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Delta Design & Construction Inc.

Never Stop Proving Yourself

Derek Pelletier founded Delta Design & Construction Inc. (Delta Design), an ambitious construction management/general contracting business based in Medford, Mass., in 2002. Ten years later Pelletier, a Massachusetts native, remains the president and sole owner, and in under a decade he has grown Delta Design into a double-digit multimillion-dollar business and firmly rooted his company in the New England building industry.

Service, First

Delta Design is committed to professionalism, accessibility, adaptability and exceptional customer service as it seeks to never stop proving itself as a company. The firm has completed all its work to date in New England, primarily within Massachusetts, but does not strictly confine itself to the region: “If a client asked us to, we would do pretty much anything [including a job outside New England],” laughs Pelletier. “We’d do a job on the moon, if they asked us to.”

The company’s stated goal is “… to provide the highest level of construction service through an unparalleled attention to detail and unrivaled commitment to understanding and adapting to our clients needs.” Pelletier is happy to be able to say that Delta Design has been “… pretty successful with [providing superior client service] for over 10 years.

“What sets us apart most is our commitment to our clients,” continues Pelletier. “We’re not a big company; we’re a small group of committed folks. We share a common goal of providing an above-industry standards level of client service and our business is all based on repeat long-lasting relationships with clients that fit well with us.”

Staff Necessary to Be the Best

Delta Design is comprised of 12 well-accomplished and experienced professionals who know how to deliver on complex, technical projects. Superintendents Al Charpentier, Paul Fantoni, Alan Slotnick, Scott Crawford and Chris Skilin, plus project manager Eric Davis, have a combined wealth of OSHA (safety) certificates, LEED accreditations, and decades of industry experience.

Delta Design may be small, but it delivers big time in terms of quality, precision and customized offerings. “We tailor our construction management process to whatever the specific requirements are of our particular clients,” says Pelletier. “Often times in the type of work we do it’s difficult schedules, challenging work environments, difficult areas to work in, so we’ll try to identify all those different aspects of it and manage that process effectively for whatever our client specifically needs in each condition.”

In addition, the company the company relies on subcontractors to be successful, and Pelletier can’t stress the importance of trusted strategic partners enough, saying, “That’s the No. 1 resource we have: a group of trusted professionals that we rely on.” As a 12-person construction management operation, Delta self-performs no actual construction. The company puts all its energy into preconstruction, design-builds and carefully managing and coordinating subcontractors in order to deliver on-time, within-budget projects, many of which are in the restaurant, retail and institutional sectors, supplemented with some general commercial.

Recent Success

In the summer of 2012 Delta Design was challenged to complete a huge, 15,000-square foot Asian-themed restaurant in less than 13 weeks, an impressive feat that surprisingly went “… extremely quickly,” verifies Pelletier. Not only was the space large, but also the project demanded a high level of detail and extraordinary finishes, turning 13 weeks into a challenging but ultimately lucky number. Located on the waterfront, the restaurant is part of the new Fan Pier development, an area still under construction near the Fort Point neighborhood in Boston.

Also completed in 2012 was a $1.4 million project requiring a complete gut/demolition of a nightclub near Fenway Park, and a transformation of the 8,900-square foot space into an authentic Irish pub, The Lansdowne, named for the well-known street where it resides. The scope of work included the removal of a loading dock, and the simultaneous construction of its Lansdowne neighbor, The House of Blues, meant coordinating street use. Despite these complex logistics, the project was completed in a short 11 weeks.

Trust in the Subs

Since the full cooperation of subcontractors is essential in order to complete these big projects within a short timeframe, Delta Design takes time choosing subs and managing its relationship with them to reinforce the company’s overall reputation as a general contractor/construction manager. “We have guys [subs] that we’ve been working with for a long time who we fit well with, and who fit well with us,” says Pelletier. “Multiple guys in each trade, certainly, but ones on our preferred list that we go back to time and again.

“We gotta use guys that we know can get us to where we need to be,” continues Pelletier, referring to the high level of attention to detail and customer satisfaction that he demands his company achieve to garner repeat business. “We make a lot of promises, and the only way that we get invited back to the next project is by living up to what we say we’re gonna do.” In the end, the only way Delta can verify that the company has lived up to those promises is in the end result, so quality control must be comprehensive.

Rolling Forward, Challenges Behind

As most companies in the building industry have taken a hit in the recent down economy, Delta Design did not emerge entirely unscathed from the last several rough years in the building industry. “We’ve struggled the past few years,” acknowledges Pelletier. Yet, although it has not been an easy road, the company has come out on the other side intact, and Pelletier attributes this to “… staying close to the people that we work with, and managing our closest client relationships.

“It’s really been the focus for us,” continues Pelletier, meaning the company’s partnerships. Now that more work is becoming available again, clients have returned to Delta Design, and the firm is as busy as ever.

Pelletier is a relatively young buck and one heck of an entrepreneur – after founding the company at only 25 years of age, he’s sitting pretty right by focusing on client and subcontractor relationships and securing repeat business, “We created a good foundation to grow our company,” he says. “The rest of it will take care of itself along the way.” Delta Design & Construction Inc. has already proven itself to be a reputable builder in New England, but that doesn’t mean it’ll ever stop trying to go above and beyond to become an even better, more successful, partner for project owners looking to smoothly achieve optimum end results.

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