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Jud Stringer has been in the asbestos abatement industry since he was 17 years old, which started out as a summer job that he thought he would stick with for one season before going to college. It turns out, Jud never left. His natural skill and experience in the business have taken him far within the industry. Stringer worked for the same company for four years before taking a promotion into a supervisor position in 1995. Eventually, he became a division manager. With a strong skill set both in the field and the office, Stringer established his own business, Building Abatement Demolition Company Inc., better known as BAD Company Inc. (BAD), in 2007.

Today, Stringer and his team operate throughout Texas from two offices: a headquarters in Liberty Hill, Texas, and a satellite office in Waco, Texas. A strong management team and an experienced crew provide a diverse set of in-house services for both construction and demolition projects all over Texas.

BAD offers asbestos abatement, lead base paint removal, mold remediation, structural and interior demolitions. Over the last several years, the company has become a leading contractor in handling some of the most significant historical restoration and renovation projects across the state.

“One great contributing factor to our success is the award of a state wide Environmental Services Contract through The Cooperative Purchasing Network [TCPN], which allows any and all state entities such as public independent school districts, universities, cities, counties and state departments to purchase our services directly without going through a rigorous and expensive bidding process,” Stringer details.

Building Abatement Demolition Company Inc.

Recent projects

Over the last few years, BAD has been busy. Stringer and his employees have participated in a wide range of environmental abatement and demolition projects throughout the state, working for schools, municipalities and private developers, amongst others. The company has doubled in size year after year since opening the doors. As new opportunities arise, BAD is tackling each head-on.

“We recently completed an asbestos abatement project at the Texas Women’s University,” says Stringer. “We worked on six floors of a 22-story building doing the abatement. We completed the project this summer. The obvious challenge was the time restraint and the fact that no other contractor can be allowed to start their work until we have completed the abatement and achieved final air clearances. This is a dormitory building, so as living quarters, the project had to be completed in time for students to move in this fall and we were able to complete our portion of the work scheduled for 30 days 10 days earlier guarantying the owner a successful schedule.”

With this project, access was another major issue. Between six floors, nine different contractors were occupying the building at same time with only two elevators. Between moving material in and removing waste products, logistics had to be tightly managed. Fortunately, Stringer says the university worked extremely well with each of the contractors to schedule and provide the appropriate access. Communication and planning plays the major role in the success of these projects, without it failure would be inevitable.

In the summertime, Stringer’s team is frequently working 12 hours a day, seven days a week. “With schools and colleges, the time frame is always the hard part,” he explains. “A lot of that comes from people not realizing there is a lot of asbestos to deal with. They will set up a construction schedule and once a contractor gets to work, they see asbestos. We come in and perform a complete survey, determine quantities and we have to get it done before demolition or renovation. In Texas it is a mandatory state law for you to have an asbestos inspection performed on your structure prior to beginning any construction or renovation or demolition activities, and the penalties range from $10,000 per day, per violation.”

One of the more memorable projects Stringer recalls was work on the Katy Station Building in downtown Denison, Texas. “The building was built in 1888 by the Katy Railroad,” Stringer recounts. “This was a real unique project that involved asbestos abatement and demolition by dismantling. We didn’t demolish it – we took it apart piece by piece from the top down. It was like reverse construction. We took the roof off, then the roof framing, then the joists, then the walls, then the floors. We took every board out of the building and every nail out of every board. We were able to reclaim the entire wood structure and all of the antique brick from the 15,000-square-foot, two-story building.”

The company also has work coming up on the Navarro County Courthouse. BAD has done a lot of courthouse work, including more than 20 Texas county courthouses. Scope includes everything from lead-based paint removal to historical renovation, asbestos abatement and interior demolition.

“This is something we really take pride in,” Stringer notes. “These are some of the most historically significant buildings in the state. These projects require a lot of respect, dignity and workmanship.”

Consistent service

BAD currently has an enormous backlog of work, despite the doubts Stringer’s peers had when he started the company in the midst of the recession. When many thought the industry was dying and local contractors would be absorbed by conglomerates, Stringer proved them wrong.

Stringer credits his team’s dedication and in-house capabilities for all of the company’s success over the years. “Approximately 50 percent of the people who work with me now are people I have worked with my entire career,” he explains. “All of our managers and employees are on the same page with every project. We are not competitive within our ranks or within our crews; we all work together with the same goal in mind.”

Clients can count on BAD for leading experience and professionalism, as well as an open line of communication. More than anything, Stringer and his crew stand apart for honesty and just simple down to Earth good business. He strives, on every job, to give customers realistic expectations for a project and refuses to tell people what they want to hear just to land a contract. This straightforward attitude combined with experienced all in-house service makes Building Abatement Demolition Company Inc. a formidable competitor in the Texas abatement and demolition market.

Published on: April 2, 2015


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