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Building a Better Backbone for the Framing Industry for 25 Years

For more than 25 years, the carpentry contractors of All-tech Inc. (All-tech) have played an active role in the East Coast construction world. An industry leader through and through, New Jersey-based All-tech has pioneered innovations and advances in framing technologies since its inception in 1989.

“The structural frame is one of the most important components of any building,” notes Jalsa Urubshurow, founder and CEO of All-tech. “Our work also affects more trades than anyone else on the job. We impact everyone and the schedule, from mechanical contractors to sheet rockers and exterior finishers- they need us before they can get in and do their job.”

Urubshurow goes on to note that All-tech has developed many unique, independent advancements over the years to ensure successful and forward-thinking project completion. Furthermore, All-tech’s in-house draftsman review and value-engineer the structural and architectural blueprints of each job, which serves as the main backbone of a project.

The company’s directors, senior project managers, project administrators and jobsite supervisors manage a workforce of hundreds of skilled carpenters with specialties in framing, sheathing, fascia and block out work. “We have pioneered advances in framing services from systemized analysis and interpretation of blueprints, milled packages, on-site panelization, to a standardized quality assurance process from foundation to roof,” shares Urubshurow.

All-Tech Inc.Laying the Framework for Innovation

All-tech has been innovation-driven from the start thanks to Urubshurow. “I started in the construction industry working for my uncle on weekends and through the summer,” he recalls. “I started from the bottom, picking up rusty nails and straightening them. I come from a long line of carpenters, my father, my uncle and my brother; we’re all carpenters.”

After dropping out of college his junior year, Urubshurow went to work in the carpentry field fulltime. “I started All-tech with about eight guys officially in 1989,” he recounts. “From 1989 to 1993 was the worst recession in housing the U.S. had seen, but we grew by nearly 1,500 percent during those years as a rough framing contractor. In fact, at our peak, we were the largest framing contractor in the U.S. according to the National Association of Home Builders.”

In 2006, at the company’s peak, All-tech was framing anywhere from 100 to 150 homes a week in the New York, New Jersey and the Pennsylvania tri-state area. “We also provided lumber for a good 40 percent of our projects, offering turnkey delivery,” notes Urubshurow.

With such early success, Urubshurow set out to perfect not only his business but also to improve industry standards across the board. “We created guidelines for project management and standard operating procedures, which led the NAHB to select All-tech as one of three framing companies to aid in the development of a national certification program. All-tech was the only framer in New Jersey certified by the NAHB for a long time and we set the bar high in terms of quality control.”

For more than two decades, All-tech has been the only framing company to regularly exhibit and participate in the Atlantic Builders Convention, the East Coast’s largest gathering of industry professionals.

Expert Coordination in High-density Areas

Based in Monroe Township, Middlesex County, N.J., All-tech remains a pivotal player in the industry throughout the state, as well as into New York and Pennsylvania. “We do everything from million-dollar custom homes to multifamily, steel frame construction to active adult communities,” shares Pedro Loureiro, longtime employee who has worked his way up through the ranks from a laborer to his current position as president of All-tech.

One of All-tech’s most recent developments is The Winston in Mineola, N.Y., for Mill Creek Residential (Millcreek) a leading apartment builder. “This project is not a common type of construction, it is an IIIA building,” notes Loureiro. “Most wood frame buildings are three to four stories, making this five-plus story a challenge from the different type of materials that go into this building to the different codes we must follow.”

The Winston’s location also presents a significant logistical road block. “It sits on a busy main avenue near city hall,” explains Loureiro. “There is minimal access to the building and all of the materials have to be hoisted with a tower crane. To top it off, we only have a small area to park delivery trucks to be offloaded, so every delivery for this 300,000- square-foot building will have to be scheduled to the hour, weeks ahead and every delivery will have to abide by the schedule, one delayed delivery and it could throw off the whole day and week.”

All-tech is coordinating the shipment of components from Virginia and Massachusetts to be fire-treated in Pennsylvania and then shipped to Delaware to be packaged and shipped back to New York. “All of this needs to be coordinated with the schedule of the job site,” adds Loureiro. “Preparing for this project has been quite involved with all of the specialty materials required and procuring the materials was a feat in itself. This means of construction [infill apartment buildings in high density areas] is the future of our industry and that’s something exciting to look forward to as we strive to remain in the forefront of our trade.”

On-site makes for a Better, Greener Way to Build

Arverne by the Sea (Arverne), located in Queens, N.Y., is another prime example of All-tech’s industry-leading capabilities. “We are very proud of this project; it consists of 275 ocean front town homes, of which not one home was affected by Hurricane [superstorm] Sandy,” shares Loureiro. “Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the neighboring communities. We’ve ventured to New York before, but never into the New York City and Long Island market. Since we stepped foot in this market a little more than three years ago, we’ve gained contracts in West Hempstead, the Bronx, Breezy Point, Westbury, Port Jervis and Mineola.”

Arverne was also a first step into the production steel framing arena for All-tech. “We had completed steel framing projects in the past but were able to perfect it in Arverne,” says Loureiro. “We looked at this project in a different way. We set up the first on-site panel plant in New York, pre-fabricated all of the structural steel framing walls and just erect them in place on the building. This process allows for greater pace in production, greater quality control, and it is a much cleaner way to build.”

Loureiro says All-tech is breaking the misconception that panelized construction is a greener way to build. “It’s the complete opposite,” he examines. “Most panelization is done off-site, which is counterproductive. First, you’re paying for labor in a plant that has a large carbon footprint and then shipping trucks back and forth. Instead, we send condensed packs of materials to the job site which minimizes freight costs and air pollution.”

Loureiro goes on to explain that the company panelize on-site with the same workforce and therefore, saves on labor. “We strongly believe that we are pioneers in the sense that we are going against the grain on the panelization approach, it works in high density repetitive projects, but only becomes cost effective and better for the environment if the panelization is happening on-site,” Loureiro explains.

After 25 years, All-tech continues to drive innovation in the framing industry. “We’re very proud of what we have achieved,” shares Urubshurow. “We have a fantastic team and we take great care of our employees in return.”

As a first generation Mongolian-American who was born and raised in a Kalmyk-Mongolian community in Howell, N.J., Urubshurow, along with his team, built All-tech organically from the ground up. Today, Urubshurow and the All-tech team continue to drive the company’s growth, pursue innovations and new horizons. “I’m very proud to say Pedro and his colleagues have established our procedures and systems and are the future of home building construction,” Urubshurow concludes.

For nearly three decades, All-tech. has been a clear leader on all fronts. The All-tech Inc. team continually explores new ideas and technologies to enhance the company’s ability to provide customers with the highest standards of quality construction, framing the backbone of the industry.

Published on: April 30, 2015


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