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Bes-Tech Inc.

Reducing energy usage and maximizing energy efficiency to bring a brighter, greener future

Founded in 2003 by Minsheng Liu, Bes-Tech Inc. is a building energy efficiency engineering and technology company that focuses on reducing energy demand and usage and maximizing energy efficiency.

Minsheng Liu, Ph.D, CEO, owner and founder of Bes-Tech, was group leader and co-founder of continuous commissioning in Texas A&M from 1992 to 1999. Today, his goal is to optimize HVAC and building control systems to reduce building energy consumption. Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station, which currently holds the trademarks for Continuous Commissioning.

Moving to Omaha to begin integrating optimization and retrofit to minimize both the cost and energy consumption at the University of Nebraska, Liu decided to start his own company with the goal of lowering the carbon footprint of the built environment.

Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Bes-Tech celebrated its 10-year anniversary in 2013. The company employs approximately 50 people, mostly field and product engineers.

The company has two main components: engineering services, knowns as TPOR that provides advanced retro-fits and retro-commissions building services, as well as its Digi- line of patented technology HVAC product.

“All of our product development comes as a result of field engineering work, realizing there are opportunities to improve the building’s performance beyond the existing current technology or product offering,” explains Bruce Geary, vice president of sales and marketing. “We use our products with our engineering services, but we also distribute our patented products to our competitors, our dealer channel or direct Fortune 500 clients.”

High-tech success

One of Bes-Tech’s developed products is the Digi-RTU. Winner of the American Public Power Association’s DEED Energy Innovator Award in 2011, the Digi-RTU application is for the retro-fit optimization of HVAC roof-top units.

“This is an example of when we said, ‘This is different’,” says Geary. “There’s got to be a way to positively impact this system.”

The Digi-RTU system uses load-matching technology, which controls the speed and capacity of the compressors, supply fan, economizer and DVC functionality while also providing individual unit fault detection and diagnostics and load limit capability in the instances of a demand event expected 40 percent to 60 percent average in energy reduction (kWh), the Digi-RTU works to complement already install building (BAS) or space t-stat technologies, not replace it.

“The control system is not designed to be the beginning and end of nirvana,” laughs Geary. “But the control system is a higher level management tool. Our technologies micromanage HVAC building components, in a way these system can’t. Both are needed.” The Digi-RTU has brought great success to Bes-Tech, but it is far from its only product.

With a line of meters and controllers, and six main Digi solutions, Bes-Tech is innovating products for numerous systems. The Digi-CRAC works specifically for air conditioning units in computer rooms, Digi-ACC is a control kit for air-cooled chiller systems and Digi-VAV maintains fan airflow and intake for large AHU’s with terminal boxes. All three, as well as the Digi RTU, have been recognized by the Los Angeles Better Buildings Challenge. This recognition prompted the LA BBC to include Bes-Tech as a partner for its energy saving initiative.

Bes-Tech not only installs its products but also provides after-installation services and maintenance. “When we do our engineering services, we always guarantee our work,” explains Geary. “We guarantee the outcomes, and we will stay with that building for one year on a month-to-month basis to make sure the technologies, whether ours or those of others, are functioning properly.” Providing such services guarantees long-term and repeat customers, and often leads to new clients if a building changes ownership.

While based in Omaha, Bes-Tech has a reach across the United States, Latin America, Asia and Europe. With major Fortune 500 clients, such as AT&T, Merck and CitiGroup, the company has found great success with its Digi products and engineering services.

Growing green

As a member of the United States Green Building Council, Bes-Tech is bringing its energy efficiency innovations to the green building forefront. The membership augments the company’s reputation with clients and helps solidify Bes-Tech as one of the leaders in the green industry.

“There is an instant recognition with clients,” says Geary. “We try to participate as much as possible.” Through its award winning, nationally recognized products, Bes-Tech is adding more and more innovation to the green industry.

With more people joining the green building movement, Bes-Tech is finding it easier to market its products and change the way people look at HVAC systems. “We are showing the industry that there are other ways to do things as it concerns controls, chillers and rooftop conditioning,” Geary explains. “I have seen a lot more acceptance of difference and change.”

Bes-Tech’s success as a building energy, engineering and technology company is fueled by its innovation and its dedication to its products. With the green industry thriving, the company has found a niche in developing and utilizing its energy efficiency products. As more companies use its products and services, Bes-Tech Inc. will continue to make a name for itself as a client first, creative, green building innovator.

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