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Howard Wallace “Wally” Scoggins III purchased Brazos Urethane Inc. (Brazos) in 2012. However, the leading roofing solutions company has been in business since 1987, providing and installing innovative products that extend the life of roofs and buildings for decades. Wally, personally, has been in the industry since 1969. “I began working in this industry as a laborer,” he explains. Wally’s experience has informed his leadership position, and he continues to push his team to perform safe, quality work.

Brazos employs over 100 people at peak season, operating out of eight locations all over the U.S. “We are a roofing, waterproofing and insulation contractor, specializing in the application of Sprayed Polyurethane Foam [SPF],” says Scoggins. “Our competitors are generally conventional roofing contractors. We are a national contractor with offices from California to Florida, and we warranty our roofs up to 20 years. Our personnel, training and dedication to safe operations set us apart from other contractors.”

Refined Operations

The business performs nearly everything in-house, guaranteeing an advanced level of quality control over each project. “We perform most roofing, waterproofing and insulation work with our own forces. We subcontract surface preparation, some sheet metal, plumbing, electrical and mechanical tasks.”

Scoggins and the team understand the importance of all aspects of working with a small network of reliable subcontractors. “Our niche is providing a complete building envelope that maximizes energy savings, waterproofing and air barrier systems for the most economical installations,” says Scoggins.

The company has a constant flow of projects running down the pipeline; new construction, repairs and renovations are all part of the market. While the team has completed hundreds of installations over the years, Scoggins notes that one project in particular stands out.

“The temporary repair of the Superdome roof after Hurricane Katrina was our proudest moment, although it was only $2.6 million,” he elaborates. “Brazos dried the entire building in 10 days. The best estimate from architects, consultants and other contractors was that it would take six months. The employees and managers of the Superdome know that the Brazos efforts saved the building from complete demolition.”

The brave hearts of Brazos continue to give back. “The replacement of the decking, steel beams and roof on the Superdome was a very rewarding project, as well. The $32,497,000 contract was the largest roofing contract ever done. It was completed in five months with the help of numerous subcontractors.”

Brazos is always up for a challenge, and other recent, unique projects include the rebuilding of a cold storage facility while still in operation. With product still in the building and employees still at work, logistics were vital. Again, the team pulled it off in record time, adhering to the allotted budget.

Safety and Quality

Scoggins explains that his team’s greatest indicator of performance is safety. “We celebrate safe completions only, not anniversaries,” he says. Qualified, trained supervisors work with leading technology to increase communication on the team and with clients. Every foreman is equipped with an iPad, a tool to help team members identify potential safety issues and review production from any location. “Safety is such an important factor to us here at Brazos because we are like a big family,” Scoggins says. “We want to be able to perform the best possible work that we can for our customers, in the safest way possible.” The tablets also help team members answer questions and instantly provide updates to customers.

On top of safe and efficient practices, Brazos uses leading products to protect major assets for clients. SPF is fast, durable and environmentally friendly. The lightweight and strong material can be applied in a number of ways to increase longevity, even under harsh conditions. The product requires little upkeep and can be reapplied in a single layer to reinforce an existing roof. Additionally, the substance has a low volatile organic compound emission, reduces energy costs for end-users by reflecting sunlight, and eliminates tear-off waste product down the line.

Brazos guarantees all of its SPF roof systems for 20 years. With leading expertise, the team offers lasting, economical solutions. “We rely on our suppliers to provide quality products at the best price point available,” Scoggins notes. “They are a great asset to our marketing capabilities, but we do our own marketing, sales, estimating and management.”

Maintaining a Market Share

While many businesses in the construction industry struggled throughout the recession, Scoggins says his team has been able to maintain steady growth. “We have been largely unaffected by the economic downturn,” he explains. “SPF is such an amazing insulation product that it remains in high demand. Our network of coverage across the country and our ability to travel increases our exposure to clients that recognize the features and benefits of our products.”

The recovery has produced an increase in business for the already thriving company. “The economy is definitely improving in every area we work in,” Scoggins elaborates. “The requests for quotes are increasing daily. It is obvious to our company that many large manufacturing facilities have original roofs that are up to 50 years old; most have been recovered with another roof and are now out of warranty. The costs to remove and replace are tremendous. Our systems allow for an economical solution to most waterproofing issues and are warranted up to 20 years.”

With a product that is so easy to stand behind, Brazos is positioned for steady growth over the next few years. However, Scoggins does plan to increase the business’ capabilities through an in-house training program, removing the limitations imposed by a perceived labor shortage. “We believe that the efficiency and the economics of being vertically integrated in this industry will create a very competitive environment and will drive our sales success,” he notes. With so many growing initiatives, Brazos Urethane Inc. is projected to grow by 30 percent in the next few years, holding a leading position in the industry.

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