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Current Electric Company

Brightening Milwaukee with excellent customer service and innovative energy efficiency

Having celebrated its 30-year anniversary in 2013, Current Electric Company (Current Electric) has been providing Southern Wisconsin with quality commercial and residential electrical contracting since its founding. With a focus on energy efficiency, solar installation and customer satisfaction, Current Electric is leading the way into a better, brighter future for its clients.

Chuck Smith founded Current Electric in Milwaukee in 1983. The company originally operated out of a duplex, using the city phone book for advertising. Throughout the 1980s, Current Electric focused mostly on commercial electric, taking on some remodeling and design-build work, as well.

The ’90s brought bigger projects: fast food restaurants and chain stores. As the 2000s rolled around, Current Electric began switching its focus to residential services, taking an interest in some of the newer innovations in energy as the green movement picked up steam.

Efficient energy

Chuck is passionate about the benefits of solar energy and new energy efficiency options. “I would like for carbon taxes to be instilled across the country to help stop the usage of coal and fossil fuels,” Chuck says.

Current Electric is doing its part to help find greener energy solutions by focusing on improving its solar capabilities. “In the long run, it would be far more cost-effective to invest in solar energy,” he details. “Yes, there is a significant upfront cost, but in the long-term it is a tremendous energy option.”

The initial rise in the energy efficiency movement brought numerous incentives for companies like Current Electric to begin to make the switch to greener energy solutions. However, with change in government focus, the energy initiatives have begun to disappear.

“Our state used to be great for the industry back a few years ago,” says Chuck. “But today, they’re making it harder.”

Current Electric combats the disinterest in greener energy by having a knowledgeable staff, capable of informing its customers of the best options and constantly seeking to improve its solar capabilities.

With major clients, such as Home Depot and Hilton Garden Hotels, as well as several projects with historical Milwaukee buildings, Current Electric caters to its customer’s needs while helping to find efficient alternatives to match the modern green movement.

In 2012, Current Electric was hired to complete design-build work on a major project with Hilton Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. The hotel was built into a pre-existing historical building, The Loyalty Building. Originally constructed in 1886, the building was converted into a 127-room hotel. Current Electric was charged with rewiring and updating the building to meet the needs of the new hotel. Delivering excellence on this project only strengthened the company’s reputation in Milwaukee as a go-to for electrical contracting.

Super team, super service

Employing over 40 workers, Current Electric splits its employees into teams, creating a stronger knowledge base for each individual assignment. All of the company’s effort is geared toward bringing the best possible service to its customers.

“You can’t always please everyone,” explains Chuck, “but you certainly can care enough to make an effort to improve.”

With a specific team for solar work, for retrofits, construction and service, Current Electric’s team is sharp on the latest innovations and always willing to make the right choice to help meet clients’ needs. “Everyone in Current Electric is in sales,” Chuck laughs.

Giving customers more than they expected is one of Current Electric’s main goals. The company follows up after every project with what Chuck refers to as a happy call, to see how each client feels Current Electric did.

“We take notes and make sure we change whatever we didn’t do especially well,” Chuck says. “We’re constantly improving.”

The dedication Current Electric has to pleasing its customers is intense and refreshing, in a normally streamlined, non-personal industry. “Our employees are great at taking the chaos of a job-site and turning it into a system,” he explains.

This high customer satisfaction rate is what led Current Electric to emblazon its trucks with the words Super Hero. “Our guys really are superheroes,” Chuck says proudly. “They’re doing the work that makes people’s lives better, safer, warmer and brighter.”

His pride in his employees and the team’s hard work is telling of the quality performance that Current Electric brings to any project.

As Current Electric continues to seek new routes for greener energy, and takes on more projects, Chuck hopes the company’s reputation will continue to spread. “I want us to become better known in our community for who we really are,” he explains. With a dedication to customer satisfaction, and interest in the newest innovations in energy efficiency and solar energy, Current Electric Company can only continue to bring brighter, better electricity to Southern Wisconsin.

Published on: July 7, 2015


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