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BZI Construction LLC

Steel erection contracting in Utah

Founded in 2006, BZI Construction LLC (BZI) has quickly grown into an industry leader in commercial building. Headquartered in Hurricane, Utah, BZI specializes in structural steel erection and completes projects all over the U.S.

Current CEO of BZI Charles Harker grew up on a family farm where there was a culture of independence and a strong farmer’s mentality for building almost everything on the farm, as well as many projects for nearby neighbors.

When BZI began in 2006, the focus shifted to commercial steel erection. Today the company often works with major retail outlet chains such as Wal-Mart and Lowe’s, constructing new stores, warehouses and distribution centers. BZI will erect steel structures of many types, in all types of climates, conditions and challenging project requirements.

As a result of their hard work and clever ingenuity, BZI has earned a reputation as a company that is capable of handling any job with professional service and quality. “We have 120 erectors and are now nationwide,” says Harker. “We’ve grown beyond what I ever imagined in a few short years.” Harker attributes BZI’s growth and success to the company’s innovation and efficiency. “We have the willingness and the ability to continue to be strong competitors in a tough industry. We strive for excellence and achieve it only because we have some of the best crews in the world”

BZI Construction LLC

Diverse commercial work

Throughout its nine years in operation, BZI has created a diversified portfolio, serving commercial clients in sectors such as retail manufacturing, municipal and aviation. “Our focus for upcoming years will be the big warehouse structures,” Harker explains. “That will include the larger-scale retail distribution centers.”

With 120 employees, Harker says that the biggest expenses that BZI encounters are the cost of labor and equipment. BZI generally provides labor only contracts and therefore does not typically supply materials for construction. “We do have quite a bit of our own machinery,” Harker explains. “And I’m sure we will invest in more as the years move forward because right now equipment rental is a big expense.”

Harker attributes the overall growth the company has experienced to the standard they set for their finished products. Known for exceeding expectations in performance and efficiency, BZI has built a reputation based on the core values of precision, speed, integrity, service and commitment to maintaining the bottom line for its clients.

Harker acknowledges that handling the rapid growth of BZI has become one of the top priorities within the company. “When we’re growing, we’re constantly creating new positions,” says Harker. “The challenge is finding the right people to fill those positions. We haven’t had too much trouble though because we continually strive to pay based on performance, which gives our people the opportunity to earn more than anyone else in their field. This helps us find quality people who are willing to grow with us.”

Surrounded by talent

Harker is always thankful for those that helped the company become what it is today. “I work with the best individuals in the business,” says Harker. “I believe that the key to the success of a company is to position your people where they can realize their full potential. I am often amazed at how great that potential can be.” Equipped with leading-edge tools, education and technology, BZI has recruited the most qualified and experienced employees and partners.

With a 500 percent growth over the past few years, BZI considers many factors when reviewing the progress of the company. “When it comes to the guys in the field we look at profit per man hour,” says Harker. “When we look at the company overall we measure the return on our cost of Capital and Time, as well as overall company profitability. This gives us our financial measurements. Our number one focus is customer satisfaction; we monitor that every day. Without good customer relationships BZI would not be where it is today.”

Looking ahead

BZI is looking to continue its growth. The company has set a goal for the coming year to expand by another 30 percent in revenue. “It will be a lot of work because it is quite an ambitious goal,” says Harker. “Setting your goals high is how you succeed.”

In order for a company to thrive, it must grow and expand products and services. While continuing to specialize in commercial steel erection, BZI is considering creative options for capturing a larger market share. Product development and the marketing of innovative construction concepts are some ideas that BZI is considering as it integrates into more markets. “As we branch out we’ll be looking to market some of the productivity concepts we have developed,” says Harker. “Safety and efficiency are important to all of us. I think other companies will value some of the things we can offer in terms of products that make us safer and more productive” Harker explains.

As the company moves into the future, Harker is optimistic about the economy and the direction of the company. As the future unfolds, BZI Construction LLC will continue to remain rooted in its values of honesty and integrity.

Published on: July 24, 2015

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