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Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical Co. Inc.

National gas experts

Since 1987, Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical Co. Inc. (BGI&E) has provided exceptional work to a variety of clients in the industrial electrical and instrumentation fields.

BGI&E primarily serves the oil and natural gas, petrochemical, refining and pipeline industries. The company also provides services for fiber optics, air separation, co-gen plants, paper mills, metering stations and utilities, with a special focus on new construction.

Coast to coast service

What began as a small outfit, founded 27 years ago by Doug McClure and Carlos Sanchez, has blossomed into a thriving business. Headquarted in Buffalo Gap, Texas, the company also has several satellite offices throughout the state, as well as locations in Oklahoma and Ohio. Due to its nationwide presence and vast array of equipment and tools, BGI&E has the ability to be on-site assisting clients in a very short period of time, with minimal notification. BGI&E employs 450 people, is licensed in 38 states and brings in $50 million in annual revenue.

“To grow the businesses, we had to be licensed in more states,” says Carlos. “We made that a reality and now we have a national presence with offices in major hubs to provide more effective and efficient work.”

As an industrial and commercial electrical contractor, BGI&E specializes in a number of services, including electrical distribution systems, automation projects, technical support, revamping of skids and modular plants and modifications and expansion of a broad range of systems. BGI&E also offers project staffing, supervision assistance, consultation, grounding systems and lightning protection and installation.

“We offer superior supervision and proper equipment for special projects,” says Carlos. “We do it all, including assistance with engineering on designing and completing Fast-Trak critical projects, AFE studies, project cost analysis, construction inspections and instrumentation designs. We’re a true full service I & E contractor.”

While the company’s primary focus is on industrial sites, BGI&E also provides electrical installations for commercial projects in health, education, military and government sectors.

Committed to workplace safety

Highlighting BGI&E’s commitment to a safe workplace and reflecting such in every aspect of the workplace solidifies the company’s motto: Every employee is a safety professional.

“The motto of our workforce is the key belief that has allowed BGI&E to maintain such an outstanding working safety record,” says Carlos.

BGI&E strives to make employee safety its No. 1 goal on every project. “We carry a genuine care and concern for the everyday safety, health and well-being of our employees, customers and the public,” says Carlos. “We believe that safe and professional employees are our biggest asset. Therefore, we expect all employees to assist in maintaining a work environment that is free from the use and effects of alcohol and prohibited drugs and to maintain a responsible and professional work ethic.”

With much emphasis on workplace safety, the company has earned a nomination for America’s Safest Companies Award, presented by EHS Today. BGI&E is also a recipient of several other annual industry safety awards, including Chevron Outstanding Crew Safety Award and Chevron HSE Leadership Commitment Award. Furthermore, the company won state in the associates/specialty division category I. BGI&E was also recognized for Excellence in Safety at the AGC/TBB 40 Annual Conference in June 2014.

BGI&E has many programs to keep safety in the forefront of every operation and task. The company has developed an interactive safety orientation to convey company policies and procedures along with an employee safety handbook composed to direct and control the activities of all employees in order to prevent injuries, accidents, fires and explosions. Uniquely, BGI&E implements a short service employee mentor program, including trade skills, safety awareness and responsibility.

Using the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Outreach Institute, as well as other nationally recognized curriculum, all BGI&E employees attend annual educational and development training. BGI&E promotes continuous education programs through daily safety meetings, jobsite safety assistant programs and thorough job safety analysis.

The BGI&E management team also holds additional sessions with supervision on a regular basis in order to build professional responsibility and a high level of communication. “An open flow of communication leads to greater safety awareness with all of our employees, regardless of when and where they are currently working,” says Carlos. “BGI&E employees, the superintendents and the managers work together as a team to ensure safety is part of the job.”

As a result of the company’s dedication to high safety performance, it is a preferred business partner for major oil and gas companies, such as Chevron and ConocoPhillips.

Well-reputed projects

BGI&E has built a reputation as a company who cares about its personnel and clients. “What makes us different is our relationships with our customers and how we treat our employees,” says Carlos. “We have very low internal turnover rates and many repeat clients. Building rapport within our community is who we are and what we stand for. ”

As a company that provides a wide array of services, it is necessary for its team to possess skills that are as varied as its projects. “Our personnel consist of well-skilled and experienced craftsmen, technicians and supervisors,” says Carlos. “We have the best team out there, and that’s why we continue to see repeat business.”

Nationwide, the company manages approximately 60 projects at one time. Among BGI&E’s most recent clients are major oil and gas companies, Exxon Mobile, ConocoPhillips, Chevron, and the company has also completed jobs for several UOP Russell Cryogenics Facilities. Completed projects in the company’s commercial division include work in schools, hospitals, Walmart locations, regional air ports and electrical service on Dyess Air Force Base.

BGI&E has also entered the emerging shale oil market in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and Ohio. The resulting oil can be used immediately as a fuel or further cleansed to meet refinery feedstock specifications and then can be used for the same purposes as crude oil.

“The shale oil market is booming,” explains Carlos “Before this new technology, rigs had to drill and find pockets of gas, but now can go through the shale and extract gases. It’s going to change the way we produce fuel in the future.”

Plans for future growth

Through the years, BGI&E has experienced steady growth. The company attributes its 27 years of success to its nationwide reach. “Regional businesses throughout the country have their ups and downs,” explains Carlos. “If your entire company relies on the success of one area, you are going to feel those economic fluctuations harder than those who have income coming in from coast to coast.”

In the future, BGI&E hopes expand its market reach by incorporating new skill sets and continuing to stay at the forefront of industry trends. “Growth is dependent on desire,” explains Carlos. “If we want to do something we will do it. That’s the attitude we have at BGI&E.”

With a proactive and enthusiastic approach that embraces integrity and innovation, BGI&E will continue to grow to meet its clients’ needs. No matter which new direction the company chooses to go or what challenges lay ahead, customers can be sure that Buffalo Gap Instrumentation & Electrical Co. Inc. will continue to offer exceptional service, quality and accountability for all projects it takes on.

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