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EverGreene Architectural Arts Inc.

Reviving and Reinventing the Dying Arts

“All buildings have secrets to reveal,” explains Jeff Greene, president and executive project director at EverGreene Architectural Arts (EverGreene). The New York, N.Y.-based firm specializes in revitalizing deteriorating arts in all forms of buildings. For 35 years EverGreene has provided clients across the United States and internationally with endless resources to make restoration dreams possible.

Greene founded EverGreene in 1978 and remains highly involved in the company’s daily operations and projects today. The firm is based in New York City, but also has an office in Oak Park, Ill. EverGreene employs 250 talented craftsman, artists, art historians, architectural conservators, scientists and preservation experts to make restoration and new design dreams possible.

Three decades of hands-on experience have generated innovative methodologies for creating and preserving art in all settings. A unified artistic vision and consistently high standards for artistry and craftsmanship have propelled EverGreene to the top in its industry.

“We’re continuing to keep craftsmanship and dying arts alive,” states Emily Sottile, business development and marketing manager for EverGreene. “We operate in a unique market, but what makes us stand out is our dedication to quality and range of services.” Sottile, who has been with EverGreene for over five years, holds a master’s degree in art history and understands the value of preservation of architectural arts.

As the largest architectural arts restoration firm in the United States, EverGreene has immense depth. “Other studios might specialize in an individual task,” explains Greene. “But none of our competition does all the things we do. Our diversity, size, resources and pool of knowledge set us apart from other companies.”

Thriving Off a Challenge

The professionals at EverGreene are motivated by a challenge and the thrill of discovery. The company prides itself on meeting these challenges with thought, skill and artistry. The most difficult challenges are the most rewarding.

From restoration to conservation, plaster to decorative painting, new artwork to historic fine art, surface preparation to quality coatings and custom decorative finishing treatments, EverGreene can execute any design with industry-leading expertise. The company provides these services to all kinds of buildings, including churches, libraries, courthouses, theaters, vernacular buildings and public buildings. The list goes on and on.

“We have well-qualified people,” explains Sottile. “Five of our conservators are Professional Associates of the AIC [American Institute of Conservation]. We can do work on a huge scale, whether it’s paint, plaster, decorative finishes, murals, historical finishes or design services. We self-perform about 95 percent of work.” Sottile attributes EverGreene’s success to its ability to provide depth of service throughout an entire project, from beginning to end.

EverGreene offers planning and budgeting guidance through the design-build process in the first stage of a project. Many sites require conditions treatment and assessments.

“There’s value in finishes investigation no matter what type of building you’re involved in,” describes Greene. “The investigative, forensic process helps us know what we’re dealing with in order to make informed design decisions.” According to Greene, this is one of the most important steps in the restoration process. The initial diagnostic work helps guide architects and designers to a successful final product.

Preserving History

Known to most visitors as the American Museum of Natural History’s (AMNH) grand entrance, the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda is an interior New York City landmark. EverGreene was honored to be a part of the restoration of this historical site, which reached completion in October 2012.

The company worked to restore and bring back the luster of the murals as the canvas was detaching from the mounts. EverGreene completed the project while the museum remained open to patrons and gave tours on the restoration process once the conservation was complete.

Radio City Music hall is another famous destination in the Big Apple. EverGreene performed the conservation of six murals dating back to 1932. These murals included Ezra Winter’s 60-foot-tall The Fountain of Youth in the grand foyer and Donald Deskey’s History of Tobacco in the Men’s Smoking Lounge. EverGreene gathered written and photo documentation, removed synthetic varnishes and nonhistoric overpaint, restoring the brilliance of these works.

EverGreene has worked with clients all across the board. Some of the biggest names include the Mirage Hotel in Dubai, 30 Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Saks Fifth Avenue, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, the Architect of the Capitol and the U.S. Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C., as well as Harvard University and Columbia University. EverGreene boasts big-name cliental due to a trustworthy reputation.

The team’s level of dedication to quality work has allowed the company to survive the recession. “We’ve had minimal layoffs,” explains Sottile. “We’re fortunate to have so many diversified services operating in many sectors.”

According to Sottile, it’s a matter of being flexible and recognizing industry trends. “Where are people putting their money,” she questions. “Where’s the application?” For example, it was formerly trendy to have murals in restaurants and hotels. Today, it has shifted to people renovating historic spaces for new hip venues.

“I have no concern about how the company will fair [in the future],” assures Sottile. “There’s so much adaptability here.” Often times it’s just a matter of getting the word out, letting people know who EverGreene is and the depth of services it offers. Greene envisions the company moving forward in the years to come, delving into more acoustic solutions with plaster and continuing to keep the craftsmanship alive that EverGreene Architectural Arts Inc. is well known and well respected.

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