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BNG Construction Inc.

Exceeding Project Expectations across Florida

Bettina and Greg Fulford founded BNG Construction Inc. (BNG) in 2002 as a general contractor business named using the initials of the wife-and-husband leadership team as well as their daughter, Nicole. Bettina runs the business as president with solid support from Greg, vice president of BNG. “I’m a concrete guy,” Greg explains. I was working two full-time jobs for the first several months after we started the company. I stayed with my former employer, working as a project manager, while managing this business with 15 employees. Bettina has a background in the medical and construction fields and she is currently working towards becoming a nurse practitioner.”

The team specializes in commercial projects, and has developed a niche in complex concrete work. Greg’s experience and established relationships within the industry have provided a solid foundation for the customer base. BNG works with major commercial contractors, including large local companies such as Ajax Building and Charles Parry Partners. Currently, the team consists of 60 employees working out of a single office in Sanford, Fla., about 20 minutes north of Orlando. This location offers the advantage of accessibility, allowing BNG to work all over the state.

Unique In-House Services

With a medium-sized team, BNG is able to perform a majority of contracts in-house, working as a general contractor or subcontractor on each site. Recent projects include an addition for the University of Florida, expanding the facilities for the school’s Asian Art Museum. Colleges are a growing demographic as funding returns for upgrades. The crew has also worked at Northwest Florida State College and Florida State University. Other projects include work on the Lake county Judicial Center, a six-story federal courthouse and Shands Hospital in Gainesville.

The company’s relationships offer strong support to projects. Whether working with suppliers or lead contractors, BNG is a loyal customer and a dedicated strategic partner. The business has received rave reviews from general contractors, and often works with the same partners on complex projects. The crew has become a familiar component of the projects undertaken by Pertree Constructors and J. Raymond Construction, both of which have offered up glowing testimonials and referrals for potential clients.

The positive performance comes back around in other ways. Greg takes great pride in the team, lauding their dedication and experience. “The most rewarding part of our work is being able to employ the large workforce we have,” he explains. “In return, we know we are supported well. Our employees have a secure job with us. We have a long average employee tenure. I have worked with some of our people for over 20 years.”

Managing Market Changes

The economic downturn presented challenges for many contractors over the last decade and BNG is no different. “In 2007 we had 200 employees,” Greg elaborates. “The past six years were troublesome. Now, the business is improving. We are seeing more opportunity for work and growth. All of our equipment and trucks were paid off in 2008, which really helped us streamline.” By managing expenses and tightening the company’s proverbial belt, Bettina and Greg were able to maintain steady business, albeit on a smaller scale. Now, the business is prepared to grow again as the industry makes a comeback.

“We are going to do what works for us,” he continues.Right now, we are in the process of a minor expansion. The economy has to turn around first. It is still tough right now with small profit margins, biut that is the only way to make it. We are doing a lot of medical and linear accelerator vaults and proton vaults projects. We just did the fifth proton vault in country, which is a concrete vault of differing thicknesses. Generally, we construct five to seven-foot thick walls, with up to 10-foot thick roofs. Proton That can take as much as 75 trucks of concrete. They run nuclear equipment in these buildings, so the vaults are important protection.

“The medical field is seeing a lot of growth right now,” he continues. “We have done some additions to hospitals and we are looking at more and more projects in the medical sector. All in all, we are feeling pretty optimistic.” By identifying new sectors of growth, BNG continues to reach out to new clients and strategic partners. These opportunities will fuel the company into the coming decade of business. Regardless of size, scope or end user, BNG Construction Inc. maintains a continued commitment to quality performance, integrity and safe practice.

Published on: December 19, 2013

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