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Bridging the Supplier-Customer Gap with Global Reach and Long-Term Relationships
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“One-stop-shopping” is not an abstract idea in the Pacific Northwest, where Bridgewell Resources LLC (Bridgewell) has grown a thriving global contractor direct business.  In three short years with the company, this operating division has participated in over 425 construction projects, shipped over 12,200 truckloads of building materials and built a strong sales and service team focused on the customer. 

Providing a wide variety of building materials, specialty products and services for the multi-family, commercial and industrial construction industries, their best selling products are framing lumber, panels, hardware and specialty products, siding, trim and cornice, engineered wood products and roofing materials. 

As a financially stable, relationship-driven organization, Bridgewell’s in-house services include a specialized buying team, dedicated traffic and logistics experts, a full-service support staff and a group specializing in custom all-inclusive job packages.

Leadership & Building Relationships

Joining Bridgewell in March of 2011, the Contractor Direct Division started with a small team of 7 employees at its headquarters in Tigard, Ore.  Today, they’ve grown to 4 offices located strategically throughout the U.S. and 27 dedicated sales and service team members. 

Leading the group is a pair of vice presidents in charge of the division’s sales and operations – veteran salesmen Rob Beasley and David Routt.   “Our customers seek the consistency our complete solutions provide,” says Routt.  “As we continue to grow, they realize we can service all their needs from source to delivery.”   Beasley continues, “Today, convenience and efficiency are vital to the success of a business and project. Fortunately for us, that’s what we do best.”

A key customer of Bridgewell’s is Summit Contracting Group Inc. (Summit), a multi-family builder out of Jacksonville, Fla. “We’ve enjoyed a very successful working relationship with Bridgewell for several years.” says Mark Padgett, a principal at Summit.” “Let’s face it, this is a price-driven market and Bridgewell always has great numbers. They have helped us stay competitive through the swings in the commodity market.”

Problem Solving & Logistics Solutions

Bridgewell’s “one-stop shopping” approach works for busy project managers nationwide.  The convenience of using a single, knowledgeable point of contact for highly complex projects saves time and money. 

T.J. Mellema, Project Manager at Exxel Pacific General Contractors in Bellingham, Wash., is currently working with Bridgewell on a 240-unit, 234,000 square foot project – Villas at Lakewood Apartments in Marysville.  “From estimating, delivery of materials, to having all the proper paperwork in place, Bridgewell is the best that I have worked with in their field,” said Mellema. “They perform all the tasks that we require and do it with competitive prices.”

Additionally, Bridgewell’s reliable in-house logistics management assures the right materials reach the job site on time – and at the right price. They’ve invested in a dedicated in-house traffic person to assure this happens for the company and in turn its customers.

   Adding Value Through Construction Solutions

Bridgewell’s Construction Solutions (CS) group coordinates all-inclusive job packages for customers.  These can include detailed placement drawings specifying exact location for all materials for efficiency and ease of installation.  Miscellaneous materials packages include everything from housewrap to subfloor adhesives to window tape.  They offer value-engineering alternatives to specified products, and analyze product usage to minimize waste and reduce unnecessary cost.

“We intimately understand our customers’ projects, provide quantity takeoffs and help them value engineer the projects to achieve customer cost savings,” said Brent Botsford, Operations Manager of Bridgewell’s CS Team. He continued, “We take pride in being a technical, service-oriented, long-term relationship supplier and strive everyday to learn more about the product lines that we sell so that we can effectively communicate with and advise our customers.”

This group also helps customers quantify items that can be very difficult to understand. This can mean taking extra time to review bids in detail to ensure customers clearly understand the estimate’s services and scope.

Doster Construction Project Manager Josh Barnett comments: “Bridgewell’s CS Team has helped us identify potential problems during the shop-drawing and plan-review process, which has saved time and money during the framing process.  As a PM who works with Bridgewell, I rarely worry about change orders or overages to my budget, and my supers and framers are not impacted by scheduling delays waiting for custom products or RFI responses.  I view CS as a partner and a business value.”  

“Behind the Scenes” with Bridgewell

Bridgewell’s Contractor Direct team – buyers, traders, CS estimators and managers – concentrates on doing what it takes to get the job done and strives for clear communication through the process, which is evident in their “War Room” planning program. 

The veteran sales team convenes regularly via video conference with all of its offices.  During this virtual meeting they review jobs at hand, all project plans, logistics and inclusive job packages.  The risk and reward of each project proposal is evaluated and discussed creatively, just as one would when considering an economic decision or potential stock purchase.  The end result is better quality material selections and competitive pricing from proven suppliers in a fast-paced market.  “We focus on preparing a competitive, risk adjusted proposal for us and our customer.  Ultimately, the customer is the real winner from our War Room discussions,” Beasley & Routt mention.

Bridgewell has shown its dedication to cost controls, structure and risk management by hiring a director of finance and risk management for this division in 2013. This position focuses on risk assessment and improving overall growth strategy.  

Growth and Outlook

Since March of 2011, Bridgewell’s Contractor Direct Division has delivered a 3-year compound annual growth rate of 156% (with 90% over the last twelve months alone).Beyond providing the existing family of employees with the resources needed to achieve goals, a new focus will be recruiting additional world-class sales team members.They will continue to build key partnerships with suppliers and customers alike.Bridgewell is also on the lookout for “bolt on” products and services to enhance their overall business portfolio for its customers’ benefit.If a product meets the core go-to market strategy, the management team will evaluate whether it makes sense for long-term business.

About Bridgewell Resources

Bridgewell Resources LLC is a thriving, global supply chain management and sales organization with eight operating divisions including the Contractor Direct Division described here. With thirteen domestic offices and one office in China, Bridgewell spans the gap between supplier and customer with a product mix that includes agriculture, food, mat, wood, utility and construction products as well as renewable resources.   

Remaining innovative, responsive and strategic, regarding the “one-stop” customer solutions model will remain at the core of the Contractor Direct punch list in 2014 and beyond. 

Published on: July 9, 2014

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