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Bio-Microbics Inc.

Creating better water treatment solutions for a better world

Since 1996, Bio-Microbics Inc. (BMI) has independently provided innovative wastewater and stormwater solutions to process, treat and reuse water throughout the world. The business began as a component of a larger wastewater conglomerate, which was first established in the 1940s. Today, BMI serves clients in 64 countries worldwide and has delivered more than 48,000 products to individuals and communities across the globe.

Bio-Microbics, US Builders Review, BMI“I started out in this industry on the big flow side of water and wastewater treatment,” says Bob Rebori, president of BMI. “I did that for about 15 years, managing field installation with construction crews. I worked mostly in the United States, as well as on projects in Mexico and the Bahamas. It always bothered me how expensive it was to put them in and how difficult and expensive these systems were to maintain. When I started here, I knew we had to focus on simplicity and low cost. Everything else takes care of itself.”

Simple, low-cost and robust

BMI specializes in innovative and broad-reaching solutions to wastewater and stormwater management problems. Beyond that, the business has built a reputation for providing products that meet the highest worldwide performance and safety standards for treatment of water, wastewater and rainwater. The company serves clients at land and at sea, with a niche in building durable products and systems that are both efficient and easy to maintain.

“Everything that we create has to meet our simple, low-cost and robust concept for all equipment and accessories,” Rebori elaborates. “About 97 percent of product development funds go toward making products simple, low cost and robust. We have literally thousands of competitors around the world and there are hundreds of thousands of people who can treat water well. We set ourselves apart by creating value.”

Broad applications

BMI incorporates three separate businesses, all with a unique set of products and related services. “We have a great deal of diversity here in both our people and products,” says Rebori. “We serve a lot of different markets and our business is more complicated in product offering and markets served than any of our competitors around the world.”

Rebori explains that BMI markets its products and systems to all constituents in the construction industry. “That includes architects, engineers, developers, builders, installers, service providers, regulatory agencies and government officials,” he continues. “We have a lot of things that different people have interest in for different markets and applications. The educational component of our website and our presence at trade show events is to answer questions that come from different groups with different interests. Maybe a developer wants to develop land that might not be approved under current regulations. They are working with poor soils or the site is not close enough to sewer grade. We have a solution that will allow the developer to treat wastewater, discharge it safely into the soil and allow them to move forward with a project.”

The business also offers higher density equipment for housing developments or shopping malls. Owners, architects and engineers are attracted to BMI because of the water reuse component, which offers the obvious advantage in the cases of water shortages, as well as an economic advantage.

“We are promoting more of a carrot on a stick approach,” Rebori explains. “Where many systems work on a punitive model, we say go ahead and spend the money. Our clients will be allowed to develop their projects and our systems allow them to reuse water for something beneficial.”

Water can be reused in many ways. which Rebori says few people outside his industry consider. The company got a major start in the early years providing water processing systems for marine applications. “Washing things down on deck and flushing toilets are great applications for water reuse on ships,” says Rebori. The team meets International Maritime Organization standards, as well as national and regional requirements.

“In Dubai, builders use expensive desalinated water to cure concrete in the heat in order to keep it from cracking,” Rebori adds. “Our systems allow builders to treat wastewater from worker camps, which is less expensive and a perfect application. We also work for a lot of commercial buildings that use cooling towers. Our systems can treat wastewater so businesses can use it for cooling applications. In big box stores, there is a lot of floor washing at night, which is another great use for treated wastewater Local delivery companies and local plumbing companies may have a fleet of service vehicles and they can reuse wastewater to wash vehicles.”

Looking ahead

Rebori sees a growing future in water reuse technology. He and his team participate in green-building discussions, as well as the U.S. Greenbuild Council’s annual GreenBuild convention.

“A lot of focus is put on water efficiency and conservation, but water reuse is often overlooked,” he elaborates. “As far as return on investment, water reuse is the future. Some places have an excess of water and flooding issues; in other parts of the world, drought. We develop better water management systems designed to work in both extremes. It may sound crazy, but there is a finite amount of fresh water on the planet that humans can access. In our lifetime, people will not want to reuse treated wastewater from a city anymore. We believe that they will want to treat and drink their own recycled water over and over again.”

BMI has found a growing worldwide market for its products and systems. Rebori takes great pride in the successes of his team. “The biggest point of pride for us is that totally unsolicited, engineers, architects and other customers will tell us how much they enjoyed working with our distributors and employees. We have a professional and knowledgeable team. If they don’t know the answer to a question, they don’t fake it. They find the information and get back to our clients and potential partners in a timely manner.”

These positive customer experiences have produced a flood of repeat and referral business for BMI. The company relies heavily on word-of-mouth advertisement. Rebori and his team stand by the quality of their work as Bio-Microbics Inc. presses forward building innovative technology for broad water treatment applications across the world.

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