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EG Stoltzfus Construction LLC

Exceeding Expectations Through Well-managed Values

EG Stoltzfus Construction LLC, was founded in Lancaster, Pa., over four decades ago by Elam G. Stoltzfus Jr., as a company striving to provide a “square deal” to clients, inspiring repeat and referral business. The strategy was a success, as EG Stoltzfus continues to be a successful company that specializes in the design and construction of neighborhood homes, designed homes, residential remodeling, and commercial construction. With over 50 employees working to achieve the company’s mission to “build better and create value,” EG Stoltzfus partners with customers and trusted suppliers to manage their design and construction needs.

The management team at EG Stoltzfus understands there are many people who know the trade and understand building, but additional strength comes from a company operated by quality people enacting processes that deliver a sustainable product with high value. Backed by an innovative team and a 40-year reputation for upholding the core values of “integrity, honesty, quality, and value,” the company continues serving clients in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, Cumberland and Lebanon counties, offering communities diverse in price and style. Building on the success its construction services have seen in the south-central Pennsylvania region, EG Stoltzfus is entertaining the possibility of extending its services to areas as far as Maryland.

Long-standing Relationships are Vital

Andy Brubaker, vice president of the commercial division, asserts that the key to staying in business and conducting good business is maintaining strong relationships, whether through ensuring that all employees contribute to and benefit from a healthy, team-oriented corporate culture, or employing a “customer-centered” business model to delivery the best client experience and help the company navigate the brunt of the recent economic recession.

“With less work to go around the competition for it becomes greater,” Brubaker explains. “So when we are involved in a hard bid with four mechanical contractors and one is 25 percent lower that number must be qualified; bid due dates often do not allow for this. For that reason we believe that an integrated approach that involves the owner, architect and contractor throughout the design process delivers the highest value to the owner.”

Brubaker notes, however, strong relationships create repeat business, which is key to EG Stoltzfus’ resilient standing in the industry. Through word-of-mouth referrals, a vast portfolio and a network of top-notch subcontractors, vendors and associates, the company convinces customers that the lowest offer will not necessarily provide the most effective and efficient results. EG Stoltzfus is committed to honesty, integrity and quality, because this is what it is believed people want, says management. To have a customer recommend the company to others is the highest compliment and serves as a goal for each job EG Stoltzfus builds. It is not only satisfying, but it is also the means for acquiring future work.

Diversity, Diversity, Diversity

EG Stoltzfus holds many capabilities. For neighborhood homes the company provides a wide array of building and design options that can be tailored to a family’s need and tastes. Going a step further, custom-built homes bring in designers to directly reflect the unique preferences and distinctive personalities of homeowners. For those looking to remodel, whether one room or a major addition, EG Stoltzfus’ craftsmanship is invaluable. In addition, EG Stoltzfus is also a premier contractor in the commercial realm, able to helm general commercial, retail, mixed-use/multi-family, historic repurpose, institutional and renovation.

Throughout it all, design-build is EG Stoltzfus’ primary delivery method because it enables a high level of interaction between  the company’s staff and clients throughout each stage of the design and construction process, and ensures the unmatched ability to deliver projects on time and on budget and without unnecessary disruptions or concept confusion. This model has served the company well, with projects including affordable and work force housing, doctor/medical care facilities, schools, repurposing of old warehouses, general commercial and retail spaces, church renovations, and retirement communities, to name just a few. The diversity of the company’s projects is considered one of its strongest assets, with Brubaker exclaiming, “We’re glad for that.”

Some of the company’s more notable projects include student housing for the Milton Hershey school in Hershey, and the Misty Ridge Terrace, a townhome community in Gettysburg – both in central Pennsylvania. Brubaker also notes that EG Stoltzfus has managed the design and construction of a 24-unit affordable housing building in Coatesville, Pa., and the Brickyard in Lancaster, Pa., a three-floor warehouse renovation project that now houses a sports bar, office spaces and apartments.

Diverse projects and dedication to integrity and value has additionally led to national recognition by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). EG Stoltzfus Homes LLC built the first NAHB National Green Building Program Green-Gold certified home in Pennsylvania, which is no small feat given Pennsylvania’s harsh winter climate. Colder climates make it extremely difficult to design and build homes that minimize environmental impact, while maximizing energy and water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and use of materials from renewable resources. But this successful project is yet another example of EG Stoltzfus’ diligence and innovation.

Staying dedicated to customers and quality, the company takes pride in its consistent and professional design and construction services. However, the protection of people continues to be a focus as the demand for increased efficiency and lower costs seems hear to stay. EG Stoltzfus is committed to protecting employees, clients and the people in their constructed buildings. Such loyalty to each and every individual involved in the work done by EG Stoltzfus is why employees are happy and healthy, and why 98 percent of EG Stoltzfus customers say they would refer the company to a friend or relative.

Conducting business by the guiding principles of focusing on others, earning trust and respect, honoring commitments, practicing teamwork, creating positive, fun energy and valuing relationships, EG Stoltzfus Construction LLC continues to round out all the possibilities of the square deal.

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