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Avo Construction

Creating the future of sustainability in the Big Apple

Avo Construction is a full-service construction, general contracting and management firm. Located in Tribeca, New York, Avo takes a collaborative and efficient approach to the construction process, focusing on high-end interior residential as well as ground-up construction, working seamlessly with architects, engineers and designers. Avo facilitates the successful realization of client designs through a process of genuine team integration and participation throughout the life of each project.

Founded in 2011 by Rocco Basile after many successful years in the Brooklyn real estate market, Avo was the culmination of a lifetime of construction experience and education. “Born in a construction family, I started learning about the industry from an early age” recalls Basile. Undaunted by the recession, Basile boldly undertook to recruit the best construction experts in their fields and cultivated an environment of excitement and sophistication that was able to place the company in a position for success.

Avo Construction

“It was risky, but we had some marquis jobs lined up that would truly put our new team to the test,” he recounts. In early 2013, Basile brought John Dwyer into the fold as the director of construction and gave Avo a whole new dimension. Avo has now brought its ideals to projects all across the city from traditional Upper West Side townhouses to modern Tribeca terraced apartments to cutting edge SoHo penthouses and everything in-between.

As a young company, Avo has developed and honed its abilities that present numerous benefits to its clients. “One of the company’s strengths is its practical and real-world value-engineering capability,” Dwyer says. Avo’s team is able to examine the function of a space and by working one-on-one with each client, determine methods of improving the function or reducing the cost. “We’re very involved in the construction process with our clients,” says Basile. “We are very hands on with our architects, engineers and clients to ensure that we create the best space possible.”

Avo is a boutique company and its relatively small size also allows for management to be intimately involved in each and every project, diligently engaging in the process. “We all work very closely together,” says Victoria Wint, contracts manager for Avo. “Each person within our team represents who we are on a day-to-day basis.”

A state-of-the-art residential community

Avo is currently involved in a project that is a state-of-the-art design in sustainable living. 210 Pacific Street is a collection of handsome, well-appointed and environmentally intelligent residences that deliver a high quality of living. Located in the northeast corner Brooklyn’s exclusive Boerum Hill neighborhood, 210 Pacific Street features full- and half-floor apartments that offer inspired living by way of sustainable design.

Building amenities include: enclosed parking with electric vehicle car charging capability, private terraces, rooftop cabanas, a fitness room and a common recreation space. 210 Pacific Street incorporates the Passive House approach to sustainability where extensive insulation, individual energy-recovery units and triple-glazed windows all contribute to an extremely efficient living environment. The buildings advanced solar hot water system ensures optimum energy independence while also creating a positive environmental impact.

The building totals 28,000 square feet of living space and contains a uniquely designed and handcrafted façade that features more than 13,000 custom hand stamped brass tiles. With a projected completion date set for May 2016, all nine units of 210 Pacific Street have already been sold.

John Dwyer says that one of the most interesting features of 210 Pacific Street is the insulated concrete forms (ICF) that were utilized in the construction of the structure. “Instead of using traditional masonry or steel to build the perimeter, we used Styrofoam cells as a form to pour the concrete within,” he says. “It was very unique to have a malleable building material that we could shape and create our angles. It was akin to building with Legos as we went floor-by-floor.”

Integrating the slab into the perimeter walls also presented a challenge to Avo. “Rebar is already a non-forgiving material and we were using heavy rebar, sometimes #11’s, which are huge,” recalls Dwyer. “Marrying and interlacing that into the soft Styrofoam assembly was tricky but exciting.”

Avo has established strong relationships within its local industry with suppliers, vendors and subcontractors. On a project as high-end as 210 Pacific Street, Avo turned to its solid database of subcontractors that the company knew was up to the task of constructing a first-of-its-kind facility. “We have many strategic business partners that we work with on a regular basis,” says Dwyer. “We usually rotate through the subcontractors we use so as to maintain a healthy and fair working relationship. On this project we brought the very best.”

Building such a unique facility presents a rewarding opportunity to the Avo team. “Having grown up in the city, it’s great to know that we are contributing to the future growth of residential properties and with as little environmental impact as possible,” says Basile. Not only is 210 Pacific Street a beautiful piece of property, it displays what sustainability goals can achieve and a vision for a better future by Avo Construction.

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