving two large mobile generator/UPS packages to be positioned outside with temporary switchgear and PDUs inside,” he continues. “The entire system was designed and installed by Genelco in close cooperation with the client staff.”

“Our electricians installed the temporary system and our field agents certified that every element, existing and new, was thoroughly commissioned,” continues Gaynor. “We were then ready to perform what is analogous to a heart-bypass operation on a live data center. The critical load was carefully and methodically placed onto support of the external GEN/UPSs and once that was done, we went to work bringing new UPS-3 online. The entire operation was completed with zero interruption to the critical load, UPS-3 now contributing to the support of the facility.”

An Outstanding Reputation

Genelco continues to build an outstanding reputation with major clients. The company has been contracted to perform critical facilities testing and commissioning on several 50,000-plus square feet tier 2 data center projects in Arizona, California, Oregon, Virginia, Texas, Utah and others.

“We have relationship with several clients who are, or serve, Fortune 500 companies,” shares Gaynor. “They place a high value on Genelco’s thoroughness, accuracy and integrity when it comes to testing and commissioning of their critical facilities. With regard to the opportunity to bring our services to Australia, this was chance to expand our brand on a global level and I am excited about the future for both Genelco and our clients.”

For a company that does not have a sales or marketing team, Genelco has done exceptionally well. “Satisfying the customer is the best way to earn future business,” reveals Gaynor. “If the phone is ringing, it’s a good indicator we are doing the right thing. There were days early on where I was going from payroll to payroll; praying customers would pay on time so I could pay my team. But we are developing the strategies to maintain a good work flow and are always open to new opportunities.”

Genelco Inc. supports some of the most recognized names in the U.S. and beyond, wiring success through longstanding relationships and client satisfaction.

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