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Air-Rite Heating & Cooling Inc.: The Comfort Systems Experts

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Air-Rite Heating & Cooling Inc. (Air-Rite) strives to deliver top-of-the-line heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems (HVAC) to homeowners, builders and general contractors alike. The Chicago-based company offers superior design and installations backed by reliable, efficient service.

The HVAC company has remained family-owned and -operated since 1960. “I’m the second generation in the business,” shares Terry Van Someren, president of Air-Rite, who is also known as Mr. Indoor Comfort. “My brother was the president after my father. He served as president for about 15 years before I took over in 2000. I’ve been working in the warehouses and with my father since I was in the eighth grade.”

Today, Air-Rite has grown to serve the greater Chicago area and surrounding suburbs with offices in North Aurora, Ill., and Lansing, Ill. The company also has the capability to reach northwest Indiana and southeast Wisconsin. Air-Rite’s expert staff of approximately 80 technicians and installers provides excellent customer service through construction, after closing and even after a unit’s lifetime in a residence.

Solving the Home Comfort Puzzle

Air-Rite mainly serves residential customers, using an “if the shoe fits” mentality in order to find the best HVAC solutions. “You wouldn’t go into a shoe store and just buy any shoe,” explains Van Someren. “It needs to be the right size, fit and style. Many times people make the mistake of buying an HVAC system that’s been sitting in a warehouse, instead of the right product for their specific needs. Our job is to make sure that doesn’t happen.”

Air-Rite has recently completed a handful of mid-rise, multifamily residential HVAC systems on buildings that range anywhere between 20 and 30 stories. “We’ve done some commercial work, mostly on the first floors of these buildings, but in general we stick to living spaces,” details Van Someren. “We don’t do major office complexes. We can control the quality of our installations and new construction because we self-perform every aspect of our work.”

The company works to find the right piece to the HVAC puzzle for its residential customers. “Over 95 percent of homes have air conditioners and furnaces that are oversized and incorrect duct systems,” reveals Van Someren. “The results are high energy bills, varying extremes in room temperatures and, most importantly, a lack of comfort in your home. Your home’s new HVAC system needs to match your needs and be safe and reliable.” Air-Rite team’s goal is to provide clients with heating and cooling units that they never have to think about.

Air-Rite keeps in mind the fact that most homeowners have never had to purchase or replace a furnace or other HVAC components. The company provides its customers with the expertise to help guide homeowners to the right decision and product that will complete the puzzle.

“Many people don’t understand the relationship between their home’s insulation, furnace and air conditioners and how it affects their comfort, health and safety,” explains Van Someren. “We call this the comfort puzzle, and we do our best to help our customers navigate toward a solution.”

A Dirty Little Secret

Maintenance goes hand-in-hand with the right HVAC system for the job. “There’s something that isn’t mentioned in our industry, and it’s a dark and dirty secret,” reveals Van Someren. “It’s not the age of your system, the brand or even lightening striking your home; it’s not having the proper maintenance and upkeep. The No. 1 reason for system failure is dirt.”

According to Van Someren, it costs pennies to keep a system clean. While many companies sell pricey brand-new units, Air-Rite prevents the problem before it’s too late. The Air-Rite Comfort Club includes a yearly maintenance inspection, high-performance system checking for efficiency and safety and discounts on any maintenance needed, checking for dirty filters and clogged ducts. “I think it’s time to let the cat out of the bag,” jokes Van Someren. “That’s why we do what we do.”

The company’s exceptional service has made Air-Rite well-recognized in the industry. In 2012 Air-Rite won the Angie’s List award for outstanding service. “What we offer is whole-house performance,” shares Van Someren. “We promise you’ll see a difference in your home’s comfort, energy costs, dust and temperature.”

With a proven reputation for real-life solutions and superior service, Van Someren looks forward to many bright years to come for Air-Rite. “I think we’ll keep growing our replacement side of the business and delve into more new residential construction,” he details. “I’m hopeful for both of these markets.” By offering customers more than just a piece of equipment, instead providing the right unit for the job, Air-Rite Heating & Cooling Inc. continues to be one of the industry’s top comfort experts.

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Published on: June 29, 2013

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