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Bloomsdale Excavating: A Tradition of Teamwork, Integrity and Performance

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For over 65 years Bloomsdale Excavating (Bloomsdale) has been committed to strong family values that continue to define the company’s culture. The Missouri-based firm provides professional excavating, site development, heavy-civil industrial infrastructure, mining and environmental services. As a family-owned and -operated enterprise, Bloomsdale upholds long-standing customer relationships and values community interaction.

Building Tradition

Marvin Dury came home from his overseas post after World War II and founded Bloomsdale in 1946. “My grandfather started the company and we’ve kept the business in the family ever since,” explains Scott Dury, a member of the third generation of family ownership and the current president of Bloomsdale. “The ownership is split between 10 Dury family members.”

Marvin named Bloomsdale after the little Missouri town, and began excavating gravel from nearby creeks and delivering it to local farmers. Joined by his brother, Ralph, Marvin purchased new machinery and hired local employees who had a deep understanding of the family and valued teamwork.

As southern Missouri grew, so did Bloomsdale. The company found opportunities in well drilling and installing public water supplies and sewage collection. Bloomsdale continued to flourish as Marvin’s six sons joined the effort. The company expanded to include general contracting, road building and a wide variety of residential, commercial and heavy industrial services.

The principles Marvin founded Bloomsdale upon remain the center of the company’s current structure. Bloomsdale values long-term customer relationships, offering employees an outstanding place to work and the community it knows well.

“Family business runs deep in our veins,” shares Scott. “I feel a sense of great pride and honor to have the reins entrusted to me as the third generation.

Value-added Service

Today the company serves its entire home state, as well as Illinois, Kansas, Indiana and Kentucky, with the help of approximately 50 employees. Since Bloomsdale is so heavily focused on a family-style culture, the company treats its valued employees as such.

“We are dedicated to providing all employees meaningful and rewarding work experiences,” adds Scott. “Our employees recognized that they are our greatest assets. They are motivated to maintain the highest standards of quality and own a sense of responsibility for the final outcome of each project.” Bloomsdale provides all of the necessary training involved in the heavy equipment business, ensuring every employee is able to develop and learn more about the profession along the way.

The company’s supportive culture extends through the walls of Bloomsdale. “We really give value to our clients, as well,” explains Scott. “We’re methodical in our approach. We have strong management on every site, which makes jobs clean and tidy. Safety is also of the highest importance to us.”

The one thing tying all parties together on a project is safety. For Bloomsdale, safety is about full awareness of every activity on a work site. “We lead by doing,” shares Scott. “Each year we recognize the employee who best exemplifies Bloomsdale’s commitment to safety as the recipient of the Jack Cook Award.” With a proven job performance record and fewer injuries and loss-time accidents, Bloomsdale’s safety program serves as an example to industry peers.

A Performance-driven Company

Part of running a tight ship is a solid commitment to equipment maintenance. Bloomsdale’s highly trained technicians maintain and repair all company equipment in a state-of-the-art, 20,000-square-foot facility, or, if needed, in the field with the most advanced diagnostic tools and expertise.

According to Scott, the right people and best equipment make for the most productive results. “We have a long history of completing tough jobs,” details Scott. “Projects begin with in-house layout by our highly skilled control team of engineers, surveyors and technicians. Communication between all personnel is critical.”

The team’s level of communication has ensured the company continues to deliver high-quality projects, no matter how messy the job can get. Scott goes on to detail one of the team’s recent projects, as Bloomsdale finished a large landfill for the coal fire plant at Prairie Energy in Illinois.

“This was mainly a dirt job comprising of over 1.2 milliliter yards hauled out,” explains Scott. “The 1,600-megawatt campus involved a major amount of site development. The state-of-the-art power plant supplies scores of municipal power throughout southern Illinois, Ohio and Missouri.”

Of course, 65 years of business doesn’t come without ups and downs. “Recently market changes, foreign competition and a slow economy have stressed the business,” admits Scott. “However, this doesn’t mean I don’t see growth in the near future. We’ll be expanding our territories and offering more services despite tough competition.”

Teamwork, integrity and performance are key at Bloomsdale. The family-driven company relies on the foundation Marvin laid to continue into its sixth decade of success. Bloomsdale’s safe productivity, quality workmanship and solution-oriented approach ensure every job brings success. Bloomsdale Excavating continues to base business on honest relationships and quality work, which has been the standard for over 65 years.

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Published on: June 29, 2013

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