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Force Inc.: A Dedication to Perfection

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Bryan Force established Force Inc. in 2000 as a turnkey oil and gas service company for the new millennium. Force started with one water truck, and now 11 years, 115 employees and three locations later the company is flourishing. The firm is based out of Indiana, Pa., and provides quality service to the tri-state area. Force Inc. provides everything from excavating to paving and road milling for a variety of energy, utility and construction companies the gas and oilfield industries.

Force Inc. provides timely, cost-efficient services with state-of-the-art equipment, and this is possible because the company can rely upon the experience and expertise of its staff. In every aspect of the business the company has confidence that it’s able to separate itself from the competition based on the unparalleled professionalism of its employees. “Our highly trained staff and dedication to perfection has made Force Inc. one of the most dependable names in oilfield services and asphalt paving,” states Bryan, who remains president of the company.

Premiere Oilfield and Asphalt Services

Spanning the state from branch locations in Madison and Lock Haven, the company strives to meet the ever-changing demands of its diverse client base. Maintenance and fabrication departments are housed in an 8,000-square foot industrial building. From the purchase of a single truck, Force has grown to generate between $20 million and $25 million a year in revenue. Although this path now seems destined in retrospect, this was not the industry that Bryan or his parents envisioned him settling in.

When Bryan turned 18 he earned his CDL (commercial drivers license), bought a used truck and began his voyage into the construction industry. This was contrary to the wishes of his father, who already had a job lined up for him at a local power plant and was dismayed to learn his son had turned down the offer. However, Bryan was determined to make it in the industry and prove to his father that he made the right choice. He began by simply hauling water to gas well drilling sites and taking on any job he could get his hands on. Over a decade has passed and Force Inc. is now a successful family-run, medium-sized operation that the contracting world has noticed. Bryan’s hard work and dedication culminated in being named Equipment World Magazine’s 2011 Contractor of the Year.

“They key to our business is to take our services and make them better through quality management and better oversight than the competition,” explains Bryan. This is done through two divisions: oilfield services and asphalt management. For oilfields, Force Inc. offers excavating, water hauling, frac job setup, ground heaters, spill containment, roustabout services and construction aggregate. When dealing with asphalt the firm provides paving, soil stabilization and road milling.

It’s through the comprehensive information, hands-on service and meticulously maintained equipment delivered by experienced, qualified professionals that Force Inc. defines itself in the industry. Force Inc. provides clients with recommended strategies, guidance and evaluation prior to a project to reduce any regulatory and liability concerns. The staff will configure specific needs, as well as determine expectations and needed equipment at the start of any endeavor. Throughout construction, the professional and experienced staff will be there, fully attentive, through the entirety of the project to completion.

A Commitment to the Safety, Service and Attention to Detail

Force Inc. can work on projects of any size, while always maintaining a high-level of commitment to safety. Protocols for employees include mandatory daily tailgate safety meetings, monthly safety committee meetings and defensive driver training, among other seminars. Both the professional and field staffs are in complete compliance with OSHA standards. The firm is able put its employees, clients and the public at ease with its strict adherence to state and federal regulations. Such commitment, attention to detail and planning prior to the commencement of a project enables Force Inc. to handle any unforeseen problem that may occur in the field, as well as answer to any emergency with unsurpassed service at an affordable price.

No amount of training can reverse the nationwide economic depression. However, despite the current economic woes, the future of Force Inc. looks bright. The firm is currently doing work for a 16 million-gallon water filtration facility in Brockway, and has a number of other projects on the horizon. “We’re focusing on adding a few different divisions in the coming years,” Bryan says. “It’s also important to keep our customer base, and grow with them as they expand. In addition, we’re always keeping an ear to the ground for new customers.”

Force Inc. is able to remain successful through these trying times due to its experienced and knowledgeable staff. Further contributing to the company’s bright future is a current crop of young employees eager to learn and work with the most skilled workers that Pennsylvania. has to offer.

“What’s very important going forward to us is that we have a management staff that is younger and motivated and knowledgeable mixed with the older experienced guys. That puts us in a prime position going forward,” Bryan says.

The company has already achieved so much in just over a decade. By preparing a new generation of oilfield and asphalt service contractors, Force Inc. will be a dependable force to be reckoned with for decades to come in its area.

Published on: March 10, 2013

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