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Setting a green example with sustainable spray-foam insulation

Founded by Jacques Larivière in Canada in 1985, Demilec has become a forerunner in the development of innovative technology and advanced science of open- and closed-cell spray-foam insulation and coating products. During the past 30 years, Demilec has experienced continued growth due to superior quality and performance of products matched by unsurpassed service. In 1997 Demilec expanded operations in to the U.S. by establishing a research, development and polyurethane manufacturing plant, and in 2014 the company opened a state-of -the art facility in Arlington, Texas. With multiple locations in Canada and the U.S., Demilec serves customers locally and globally in commercial, industrial, residential and agricultural construction.

“Demilec is a very green technology-oriented company,” says CEO Zain Mahmood. “The company has always prided itself in having cutting-edge technologies that really benefit its customers.” Mahmood has been with Demilec for more than a year. “My training is in engineering and I work with companies that are looking to grow. I looked at Demilec as a company that has the potential to grow significantly over the next five years.”

Mahmood brings more than 22 years of engineering expertise in manufacturing, energy, water, wastewater and automation to Demilec. Previously, Mahmood was CEO of Parkson Corporation, a leading provider of advanced solutions in water and wastewater treatment. “I looked at joining Demilec as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” explains Mahmood. “Demilec is a green-technology company. We provide much more than building materials and we are interested in growing this green technology into the next phase of the company.”

Setting an example

From corporate leadership to the chemical development team, Demilec has remained extremely efficient. The continued growth of the company has resulted from the ability to evolve processes and procedures. The spray-foam insulation that Demilec produces is created on the jobsite. The marriage of chemicals materializing on a customer’s lot requires numerous safety restrictions and regulations. Demilec has worked with the Spray Foam Coalition and the Spray Foam Manufacturers Association to establish safety regulations as well as a code of conduct in the marketplace.

“We are a very responsible company,” explains Mahmood. “We only work with contractors who are certified by the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA). Following the SPFA and Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations are crucial to the success of this industry. Our focus is to continue to grow respectfully and sustainably for the long term.”

As a green-technology company, Demilec has a competitive edge in the industry. In regards to the commercial construction spray-foam sector, Demilec is the only manufacturer whose product is comprised of 27 percent recyclable content. The recycled material derives from polyester chips created from plastic bottles. Demilec achieved a milestone in October 2014 when the company recycled its 300 millionth plastic bottle.

Green Education

LEED certification has become a goal for companies focused on sustainability and energy efficiency. The Demilec team is interested in educating the industry in the long-term effects of a carbon footprint. “Within the spray-foam industry, we are the ‘greenest’ company because of the amount of recycled materials we use in our products,” says Mahmood. “We have a winning formula on how to become LEED certified and that’s very important because many customers are looking for that certification when hiring contractors.”

Demilec’s mission of educating the industry and the world in green technology also reaches academia. Foundation 3E is a green technology-oriented, nonprofit organization that calls for an urgent reduction of energy consumption and de-carbonization of Canada’s energy supply. Demilec is working with Foundation 3E to award scholarships to college students who are studying and working on projects associated with sustainability. “We find it very important to educate the younger generation of architects and designers on green technology,” says Mahmood. “Demilec is sponsoring events to raise funds for these scholarships.”

Demilec has also become involved in Operation Homefront, which is associated with the Wounded Warriors Project. The organization helps to provide homes for wounded soldiers returning to the U.S. after serving overseas. “We just recently sponsored a national fundraiser and have had people donating time and money to help out,” says Mahmood. “We feel that Operation Homefront and Foundation 3E are very important community organizations and Demilec is proud to be involved with them.”

Looking ahead

Mahmood believes that green building and the effort for sustainability is here to stay and will grow as a method for all builders and designers. “I believe that being ‘green’ does not have to be more expensive,” says Mahmood. “That is the philosophy I use with Demilec. It’s all about consciousness and awareness. I believe millennials will not accept anything less and that is what is going to drive sustainability forward.”

With the rise of homes in Canada and the U.S. using spray-foam insulation, Demilec will continue to be at the forefront of educating consumers, and utilizing sustainability and green technology.

Published on: July 8, 2015


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