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Aspenmark Roofing and Solar LLC

Leading Roofing and Energy Contractors in Northern Texas

In 2007 Chris Zazo discovered a growing market opportunity in the Dallas-Fort Worth region of Texas. With decades of experience on the supply end of the steel and drywall industries, the entrepreneur set out to offer material, installation and maintenance services to the roofing sector.

Zazo founded Aspenmark Roofing and Solar LLC (Aspenmark) as a growing provider of an evolving range of products and services. The company continues to expand as the years go by, attracting repeat clients in the commercial, residential and industrial markets.

Zazo continues to lead the company as CEO, overseeing a staff of 22 employees. Recognizing the potential for strained relationships between clients and roofers, the team strives to offer professional service that leaves a strong, positive impression.

“Our business could be essentially the same as all our competitors, if all we offered was material and labor,” Zazo explains. “The main thing that most differentiates us from other roofing contractors is how our clients feel before, during and after the sale or service.”

In return, the Aspenmark team has established a great rapport with clients. As a long-term businessman, Zazo recognizes the value of a positive image. “We know that in this day and age, social media can give you a black eye quickly,” he notes. “We have a stellar reputation with our clients and have never had a complaint about our level of service. When you have someone who is not 100 percent satisfied, you deal with problems as they arise by conducting yourself in a professional manner. How we leave a job and communicate with our client makes a big difference.”

Diverse Products and Services

The company’s roofing division offers year-round service to clients within 100 miles of the office in Dallas. “We have a 365-day per year opportunity and not just with our spring storms,” Zazo explains. “There is always new construction or roofs that need work. Maintenance and repair is a big push we are driving that allows us to have revenue on a monthly basis. Our approach is to plan for no storms, so when we get them it is a supplement to our business. For everything else, we go out and network to dig up business.”

In addition to roofing, Aspenmark has diversified into a number of related services. The team installs insulation, ventilation, solar systems, gutters and even acrylic bath liners under subsidiary company BathLogix. “We can turn around a good, quick bath renovation in a day or two,” Zazo points out. “There are a lot of opportunities there, not just homes, but also hotels and apartments.”

The crew has been involved in a number of challenging projects in recent years. “It’s kind of an interesting networking story,” Zazo explains. “I’m an Ohio State alumnus and through an old chain of emails, a fellow alum had forwarded on our information to a friend who owns a major industrial business. They were in the market for a new roof and reached out to us. We bid and won the contract fair and square.”

Unfortunately, shortly after, the facility was racked by a monster hailstorm. “They asked us to come back and we nearly had to redo the entire campus,” Zazo continues. “We have developed a relationship over the years with them so now we continue to provide them with a high level of service whether that is maintenance or emergency work. Knowing they can trust us; that we can perform the work in a timely manner and get them back to their core business, makes the relationship even stronger.”

Continued Growth

Aspenmark remains a relatively small business. With that, Zazo knows firsthand the ups and downs of the business. “Our goal is smart growth, not rapid growth,” he explains. “Explosive expansion may not be a bad thing, but we want to maintain the financial integrity of this company, as well as a high level of quality in service. We know the success of our employees is dependent on the success of our business and we want as much of that to transfer to them as possible.”

Zazo goes on to note that when he started Aspenmark in his house, he never dreamed of what was coming. “Now we have 22 people,” he says with a smile. “Our overhead has grown, but we have also built a family environment for our employees. They do the real work in the trenches every day and we want to share what we have with them. I’m incredibly grateful for our team and they do an outstanding job every day.”

Continued success also hinges on successful partnerships with other businesses. Therefore, Aspenmark has established relationships with manufacturers and other suppliers that help keep costs low and quality high.

“We partner on every trade, but can handle most work associated with an insurance claim,” he continues. “We work with insurance companies and their clients in order to offer a complete service that serves the needs of everyone involved.”

As time goes on, the business will continue to grow. Zazo places heavy emphasis on quality delivery and his team works together well, striving to maintain a well-deserved, good reputation. Aspenmark Roofing and Solar LLC is making major strides, not only in residential installations, but also both commercial and industrial projects for a diverse and growing set of services and clients.

Published on: July 9, 2014

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