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Cristom Construction Services Inc.

Nearly 20 years of commercial and industrial contracting

After working in the construction business for many years with his uncle and grandfather, Tom DeVito set out on his own and started Cristom Construction Services Inc. in 1997. Headquartered in Whitestone, New York, Cristom specializes in commercial and industrial construction and has provided general contracting services to the New York metro area for nearly 20 years.

DeVito has been in the construction industry for 30 years. Unsure of what his career would be upon finishing school, DeVito explored numerous avenues, including working on a meat delivery route with his father. “I found out that I didn’t care for the meat business,” DeVito explains. “My grandfather was in the construction business and he offered me a job working out in the field with his company. I did that for a few years and then became partners with him and my uncle in the late ’80s.” DeVito would continue this partnership until 1997 when, citing different aspirations, he chose to go in a separate direction and founded his own general contracting company.Cristom Construction Services Inc.

Cristom has relied on a set of core values to drive the success of the company with the top priority focused on customer service. “We look at each project as if it’s our own,” says Avi Basher, project manager for Cristom. “We make sure we go in and give the customer the right job, not just what the drawings show. Our customers have their own different timelines and deadlines and we make it happen for them. They know they can call us on the fly and we’ll be there for them.” Cristom also provides snow removal for clients when necessary.

In the commercial market, Cristom will often work with management companies that coordinate strategies for commercial facilities. In the manufacturing sector, the company works with pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer Inc. and Coca-Cola. “We also get involved with property management companies,” says Basher. “They will often want us to redo their site, such as their infrastructure and boilers.”

Small but mighty

With eight full-time employees, Cristom is a construction-management firm. With a solid network of strategic business partners, the team relies on and trusts its many subcontractors to represent the company at the highest standards. “We bring in subcontractors that we know will get the job done and do it right,” says Basher, “We bring the companies in on the projects and then we coordinate the entire process.”

While the economy is on the backside of the recession, the construction industry is experiencing moderate growth in relation to the economic downturn of 2008 and 2009. Through the tough times, Cristom viewed diversification as a method to not only survive, but also to thrive. “We reached out to some new customers and established new and productive relationships, Basher explains. “We also focused more on real estate development where we started to do more properties for ourselves and build up that portfolio.” This approach increased Cristom’s exposure and reputation as not only a renovation and maintenance firm, but as a company that is able to develop and build from the ground up.

Moving forward

DeVito remains optimistic about the economy, especially in the New York metropolitan area. “The real estate market and the building industry are very strong right now,” says DeVito. “We’re seeing the construction of a lot of multifamily buildings being built. Real estate is very valuable right now.

Cristom is currently involved in a new construction project in East Williamsburg, New York. The Forty2East Condominium facility is a 53-unit building and the largest that Cristom has managed. Thus far, the job has been a personal highlight for DeVito and his team. “We’re in the home stretch of the project and everything is really coming together nicely,” says DeVito. “It’s been nice to receive a lot of compliments from the residents of the neighborhood where the building is located. Knowing that you’ve put a nice product out there is very rewarding to me.”

DeVito is looking forward to Cristom focusing on property development in the near future. “I see us doing more development for ourselves,” says DeVito. “We’re going to continue to do what we do while adding a few more elements.” Since the beginning, Cristom has remained focused on the quality of their work rather than quantity. “Ultimately, we make a better profit by focusing on quality rather than volume. This also allows us to give a greater amount of attention to our clients.

As the company progresses into the future, Cristom Construction Services Inc. will continue to diversify and grow as a leader in the construction industry.

Published on: August 3, 2015


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