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Bennett & Brosseau Roofing Inc.

Raising the Roofing Standard

Bennett & Brosseau Roofing Inc. (B & B) puts emphasis in quality on every roofing project the company takes on. Headquartered in Romeoville, Ill., B & B has established itself as a leader in the roofing industry through performing work across the state and in areas across the Midwest since 1971.

Ken Apicella, a project manager at B& B, reports the company was officially incorporated in 1979, and remains family-owned today. The team continues to take pride in delivering innovative, cost-effective solutions to roofing problems, while ensuring quality environments and attention to customer service.

“Our work focuses on the more difficult projects,” says Apicella. “That is what we excel at. We also focus on quality and safety. These are things we key on.”

The company’s day-to-day management of estimating, operations, accounting, sales and marketing is handled by George Patterson, president of B & B. Patterson’s comprehensive roofing expertise and knowledge is continuously cultivated through hands-on troubleshooting and problem-solving of an assortment of roofing applications for a wide range of customers, including industrial, commercial, institutional, retail and more.

Patterson is also active in the roofing industry. In 2006 he completed the Pilot SpecRight Program training session developed by the National Roofing Contractors Association, which provides tools that help building owners make informed decisions about roofing systems. The program is specifically aimed toward managing how to conserve energy and protect the environment through roof system design, materials, installation and maintenance. In 2013 Patterson is serving as Chicago Roofing Contractors Association secretary and as co-chair of the association’s industry affairs committee.

Apicella, as well as all company project managers, share Patterson’s passion to excel, and explains B & B’s focus is working in industries where operations need to continue while roofing work is done. “We like to do work on high-rises with difficult access or buildings that must stay open and operating,” he says. “We do a lot of work in food processing plants and in the health care industry, too. We need to be able to repair or replace the roof and make sure that the building can keep up with its day to day operations.”

Difficult Jobs

B & B has worked with a lot of companies interested in environmental sustainability. When it comes to roofing, this typically means a green roof design. “We feel green roofs are the way of the future,” says Apicella. “We have a horticulturist on staff that helps us design and maintain green roofs.”

The company has three areas of green roofs on headquarters in Romeoville. This allows potential customers to actually see what options are available during the design process.

If customers can’t visit B & B headquarters, Apicella mentions all are welcome to visit Chicago. B & B was hired to install the green roof on Chicago City Hall. This was actually the first green roof in the city and serves to promote research and educational outreach within the context of Midwestern region’s climate.

B & B completed the roof installation in 2001 that was designed to test different types of green roof systems, heating and cooling benefits, success rates of native and nonnative vegetation and reductions in rainwater runoff. The design includes lightweight soils between 4- to 18-inch depths, which were mixed based on guidelines developed in Germany. While the public can’t necessarily access Chicago City Hall’s rooftop, it can be seen from 33 taller buildings in the area.

B & B has a crew of 90 employees in the field to build the final product, as well as six project managers and a support staff available to help customers design a roofing system. “We do a lot of negotiated work,” says Apicella. “We base our suggestions on what’s best for the client. The information that we base our suggestions on includes the type of building, do they plan on keeping the building, do they want a long-term or quick fix, and what is available in their budget comes into play, as well.”

Maintaining Roofs and Safety

BBR has an entire company division dedicated to roof maintenance. The company advises clients to perform semiannual roof inspections, budget for maintenance and repair work, as well as understand roof management can reduce collateral damages in the future.

As BBR is advising clients to keep ahead of the curve in managing a roof to reduce future expenses and building damage, the company is working closely with its staff to promote safety while on the job. Through extensive effort and attention to detail, B & B has maintained an Experience Modification Rate below 1.0, the industry average, for more than a decade.

This dedication to safety has led to many awards recognizing BBR. The company earned LEADER Status through the Chicagoland Roofing Safety Partnership Program between 2004 and 2006. During the same period, Firestone Building Products awarded the company with Inner Circle of Quality Award and Master Contractor Status.

As the construction industry continues to grow stronger in the rebounding economy, Patterson and his staff foresee a strong future. Bennett & Brosseau Roofing Inc. will continue to thrive for years to come.

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