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A Smaller-Sized Company with Big Capabilities
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The Corporate Construction Inc (CCI) team knows how to get tough jobs done on time. The company may offer a complete scope of general construction services, but the professionals at CCI have experience working in fast-paced and specialized environments where every minute makes a difference. “We primarily focus on the high-end custom residential market and niche commercial industries so even though we’re a medium-sized company, we are highly specialized in each of our market segments,” explains Joseph Viola Jr, president. CCI takes pride in living up to its mission of “providing all contracting and construction needs” under one roof with an approach that’s anything but corporate.

There are few companies in the state of Connecticut that can successfully balance a smaller sized staff and the scope of services that CCI manages. CCI’s professionals are skilled in carpentry, masonry, concrete work of all types, millwork, casework, painting, sheetrock, excavation, painting, and ceramic tile applications. For all other specialties, the company calls upon a trusted group of subcontractors to perform the work at the same standards its own team is held to.

Taking Care of the Client

Every project starts with a comprehensive consultation and CCI’s smaller size also enables the team to provide a personalized experience and develop a long-standing relationship. CCI works directly with the client through all phases of the construction process starting with an initial consultation where needs, requests, and special circumstances are outlined and established. Taking a proactive approach from the beginning ensures that contracts are upheld and clients feel taken care of.

Furthermore, the diversity of CCI’s client base requires the company to be more flexible and attentive than the average general contracting company and CCI takes pride in offering Construction On-Call Services to commercial clients. Occasionally, a client will call CCI because construction has already begun and turned south. In these cases CCI’s On-Call construction services are there for clients to call in its experienced professionals to get the project back on track with minimal disruptions.

Within the commercial sector, CCI caters to clients in particularly demanding industries spanning healthcare, biopharmaceutical, and technology. In 2010, crews were challenged to keep up the pace on a project that required a lot of specialized concrete from the get-go and grew even more complicated as construction progressed. “The concrete work was almost like mining because we had to excavate down to the underside of the foundation and then dig another eight feet to build the concrete up around it while the building was occupied and operational,” explains Viola. During the excavation, CCI was also informed that the client would need to fast-track the project because orders were flooding in and the clean-room housed inside needed to be functioning at full, upgraded capacity as soon as possible. Ultimately, the CCI team rallied together to complete the work and pave the way for the client to hit the ground running.

Specializing to Succeed

Nearby, the CCI team was hard at work building a custom home designed by one of the state’s leading architecture firms. “Our capabilities make us a great fit to work with clients who want to be very involved in the design and construction process, which is why we specialize in building only custom homes,” says Viola. Likewise, the professional pride in craftsmanship that CCI provides makes it an obvious choice for clients with modern tastes where clean lines can reveal even minor imperfections in construction.

In this case, Joeb Moore + Partners Architects LLC designed a bridge-style house that CCI crews took from blueprint to reality, catching the eye of the architectural public along the way. The home ultimately gives back as much as it takes from the natural environment and uses sustainably sourced wood from regrowth forests to create the feeling of integrated indoor and outdoor living spaces. For CCI, the straight lines of the Bridge House were in sharp contrast with the location’s topography and complex concrete structures were required to set a level foundation for the house. Ultimately, the AIA Connecticut Chapter recognized the house in the Single-Family Residential category and CCI is proud to have been a part of the process.

In the coming years, Viola plans on combating an intensely competitive environment by increasing the company’s focus on niche markets. “Nothing surprises us at this point. Construction is the only thing I have ever been interested in, but we do need to make sure we can continue to set ourselves apart in the industry,” explains Viola. Growth as a company is a continual process and the Corporate Construction team will continue to commit itself to providing a variety of contracting and construction services at uniformly high standards. An attentive to client needs make it a great choice for complicated industries and Viola and his team are sure to have much to celebrate over the next 11 years.

Published on: July 5, 2013

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