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Evans Mechanical Inc.: Installing Confidence with Every Connection

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Evans Mechanical Inc. (Evans) has been providing quality mechanical contracting services to the Triple Cities region of New York State (including Binghamton, Johnson City and Endicott, along with the area within an hour’s drive) for nearly a century. Though it began in 1917 out of Scranton, Penn., Evans firmly established itself as a premier mid-sized contractor when the firm moved to its current location in Endicott, N.Y. Through a combination of intelligent, innovative and the hard work of men and women over the years, Evans is now in its fifth generation of providing unparalleled customer service and quality service, continually upholding the company’s motto, “After we sell we service.”

“Our longevity sets us apart from everyone else,” says Susan Barnes, co-owner and vice president of Evans. “My great grandparents started Evans as a one-man business. Now we employ from 50 to 65 people and are recognized in the area for keeping the business within the family.”

The company prides itself on its female influence in a male-dominated field. “We are currently woman-owned, and my great-grandmother was huge in the beginning of the company. She was actually the one who taught my dad how to read a set of blueprints,” laughs Barnes.

Evans grows to new heights with each passing of the company to a new generation. Originally the company was based out of a garage. Now, Evans has several buildings to its name and an impressive list of services to offer. For the few services it can’t offer, the company has a long-standing network of subcontractors and suppliers fostered off trust and cooperation. It’s this reputation of fair and professional treatment that Barnes attributes to the firm’s success.

Serving the Triple Cities with Quality Service

The services provided by Evans have grown exponentially. The company specializes in plumbing and heating installations, and offers piping capabilities, plumbing and utilities, HVAC, process piping, as well as fabrication and rigging. Evans often participates with the owner and general contractor during planning to provide value engineering and budget services. It values relationships with subcontracts and employs members of the United Association Plumbers & Pipefitters Union Local 112, enabling Evans to take on most any challenge in the mechanical, plumbing and HVAC sectors, specializing in the timely construction of commercial & institutional buildings, including municipal utility facilities.

“We serve primarily the commercial and industrial sectors of the area. We have had projects with every school district in the area and have been working with Lourdes Hospital following the flood of 2006,” says Barnes. In June of 2006 there was extensive flooding on the Susquehanna River, which significantly impacted many buildings and homes and resulted in one of the most severe crises the city has faced (until the most recent flood of September 2011).

“There was large renovations to of the hospital because of the devastation of the 2006 flood, and we’ve been involved with them since that time. We have four to 10 workers there all the time, and right now they are working on an expansion project,” Barnes says.

In addition, the company has had its fair share of work through the city of Binghamton. “We just received a contract for the 2009 capital improvement project for the city’s central school district. We just finished its 2007 project, which generally consists of renovations of the various schools. Some of which are significant and can take a few years,” Barnes explains. The firm also has provided work on Binghamton University, where it built six-story dormitories, along with various other projects on campus, and it has enacted renovations for the Endicott school district, as well as the Maine Endwell CSD and Vestal CSD.

Prepping the Next Generation

One of the factors contributing to Evans’ status as a preferred partner in its region is the depth of experience held in-house. Barnes started with the company when she was 16 years old, working part time. “I started here in 1970, then left for 12 years in 1975 when we had our first child, then came back,” she chronicles.

Barnes, her husband (J.B.) and her father (Karl Spencer) had been in the business with her uncle and cousins, but the company ultimately split into two distinct firms. Her uncle and cousins split off into Evans Plumbing and Heating and focused on the residential marketplace. Meanwhile, Barnes and her husband took over Evans in 1997 after her father’s retirement, and expanded the firm into the commercial and industrial sectors.

Barnes is now focused on the next generation and transitioning power to her own children. “Our son and daughter will soon have the freedom to do whatever they choose, and they will come in and run things, though we’ll be in the background. My son has taken the reigns the past few years, and he’s doing a fine job so far. One of our daughters is also involved in the business, as well as raising a family.”

Barnes has some clever motherly advice to offer before the next generation takes over and leads the company into its 100th year in operation. She explains her proactive attitude as follows:

“I’m not one that worries about the future, I’m one that has faith that everything happens for a reason. I feel that if you run your business honestly, work hard and do the best that you can, the reputation will take care of itself and things will come to you. Negativity will get you nowhere, so stay positive, and most importantly be honest and care for your employees and customers.”

The Barnes’ family has been doing its best for five significant generations. Throughout that time Evans Mechanical Inc. has established itself as an ongoing standards bearer for quality mechanical contracting built on fair and professional treatment of all involved in construction projects.

Published on: March 9, 2013

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