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Austin Construction LLC

30 years of trusted site work in New York

For three decades, general contractors, city and county planners, landowners and developers have trusted Austin Construction LLC’s reputation for getting the job done on time and within budget. By creating a family atmosphere at his company, Mike Austin is continuing the business practices set forth by his father when he started the company 30 years ago. Located in Campbell, New York, Austin Construction is a concrete, asphalt and dirt moving contracting company that has been built on delivering exactly what the company promises. “There are no excuses for not doing something that you said you would,” says Austin. “You can’t let weather or any other unforeseen issues get in the way.”

This philosophy was instilled in Austin as he was growing up on a dairy farm. As the oldest of three children, his father depended on him to take on many responsibilities and be a leader at an early age. “If it was 10 degrees below zero outside, I still had to go feed the cows,” Austin recalls. “That has been a great trait for me to follow because it has really led me in the right direction.”

Building a reputation

Austin says that the culture sets his company apart from the local competition. “We also move dirt very well,” says Austin. “When someone hires us to complete a job, they are trusting us. We honor that trust by doing whatever it takes to make them satisfied.” From industrial facilities to educational institutions, no job is too big or too small for Austin Construction.

The reputation that Austin Construction has established has proven to be an asset in helping the company weather the economic downturn. By maintaining relationships with clients through its quality work and excellent customer service, the company survived the recession and business is on the upswing. “We have working relationships with some general contractors who really value what we do,” says Austin. “This is important because those folks take care of us. Sometimes it can be difficult to get paid on time for the work that you do.”

A multitalented team

With its experience and expertise, Austin Construction maintains the ability to complete a diverse set of projects. “Diversification is the key to success,” shares Austin. From gravel pits to educational institutions and residential projects, Austin Construction has completed thousands of jobs for numerous markets.

In the higher education sector, Austin Construction has performed site construction and concrete work for Alfred University in Alfred, New York, and the State University of New York in Geneseo, New York. The company also performed site construction and concrete work for local school districts Hornell and Elmira.

Reshaping the ground’s surface to planned grades, following the engineering survey evaluation and layout, provides more suitable topography for construction, controls surface runoff and minimizes soil erosion and sedimentation both during and after construction.

Through a number of different channels, Austin Construction controls water and wind erosion throughout construction. By preserving existing natural erosion barriers, terracing or benching steep slopes and protecting the site with silt fencing, sediment will settle from runoff before water leaves the construction site. To protect the natural environment from damage during construction, Austin Construction installs temporary drives for construction sites. Retaining walls slow or prevent runoff and irrigation waters from carrying away soil thus preventing oversaturation that can damage the site’s trees.

Installation of site utilities like industrial waste lines, force mains, water lines, large diameter pipe and sanitary and storm sewer systems are required at the early phase of site preparation. Austin Construction works with engineers, planners and developers to ensure proper placement of all utilities.

While many folks in the construction industry claim that one of the biggest challenges they face is finding and recruiting a solid workforce, Austin is comfortable with his ability to hire good employees. With combined office and field staff, Austin Construction employs approximately 25 people, many of whom have been with the company for many years. “The philosophy that I instill on everybody is to do as good a job as they would not only on the property, but my property,” says Austin. “By approaching each job as though your boss was the customer has a way of getting the best work from people.”

In the near future, Austin says he aims to increase the company’s market share and clients, while adhering to the same level of quality standards, while Austin Construction LLC remains a trusted name in the New York construction industry.

Published on: August 19, 2016


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