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Alumiglass LLC

Powerful Protection in Glass and Glazing Systems

Alumiglass LLC (Alumiglass) is a specialty subcontractor based in Boca Raton, Fla., that designs, fabricates and installs structural glazing systems for commercial, residential and industrial construction. Founded in 1975, the company has almost 40 years experience in the industry and produces custom protective glass and wall solutions from South Florida to keep in comfortable environments and keep out everything from hurricanes and floods to bomb-blast debris. Ernesto Mitsumasu, executive vice president at Alumiglass, is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, and he has over a decade of valuable experience in operations management and business.

Alumiglass’ 50-person team has the knowledge to recommend the most appropriate glass products and glazing systems for any job, whether a client needs energy efficiency, impact resistance, or any combination of performance and aesthetics. Adding to Alumiglass’ ability to tailor a solution to fit any job is the fact that the company has developed a reliable line of high-tech products dubbed “Alumiwall.”Alumiglass LLC

The systems are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and pressure resistance and have been installed in retail stores, commercial office buildings, medical centers, airports, luxury condominiums and schools. “We manufacture the Alumiwall product line right here,” says Ernesto. “It’s a four-sided structural glazed system.”

The Alumiwall system has become popular for its durability and attractiveness. Alumiglass can make its frames virtually disappear for a more aesthetic style as determined by the architects with whom the company coordinates.

Durability and Dependability

For storefronts, the Alumiwall 4500 system offers the safety of a successful +/-80 pounds per square-foot (psf) impact test. Additionally, the 4500 series offers protection from floods and has been water-tested to pressures of 20 psf. Alumiwall 4500 is a fit for businesses looking for protection from hurricane debris and smash-and-grab theft. For buildings that need extra protection, particularly multiple-story structures in coastal environments and flood zones, Alumiglass produces the Alumiwall system in a 6000 and a 6400 series.

Alumiwall 6000 has been impact-tested to 90 psf and water-tested to 20 psf. The 6000 series is approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as a flood barrier and is recommended for use in high-velocity hurricane zones. Alumiglass recently completed a project for Lynn Insurance. The insurance company’s new building makes use of Alumiwall 6000. “This product was chosen for its appearance, performance and adherence to the architect’s vision,” Mitsumasu recalls. Lynn Insurance and its builders were also attracted to Alumiwall’s minimal heat transfer, keeping the heat out and the cool in.

By the end of 2012 Alumiglass plans another large installation of one of its Alumiwall systems. The University of Miami is building a new Student Activity Center, a 120,000-square foot facility with dining, retail, student organization offices and a ballroom. The three-story building is covered in tall external glass surfaces, and presented a set of requirements that further exhibited the sturdy nature of Alumiwall.

“We applied new tests for large and small missile impact and pressure resistance,” Mitsumasu states. “Testing on such large-size panels for the chosen Alumiwall system had never been done before. Being completely focused on delivering the best solution for our clients, we developed an innovative solution to accommodate this and meet our client’s expectations.” He believes Alumiglass will be ready to install the panels within a few months.

Breaking into New Markets

The research and design department at Alumiglass is constantly revising designs and innovations to offer added protection. Clients often reach out to the company for custom materials and Alumiglass is always prepared to take on the challenge of new specifications to meet customer needs, producing custom products from its 27,000-square foot fabrication plant.

“We’ve been selected to install bullet-resistant glass at a technological facility not far from our office in Boca Raton,” says Ernesto. “We’re finishing up a flood barrier system installation for a client in Central Florida.” Flood hazard protection is a growing industry and Alumiglass is taking steps toward breaking into the market. The company also offers photovoltaic glass for solar energy and privacy panels – windows that go from clear to tinted or frosted with the push of a button. Privacy glass has been popular in new construction and retrofitting of hospitals as an alternative to curtains in patient and operating rooms.

Before going into production, however, Alumiglass’ products are subject to testing in the field and at the laboratory. Typical tests rate products for resistance to wind, water, impact and bomb blasts. Regular quality control monitoring is applied at the company’s manufacturing facility. Alumiglass is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council and its photovoltaic glass and low-heat transfer glass is often featured in LEED-certified new building projects. The company’s test-proven products and dedication to innovation and service has attracted long-term repeat customers.

Corporacion Furukawa – an industry leader based in Peru with a successful history of over 60 years – purchased Alumiglass in 2010. The purchase afforded Alumiglass industrial support and a reinforced business infrastructure drawing on Corporacion Furukawa’s 800 full-time employees. When combined with Alumiglass’ existing knack for inventive manufacturing and existing customer relationships, Corporacion Furukawa’s infrastructure has allowed Alumiglass to immensely expand its products and services. Over the next five years, Mitsumasu is hoping to expand the company’s footprint further outside state.

Clients have awarded Alumiglass glowing reviews, and Mitsumasu is proud to represent a company that has received high honors for its innovations and integrity, which he reflects on with pride. “Sometimes I think it’s inspiring that we can make these things happen,” explains Mitsumasu. “It’s amazing when we realize that our finished products help create secure buildings that withstand intense forces of nature, and at the same time they make for stunning visual displays that everyone can enjoy. That’s what keeps us going.”

These structures are a testament to hold the company has delivered expert advice, skilled craftsmanship and professional, on-time installation for nearly four decades. The remarkable durability and flexible application of Alumiglass LLC products will assist the company in successfully extending its reach to architects and builders worldwide.

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