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B&B Industrial Services Inc.

27 Years of Solid Refractory Service and a Trusted Team

Since 1986, B&B Industrial Services Inc. (B&B) has been supporting industrial manufacturing operations with the latest refractory materials and installation procedures. The California based- industrial contractor works in close collaboration with clients, engineers, refractory manufacturers and specialists alike to stay current in an ever-changing industry.

Lyndon Brewer, president and co-founder of B&B, knows a thing or two about the ebb and flow of the manufacturing industry after 35 years of experience. “I started out as a brick layer,” he reveals. “At the time, I was working for a contractor performing new construction on a power plant and installing the boiler refractory. I’ve been in the industry ever since.”

Nationwide Service

In 1986 Lyndon and several partners formed B&B, applying combined decades of experience. “In 1991, we changed the company name when a few of the original partners left, but we’ve been doing refractory business since the beginning,” adds Lyndon.

B&B now serves manufacturers on a national scale. “Our corporate office is in Fontana, Calif.,” notes Lyndon. “We also have a branch office in Salt Lake City and Richmond, Ky. We have eight full-time field employees, but depending on the job and amount of subcontractors, that number can jump to over 100.”

Lyndon says B&B is in high demand around the country due to the team’s highly specialized skill set and ability to deliver a wide range of projects. “We could be doing a job in Colorado tomorrow and one in Texas the next day,” he reveals. “Our line of work is really a specialty and there aren’t a lot of others who can do it. We’ve worked in nearly every state nationwide; last year, we worked in 22 different states.”

Lyndon says the experience of the B&B team is what really makes the difference. “Prior to the incorporation of B&B, our staff worked for some of the largest refractory contractors in the U.S. and abroad,” he shares. “They were involved in installing refractories in a large number of new projects and maintenance jobs.”

B&B’s teams offer industrial construction and maintenance in various industries, from aluminum and steel plants to cement and copper, lime and mineral products, waste and energy plants.

“One of our biggest clients is Mitsubishi Cement in Lucerne Valley, Calif.,” mentions Lyndon. “We go to their location where we perform the demolition and installation of refractory materials.”

Complete Capabilities

B&B has the capabilities and manpower to install stainless, ceramic, cast alloy and stud- welded anchors, as well as brick installations in rotary kilns, arches, suspended roofs, cyclones and ducts, in addition to gunite and rammed plastic refractories. The team is also capable of installing all types of shotcrete, vibe-cast and pump cast castable refractories, ceramic fiber blankets and modules, as well as acid brick and protective coatings, including tank linings, trenches, floors, walls and pads.

“We do everything we can to meet our customer’s needs,” explains Lyndon. “That’s one reason we offer 24-hour service, so we can respond to any emergency they may have. We also take great pride in keeping our equipment up-to-date and well-maintained.”

Staying on top of industry trends is a huge part of B&B’s business, as new, improved materials and applications are frequently rolled out. According to Lyndon, shotcreting and pump casting are quickly becoming a preferred method of installing monolithic linings with new developments in materials, equipment technology and reduced cost.

“Today, nearly every integrated steel mill, cement plant and petro-chemical installation utilize shotcreting and pump casting as part of their refractory process. Higher outputs combined with excellent refractory properties, due to the percentage of water in the mix, have contributed to this trend. There’s almost no dust when using this method – an advantage in a confined area; it’s also formless and rehabilitation to any type of structure can be executed with little to no down time,” reads an excerpt from the company’s website.

But even with industry-leading capabilities in-house, Lyndon says B&B was no match for the recession. “In 2009 and 2010 sales dropped by 50 percent,” he shares. “We were forced to lay people off and had to cut back to survive. There’s still not as much work and our profit margins are slim.”

Lyndon is not ashamed to admit that it has been a tough four years, especially in the cement industry. “The economy is getting a little better and I foresee some growth but it all depends on the circumstances,” he explains. “More and more operational plants are importing from overseas to meet demands instead of expanding or building new plants and that’s what affects us the most.”

Despite a troubling economic situation, B&B remains one of the few in a niche market with a tremendous size and scope of in-house service. B&B Industrial Services Inc. has adapted to an ever-changing manufacturing industry, promoting highly trained professionals delivering expert service and longstanding relationships.

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